Feedback to Lockdown

Thumbs down
Best match: Jeff Hardy vs Kurt Angle
Worst match: Morgan vs Crimson
Hi Dave, I was really dissapointed with this ppv, I wasn't expecting much, but it was worse than I thought.
Angle vs Hardy was a good match but not good enough to make me change my mind about this ppv or anything, it was a match that you could tell you already have seen it. And I felt really bad for Storm vs Roode, because they tried HARD but wrestling in a main event for a world title in front of this HORRIBLE crowd (even worse than that of the Impact Zone) was nearly a impossible mission to get over with the fans that reacted until the end, I didn't like the finish but ok, wasn't that surprised. The rest of the card was forgettable at best, Morgan vs Crimson, well.. gosh, they send them in the worst scenario possible. And the Letal Lockdown match I think it was fine but well, with this crowd and specially Garrett Bischoff trying to get over wasn't going to work. The women's match was ok, didn't have any problem with it and the KO tag team was like well... comedy.
Overall I didn't like the ppv so here it goes, Thumbs down, and that crowd didn't help.
Alberto Dominguez

Thumbs down.

Best match: Roode vs. Storm
Worst match: 1. EY/ODB vs. Rosita/Sarita 2. Velvet vs. Gail Kim

I thought they had an awesome main event and Angle and Hardy had a good match but honestly the rest of the PPV was so bad it was hard to watch.
James Korte

THUMBS UP PPV! (Legit was entertained for all the wrong reasons; I got a hearty laugh at the end, so I got my streams worth!)
Best Match: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy
Worst Match: Crimson vs. Matt Morgan
This PPV reminded me of the late 2006/early 2007 PPVs that I used to buy just to be entertained by the bullshit of the product/to see how the crowd would turn on it. Anyway, here are some notes I kept as the show was going on:
Highlights of show:
- So Cal Val being seen on camera trying to rile the crowd up. It wasn't working. Crowd is dead for everything
- Ric Flair cuts a promo. Still the greatest man alive today. Still didn't wake the crowd up.
- Oh...there's wrestling on this show?
- Taz's commentary. He obviously doesn't care anymore. AND IT'S AWESOME. He made a wisecrack at Jerry Lawler and implied that Hardy was still doing the drugs.
- One guy keeps shouting random things...AND NO ONE CARES.
- Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle had the best match on the show. Nothing touched it.
- The main event of this show cemented it as the greatest and worst wrestling show I've ever seen. Its like Bound for Glory where the build up made only one finish make sense and they didn't do it. Of course, they'll probably have the rematch on Thursday night and Storm will win.
This crowd was great. This show made me laugh. I HAD FUN watching this PPV. God bless TNA.
Charles Humphreys

HI Dave:

Best Match: Angle vs. Hardy
Worst Match: Morgan vs. Crimson

Lockdown 2012 was a mixed bag, the crowd was dead for most of the show but it is the responsibility of show to make them care.  If they aren't into the show, get them into it.  I think the 6 people I watched with were louder than the couple thousand in Nashville were at times.

Unfortunately for this show it had to follow some intense, dramatic and wild Stanley Cup Playoff hockey so it felt flat at points.

Lethal Lockdown was okay, nothing special but not a bad match.  Still fun to watch, the tag match was pretty good, in front of a hotter crowd this would have gotten one of the better reactions.  Devon and Robbie E was not a bad match but again a crowd that was so quiet really hurt it.  I thought Velvet wrestled as good a match as she can and Gail looked pretty good, that match was about as good as it could have been.

Morgan vs Crimson was horrible, but Morgan did a good promo before the match.

Hardy vs. Angle was really good, had it been on Mania it would have been the 3rd best match on the show just behind Rock/Cena.

The womens tag match was kind of a filler but it worked for what it was.  I think Rosita is really talented, she has a great look, sells well, has good offense.  One of the most underrated womens wrestlers in America.

The main event was a match I was looking forward to.  I am a big fan of both guys and while the build could have been better, I didn't think it was horrible.  I was still excited for it.  With a hot crowd this match would have been awesome, unfortunately the crowd was lukewarm at best.  They had moments they got into Storm and Roode built some heat but things would die down after that.   I didn't mind the ending, thought this would have been the time to put the belt on Storm but I like the feud so I don't mind Storm continuing to chase.  I am guessing Storm will win the strap in June.  Storm looked strong and Roode looked like the lucky heel.  Overall a good match.

Show was okay, a good crowd would have made this a thumbs up show but the mixed crowd really brought it to a thumbs in the middle.

Keep up the great work Dave.  Planning on renewing my subscription when it comes up next month.  Very worth the money.

-Ryan McDeed

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