ROH TV report for 4-7

By Dave Musgrave

4/7/2012 ROH TV Report


The show starts with footage of last week’s challenged between ROH Champion Davey Richards and Kevin Steen.


Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness introduce the show from the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore Arena. Kelly notes that March Mayhem concludes tonight but the show will start with tag team action.


The Young Bucks come to the ring followed by their opponents TJ Perkins and Shiloh Jonze. The “Tale Of The Tape” shows that all four participants are between 22 and 27 years old. The Bucks shake hands with each other rather than Jonze and Perkins. Matt and Shiloh circle each other but Matt grabs Shiloh’s hair and Matt attacks him. Nick tags in and comes off the top rope but takes a kick to the gut. Shilioh hits a flying headscissors followed by an armdrag into an armbar. Perkins tags in and stretches Nick but gets distracted and the Bucks take over briefly. Perkins catches himself in the ropes and Shiloh come in with strikes and hits a forearm from the top rope. The Bucks tie up Shiloh on the ropes and he gets a dropkick to the face. Shiloh is working underneath including Matt hitting a double-stomp off the top onto a standing Jonze. Matt goes some casual pin attempts and Shiloh manages to tag in Perkins who puts Nick in the Tree Of Woe. He eats a knee when running to the other corner but blocks a tornado DDT. He hits a dropkick on Nick and a neckbreaker on Matt then tags in Shiloh who hits forearms and dropkick to both Bucks. He eats a big boot from Nick who goes to the apron and gets an enzuiguri from Shiloh. Perkins hits a tope to the outside and Shiloh hits a spinning kick for a pin attempt. Shiloh goes to the top and Perkins tries to stop Nick from interfering but gets superkicked. Shiloh comes off the top and takes a superkick. Nick and Matt then hit “More Bang For Your Buck” (450 followed by a moonsault) for the pinfall and win.


Kelly advises that there will be a grudge match between two former partners after the commercial break. Back on the show, Kelly previews the match noting that Matt Taven and Mike Mondo first appeared on ROH tv as reluctant partners a few weeks ago and fought afterward. Mondo and Taven are both shown coming to the ring for this week’s show. Taven is 26 and Mondo is 28. Mondo tries to shake hands but Taven slaps him and hey fight and exchange punches in the corner. They criss-cross and Taven hits a hard right hand punch. Mondo bails to the outside and runs around the ring. He comes in and tries to throw out Taven who skins the cat and comes back in to clothesline Mondo and go for a pin attempt. Taven throws Mondo over his head and Mondo lands on his feet but appears to roll his ankle. The referee keeps Taven away from Mondo who rolls outside and takes his boot off. Taven comes out and chases Mondo who gets up and is walking fine and throws Taven into the guardrails several times. Taven is being counted out and Mondo comes outside and bangs Taven’s head off the guardrail several times before taking him into the ring for a pin attempt. Mondo works a headlock and when they get to their feet Taven charges but gets thrown out of the ring. Mondo goes to the apron and goes for a bodypress but gets powerslammed onto the floor. Taven then runs Mondo into the guardrail and then the ringpost. He runs him into the guardrail again and then gives Mondo a vertical suplex by the ring entrance. Taven takes him back in the ring and hits a cross-body from the top rope for a near-fall. Taven stomps on Mondo’s ankle and goes to the top for a cross-body but gets caught in a slam by Mondo who then hits a double-arm DDT for the pinfall and victory.


On “Inside Ring Of Honor” Kelly announces that the planned “Inside Ring Of Honor” has been rescheduled in order to bring footage of a press conference held this past Monday to announce the return of ROH to Toronto on May 12. The footage is shown with Kelly, ROH CEO Joe Koff and Jim Cornette announcing the show. Cornette announces that Fit Finlay and Rhino would be on the show and there would be three championship matches. ROH Champion Davey Richards says Toronto is special to him because his journey to the title started there with his match against Tyler Black. Davey says “Whoever my opponent is…” and Kevin Steen interrupts saying it is time for him to talk. Cornette tries to stop him and Steen hits his tennis racket on the table. Steen asks if Cornette is going to deny his match against Richards again like he did in New York in March and that it’s the match everyone wants to see. Richards asks to do the match there and Steen tells Cornette “Your boy toy champion is telling you to do it.” Richards tells Cornette to give him a match with Steen in Toronto or he will give the title back and go to Japan. Richards says that Steen can even use the piledriver. Cornette asks Richards if he can beat Steen and he says yes. Cornette says that he will make the match and that Richards had better win as he does not want Steen anywhere near the ROH title.


Kelly says that next week’s show will be a “Road Rage” episode and will have footage of the “Showdown In The Sun” shows in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


After a commercial break Kelly introduces the four-way finals of March Mayhem with Adam Cole is interviewed and says that he made it to the Final Four and the chance for $24,000 and says that his momentum is just as important. Mike Bennett is interviewed and Maria Kanellis asks if the four-way is like last weekend in Vegas and Bennett says it is different. Bennett says it is all about Cole who is nothing, Tomasso Ciampa who he doesn’t have a problem with and Jay Lethal with whom he has done this before and this won’t be any different. He says it is not about the money or winning, it is about showing that he is the biggest superstar in Ring Of Honor. Lethal is interviewed and says he can feel himself driving down the line with $24,000 on the line. He tells Ciampa to watch out of his way because he has a slam dunk just for him. Ciampa is interviewed and says that he can live without money but he lives for competition and tonight he will win. All four wrestlers are then shown coming to the ring.


The match starts with Lethal charging Ciampa and jumping on top of him with punches. They’re on their feet and Lethal unleashes punches and chops. Ciampa whips him into the ropes and Lethal hits a dropkick to know Ciampa out of the ring. Bennett enters the ring and he and Lethal tie up. Bennett shoulder-blocks Lethal and tries to hip-toss him but Lethal blocks it and hits his own hip-toss. They square off and Lethal asks for Bennett to tag Cimpa but Bennett refuses. Lethal tags in Cole who ties up with Bennett and eventually takes a back a suplex. Bennett whips Cole into the ropes and misses a clothesline. Cole hits a reverse atomic drop followed by a dropkick. Cole hits another dropkick to a seated Bennett and then tags in Lethal who comes off the top rope with an axehandle to Bennett. Lethal and whips Bennett into the ropes and they both go the outside and exchange punches. Ciampa joins in with punches as well but Cole comes off the top rope with a dive onto all three opponents. Cole punches Bennett as the show goes to commercial. Back from the break, Lethal and Ciampa are in the corner of the ring and Lethal chops him in the corner. They criss-cross, ending with Ciampa hitting a clothesline and going for a pin attempt. Footage is shown from the commercial break of Bennett hitting Cole with a spinebuster onto the ring apron on the outside. In live action, Ciampa is on offense and laying in punches but Lethal fights back with chops and punches and they are trading strikes when Ciampa hits a kick to the stomach followed by a Russian leg-sweep for a near-fall. They criss-cross again and Lethal goes for a handspring that is blocked by Ciampa’s dropkick to Lethal’s face. Bennett tags in and he and Ciampa disagree. They both whip Lethal into the ropes but Lethal fights off Ciampa and then hits his Lethal Injection handspring Ace Cutter for the pinfall on Bennett for elimination. Ciampa immediately hits a running knee-strike to Lethal’s head for a pinfall and the elimination of Lethal. The match is down to Ciampa and Cole who works his way into the ring as he had been on the floor since taking the spinebuster. Ciampa throws Cole into the corner and hits two running knee-strikes and goes for a third that is cut off by a superkick from Cole. Ciampa runs to the outside and Cole hits a dive but is caught by Ciampa who hits a Kryptonite Crunch. Ciampa takes Cole into the ring and gets a near-fall. He takes Cole up for a powerbomb but Cole fights out and puts on a sleeper. Ciampa gets out but Cole hits a superkick to the back of Ciampa`s head and then puts on another sleeper and goes to the mat. Ciampa is almost out but his hand does not hit the mat for a third time. Ciampa stands up and gets Cole in the corner. Ciampa goes off the ropes and charges but gets elbowed in the face. Cole goes to the top rope but gets knocked off when Lethal comes out and goes after Ciampa who then hits his `Project Ciampa`s finisher of the backbreaker across his knees out of a powerbomb position. Ciampa is presented with a cheque for $24,000.00. Prince Nana comes in the ring and sings “We`re In The Money.”


I thought the show was good this week. I had had the impression from the build to the finals of March Mayhem that it would be a semi-finals and finals rather than a four-way/ I was perfectly happy with the four-way match being used and the match itself was good although not great. The Taven vs Mondo match was a really great brawl and I liked the tag team opener. The Steen vs Richards announcement came off well other than the press conference feeling quite staged. But the promo work was good and continues the strong build to that match.



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