TNA Lockdown PPV live coverage from Nashville

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They showed James Storm getting into his pickup truck in the woods going to the building.  Then they showed anohter very good video package with clips from Thursday's interview and clips of them training. 

LEATHAL LOCKDOWN:  Garett Bischoff & Rob Van Dam & Mr. Anderson & A.J. Styles & Austin Aries vs. Eric Bischoff & Gunner & Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels & Bully Ray

Garett Bischoff asked his team to open, saying he knows he'll get his ass kicked but wnats to prove to the fans and everyone that he has hert.  Gunner starting against him.

The finish saw Garett take a ton of kendo stick shots from  Eric, but Garett got a guitar and hit Eric and pinned him to win the match, so Eric has to leave TNA.  Garett sold most of the way, taking a clot of shots from everyone including hard chops from Ray.  The focal point of the match was Garett taking punishment.

The bad was this match had no heat for most of the way.  Crowd booed Bully a lot and popped when Styles and RVD came out.  Garett got no sympathy when he was taking a beating and nobody cared about him much. 

In order, after Garett vs. Gunner, came Bully Ray, Austin Aries (who the crowd liked a lot), Kazarian (crewcut nobody reacted to him at all, crowd died when he came in and nobody recognized him)reco, Styles, Daniels, Anderson, Eric Bischoff and RVD.  As far as Lethal Lockdown matches go, probably the weakest or one of the weakest they've done.  Hopefully it was just people not caring about this match and it's not going to stay this way or it'll be a long night.


Joe & Magnus retained with the snap mare by Joe into elbow off the top by Magnus onto Shelley.  The crowd  was so dead here.  It's going to be a long night.  The wrestling was fine but the dead crowd pretty much killed the match.  The Machine Guns worked as the faces but it wasn't like it made any difference.  The crowd did like the Guns more.  


Devon won a 3:00 match with a spinebuster in the middle.  It goes without saying no crowd heat.  Devon slapped the mat trying to get the crowd to clap and nobody did.  Post-match, Rob Terry attacked Devon and laid him out with a powerslam.  They worked fast pace and there was nothing wrong with it but it was so fast, the finish came out of nowhere and it felt like a nothing match.

Matt Morgan said that he's going to make Crimson his little red-headed bitch.


Kim won with a rolling reverse cradle (O'Connor roll) holding the panties, after reversing Sky doing the same move.  Crowd didn't react to much of anything.  Kim's work was good.  Sky tried but whenever she threw forearms it was real bad looking.  Sky after losing was smiling as she left the ring shaking hands with the crowd, acting like she didn't care at all about losing.

Ric Flair came out and got four times the reaction of anyone so far tonight.  And even that wasn't all that loud after the iniitial surprise pop.  Ric called a guy in the front row "fat boy" and talked to another person who he said had no teeth.  Flair said he's pissed off.  He's cutting a promo on Hogan.  Flair said Eric Bischoff's career is over.  The plan is for Eric to be off TV from this point on.  Ric asked a fan how his wife can do it with you because he's so fat.  Hulk Hogan out.  He got nothing close to a Hogan reaction, some chants, about the same as Flair.  Hogan said Ric Flair was the single greatest wrestler of all-time.  Flair told Val to open the ropes for Hogan.  Flair told Hogan he's had a problem with him for 30 years and he doesn't like the way he's running the company. Flair said Eric shouldn't have been in the ring and that he should have been in the Lethal Lockdown match.

Flair said if he gets too pissed off he'll kick his ass.  Hogan said Eric Bischoff will never be part of Impact Wrestling again.  Eric Bischoff can never use the name Bischoff, even at a flea market selling baseball cards.  That makes no sense.  Hogan said that you and me will tear the roof off this buiding.  He told Flair to try and do something about it.  Flair said Hogan has really pissed him off.  Hogan threw one punch and Flair was knocked out and Hogan left.  Flair ended up getting up and challenging Mike Tenay to a fight.


The story here is that Morgan right away could have left the ring but didn't want to win that way.  Then both were on the top rope and Morgan got knocked off and his leg was tied in the rope.  Crimson then blew Morgan a kiss and climbed over the top to win.  Came off like a real cheap finish.  People groaned at the finish.  Total nothing match.  It had no heat, but after everything else on the show, I don't know that these two even if they were at their best had a chance to have any heat.


Very good match.  Angle looked like he was hurting bad but crowd was into this far mroe than anything so far.  Hardy bled early after being thrown into the cage several times.  Hardy survived an Olympic slam off the top rope.  Both used ankle locks.  Hardy did a twist of fate and two swantons but Angle kicked out.  Angle used an Olympic slam for a near fall, and then Hardy used an Olympic slam for a near fall on Angle.  The finish saw hardy use a swanton off the top of the cage, and this is one high cage, for the pin.  There were "this is awesome" chants and people were on their feet most of the way.  The body of the match wasn't quite as good as their last PPV match but the finish was spectacular this time.  Angle was helped to the back.


Young & ODB retained.  ODB worked the whole match.  When Rosita & Sarita had her down, they'd dance in front of Young and he'd turn away.  Finish saw ODB drink from her flask, and that was her spinach as she made a superman comeback, spearing Sarita and with a TKO on Rosita for the pin.  Young and ODB were rolling around on the mat kissing after the match.


They had a very good match ending with Roode retainign the title when Storm superkicked Roode with the cage door open and Roode flew out the door to the floor so won via cage escape rules.  They brawled for several minutes outside the cage before the match started.  Both juiced, Storm early.  Storm had a chance to win by climbing over but Roode flipped him off from inside the ring and Storm climbed back.  Roode had a chance to go out the door at one point as well.  The finish started as Storm went for the superkick but Roode moved and Storm nailed ref Brian Hebner.  Roode then gave Storm a low blow and had a chance to win, but instead of going to the floor, asked Earl Hebner, who was outside the cage and in charge of the door, to get him a beer from the cooler Storm brought.  Roode hit Storm over the hit with a beer bottle, but Storm kicked out.  Storm recovered and hit the superkick and then collapsed as both were on the ground selling.  Storm then hit the second superkick which sent Roode out of the cage to the floor for the win.

The match would have been better with a better crowd, but both deserve high marks because they did get the crowd into their match by the time the finish came and actually made you disappointed Storm didn't win the title.

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