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TNA Lockdown

: Thumbs Up

: Best Match – Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle

: Worst Match – Eric Young & ODB vs. Sarita & Rosita  

I thought this was a good PPV and it’s just too bad that the crowd were like zombies for the most part. The Lethal Lockdown match felt rushed once all the combatants were in the ring but still decent. The Knockouts tag team title match and Devon vs. Robbie E felt more like fillers with nothing special happening in either. The Matt Morgan vs. Crimson feud is as stale as month old bread. In the end the Heavyweight title match and Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle saved this from me having a thumbs in the middle. Speaking of Angle, there was a write up in one of the major Vancouver newspapers this weekend in the sports section titled “Sprained Angle” discussing his failed attempt at reaching the Olympics and that he was serious about it but had to drop out due to injury.

-Ed Ludwig

Burnaby, BC  

wow first of all let me say the ONLY thing stoping me from giving this two thumbs down was the main event. I have been the hardest  of hardcore fans from TNA, buying the weekly ppvs from day one, watched every television show since and ordered every pay per view. 
If there was ever a crowd that was worse than Orlando ( who would have guessed ) it was this one. Pretty sad when you could hear one guy throughout the whole show screaming and making comments and nobody cared. The wrestlers sure didn't seem to care, nor the announcers. And I am so sick of twitter!
Best Match: Robert Roode vs James Storm
Worst Match: Take your pick.....Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky
Lethal Lockdown  Team Eric vs Team Garett
Talk about a dead crowd. Styles, Aries, nobody could  get this crowd to come alive. So we traded having Eric crammed down our throat every week for years to now have his son crammed down our throats. Garett to be a major champion by the end of the year all because of who he is. What a sad day in wrestling.
Joe/Magnus vs MCMG
Should have been a solid match, fans didn't care about the Guns, let alone this match. I like the idea of Magnus and Joe not having to give up the titles on the first shot, but this crowd was clearly dead and nothing would have changed that.
Robbie E/Devon
So let me get this straight. Devon is off tv for months, comes back and wins the  title on his first match back, doesn't defend it on tv since and then retains? Robbie E. has charisma and is getting buried here. Problem again of the guys who need to retire getting the spotlight with no chance of TNA building new stars. Poor Robbie E!
Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky
A great spot with Velvet doing the sunset off the top turnbuckle into a powerbomb, but a dud match. Next to Kelly Kelly not being able to run the ropes, TNA has no women for the most part who can put on a match, and I've been patient. Even worse is Velvet loses the match, shurgs and says "Oh well" and walks off in smiles. So I guess we're back to Mickie vs Gail for the 100th time in a few months.
Flair / Hogan segment..........this is ONE of many things wrong with this company. It's 2012 not 1992! How are you ever going to draw over a 1.1 when you're pushing out wrestlers my grandparents age and headlining them? I guess  this is the next big feud for the 1,000 the. Be it Prichard/Russo, doesn't matter nobody is ready to move on and let the past go.
Did we really need to pay for this? Nobody cares about Crimsons undefeated streak, Morgan talks about how for the last ten years he's dominated, well after 10 years he's not learned how to work either. I hope come October TNA doesn't re-new his contract. Just bitterly awful.
Angle vs Hardy
Finally the crowd came a live just a little. What was t he deal  with Taz  burying Hardy and the drug comments? Not one of their better matches but the 2nd best match on the card by far. Angle always gives his best and he looked like he needs time away. Solid match, enjoyed every minute of it.
ODB/Young VS Rosita/ Sarita
EY deserves so much better than this. A talented wrestler who is stuck as a knockouts champion. Match spoke for itself, I walked the dog during this match, that says enough.
James Storm vs Robert Roode
Both men worked their asses off! As a fan of both from the days of Team Canada and AMW, I really wanted to see Storm win the title after all the build up. Classic throw back to the late 80s when you would think Flair was going to drop the title to Luger or Windham and find a way to retain the title. Only these two have talent unlike Luger. Once the end came and Storm had a shot to leave the cage and didn't I knew he wasn't walking out the champion. Just very sad to see such a high build up for  the main event and nothing came of it. Best match on the card though, told a great story. When it was over, as a fan I felt for Storm.
Sadly after almost a decade TNA has pushed me out as a fan. Clearly when the company should be building around Storm, Roode, Styles, Young, Kaz, Aries, Robbie E, guys like Hogan, Flair, Devon, Morgan, are getting all the spotlight and attention. Fans have complained for years they wanted WCW back. It never left, tonight you saw it in all of it's glory. And come Thurday night, it'll be the first time I've not seen a TNA show. Thank you Dixie, Hogan and Bischoff. You've destroyed another company ( Dixie her first ) and after a decade I'm throwing in the towel and saying I give up. I can't stomach the idiocy of the angles, 3 decade old wrestlers running the show and horrible matches.
Christian Bailey

Thumbs Down

Best Match - Angle/Hardy
Worst Match- Knockouts

Atleast I still have my old TNA DVD's from 05-08 to remember the good ole days of TNA.

Anthony Maluso

Thumbs middle-downish
Best Match: Roode/Storm, Worst Match: Devon/Robbie E.
It didn't help that the crowd was dead, but if you just look past that, it wasn't that bad of a PPV, but i think TNA's last two have been better. The lethal lockdown was pretty good up until the ending. And not that it was a bad ending, just that, I couldn't believe that was it. I was expecting so much more from it, especially seeing ladders and a table on the top of the cage. There was no hugh spot, no one flying off the top of the cage, or falling off it. Especially when you have the majority of your best workers tied up in one match, it could've been so much better.
Hardy/Angle was really good and I think Storm/Roode was really good up until the finish. I get it that they're going for unpredictiabilty, just like at last year's BFG. But sometimes the predictable ending is the right one. A Storm win was the right ending, just like a Roode win would've been the right ending at BFG. You still could've turned him the same way after letting him have the moment at the PPV. Oh well.  I love watching TNA, i love the guys they have on the roster, but I have no faith in the management anymore.
-- Brian Johnson

Hey Dave,

Thumbs Down for Lockdown 2012
Best Match - James Storm vs Bobby Roode
Worst Match - ODB & Eric Young vs Mexican America

This was a horrible show and not just because of the crowd reactions, or lack thereof. This was the worst of TNA booking at its most prominent. I don't see how TNA could last another year at this pace.

The Lethal Lockdown match tonight had to have been the worst one in its history. The wrestlers just seemed off tonight, which can probably be attributed to the silent crowd somewhat. It seemed to rattle them that the crowd just did not seem interested in anything they did. Garrett Bischoff makes for a terrible face, as it is fairly obvious to anyone with half a brain that he is only getting his push because of who he is related to. I feel bad for the eight competitors (AJ, Daniels, Kazarian, RVD, Gunner, Bubba, Anderson,Aries) who were just bit players for an unpopular rookie and his old man. Match: **

Magnus & Joe vs MCMG was a decent match, with the last few minutes being pretty good. Sucks to be the MCMG, losing in their first big match in nearly a year. Such is TNA booking... Match: **1/2

Devon vs Robbie E was a waste for being only about 3 minutes, although it was nicely paced. Match: *1/2

Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky was pointless. I think a Queen of the Cage match with all the Knockouts would have been more interesting, only because Velvet Sky is just not a great singles wrestler and Gail Kim, Sarita, and Rosita could have done some nice moves off the cage onto a group of women. Instead, we get this singles snore-fest and Mexican America in a burial match later on. Sad. Match: *1/2

Crimson vs Matt Morgan was not as bad as I thought it would be, which is not to say that it was good. Crimson certainly knows how to take bumps and is really coming along as a heel. Match: **

Jeff Hardy vs Kurt Angle was a really good match, very nearly great. You could definitely tell Kurt was hurting. He went to bow at one point to mock Jeff Hardy and could barely do it without wincing. Poor guy... or good actor. Who knows at this point. Anyways, good stuff from both men, although a bit short. Hardy seemed motivated and this match woke up the crowd, somewhat. Great finish with the Jeff Hardy Olympic Slam and super-high (no pun intended) Swanton. Match: ***1/2

ODB & Eric Young vs Mexican America was a time-filler, a waste, and a burial of some nice-looking chicas and the illustrious (?) Knockouts Tag Team titles, all in one package. This is crap at its most smelliest. Match: *

James Storm vs Bobby Roode was a great main event. With a hot crowd, this match would have been incredible because both men put on a serious display of passion and grit. It was everything one could ask for in a main event. Except with the finish... Apparently, TNA management keeps forgetting that fans still like to see faces win the big matches every once in awhile. I would call TNA writers bumbling idiots, if it weren't for the fact that I wouldn't want to offend actual bumbling idiots. So, I will call them something else- Unemployed in 2013. Anyways, great match from both men. Match: ***3/4

Overall, TNA management should be commended in their fine efforts to kill their own product. It must be a grueling life being so moronic... On the other hand, these poor fools on their roster really do try hard to make a bad situation a little less painful for us fans, but even they can't work miracles. Lockdown 2012 was a bust and a huge waste of time. Much like TNA, as a whole.

Take care and keep up the great work, Dave.

Jo'el Serrano

Thumbs up (slightly)
Best Match:  James Storm vs. Bobby Roode
Worst Match:  ODB & Eric Young vs. Sarita & Rosita

A card full of empty arena matches would have been no worse than wrestling in front of that crowd.  It was actually making me progressively more angry throughout the show seeing wrestlers try to put on a good show and see this crowd sit on their hands.  Why did these people attend a show they didn't care about?

Two very good matches:  Angle vs. Hardy and Roode vs. Storm.  I would rather have seen Storm win the title in the main event.  But their story can continue with the finish they used tonight. 

Most of the other matches were perfectly acceptable if not inspiring.  But the Lethal Lockdown participants and tag title match participants all appeared to be trying particularly hard but the silent crowd did them no favors.

Time to get Eric Young out of the women's division.  They aren't letting him do any offense against the knockouts (for good reason, in my opinion).  The one note joke is over.  So why not pull the plug now.

-Belinda Elliott
Virginia Beach, VA

Thumbs down.
Best match: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy
Worst Match: ODB & Eric Young vs. Sarita & Rosita

I buy a TNA PPV every couple years or so and they're never good. This also wasn't good. The crowd was dead, and that of course wasn't the wrestlers' fault (completely - more could have been done to get them into it), but every match was slow and sloppy. The booking was hit or miss, not completely awful, but the finishes were all pretty bad. I would have given this thumbs in the middle since it was mostly more average than bad, but that terrible Hogan-Flair interview segment that served no purpose and will lead to nothing anyone wants to see was really insulting and a waste of my money. Morgan-Crimson was laughably bad too. The Lethal LockDown match was the only match that had ANY fast-paced action at all on this card and the Machine Guns' return was a waste. I can understand wanting Roode to retain, but the way he did it was bullshit. It was just a bad show!

Dustin Q. Diaz

Thumbs Down
Best Match: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy
Worst Match: Eric Young and ODB vs. Rosita and Sarita
Hi Dave,
I decided to return from my TNA hiatus to give Lockdown a shot based on the awesome go-home segment for Roode/Storm. I was also very hopeful for the Lethal Lockdown, Tag Title match, and Hardy/Angle. Overall I thought this had the potential to be a very good to great show for TNA. I was really hyped going in and I thought this was going to be a lot of fun. Boy was I wrong. This show was absolutely horrendous. Combine a super dead crowd with the usual terrible TNA booking, dull matches, and some anti-climactic finishes and you have one of the worst PPVs in TNA history. Lethal Lockdown opening the show I thought was a bad idea to begin with. This was the only gimmicked cage match of the evening so either A. The rest of the card was going to have trouble following it or B. They were going to hold back in this match to ensure that other matches could follow it. Well this ended up being the Eric and Garrett show as anyone not named Bischoff took a backseat to those guys and totally faded into the background here. It was OK at best but probably the weakest Lethal Lockdown that TNA has ever done. MCMG vs. Samoa Joe/Magnus was decent but was the first victim of the dead crowd. I expected more from it but it was still eons better than the next several matches. Devon/Robbie E was just a total waste of time. 3 minute championship match really? Nothing happened and no one cared. Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim was another crappy women's match that dragged on too long and again no one cared. Velvet is still awful and Gail did her best to carry her. Flair/Hogan segment I honestly think was just done to try and get a reaction from the crowd by throwing 2 legends out there. It felt like an Impact segment. Morgan/Crimson was terrible and had a stupid finish considering this is one of the biggest TNA PPVs of the year. Angle vs. Hardy was really good, far and away match of the night. Only match that got consistent crowd reactions and built drama based around their signatures. It wasn't super-long for those guys but it built and built in a good finishing sequence that had a great ending. Eric Young/ODB vs. Rosita/Sarita was just a pointless filler match before the main event. After all, you don't want to burn out that crowd that's been dead all night! Then we had Bobby Roode vs. James Storm. Crowd was once again dead here but they really tried to tell a story and they were working the crowd into the match by the final 5 minutes. Match was picking up momentum and then THAT FINISH. On the #2 PPV of the year. You announced the match 2 months in advance for THAT FINISH. Ugh. Horrible. Inexcusable. Even people who I know used to blindly defend TNA had to call BS on that one. This is why no one buys PPVs, the title is worthless, and no cares about the product in general. So anti-climactic. Terrible. Overall an all-time horrible TNA PPV. Absolute dog shit.
Jared Silberkleit
Orange, CT

Thumbs Up.
Best Match: Angle vs. Hardy. I thought Hardy looked great and seems to be up to the form of his last WWE title run. 
Worst Match: Crimson vs. Matt Morgan. Please make this stop....
-Ted Ray, Des Moines Iowa

Thumbs in the middle
Best: Storm vs Roode
Worst: Morgan vs Crimson

What a dead crowd. Worst Lockdown by far. Usually it's one of the best TNA PPVs of the year. Whats the over/under on how long before Eric Bischoff appears back on TV?

David Rude

Thumbs in the middle.
.Best match - Angle/Hardy
 WorstMatch- Velvet/Gail.

 I watched this at a theater which turned out to be dumb because the sound wasn't very loud and there were literally 10 other people. When the preshow started, wow could you notice how dead this crowd was going to be. I felt bad for TNA, because I've seen bigger crowds on road PPVs in the past and I've seen bigger crowds for Lockdowns. Taz didn't seem to care either, and it truly shows lack of creative effort when all you do is to throw it to Taz & Tenay to talk for 10 minutes after just about every match. Throw in a promo or a backstage seg to further stuff, not just Tenay & Taz talking about the same sh*t we already know about on a PPV we ALREADY bought. Lethal Lockdown was good. Hardy/Angle tore it up, feel bad for Angle he needs to switch to manager role before he kills himself one day. Eric Young/ODB is always funny entertaining stuff. Morgan and Crimson are great performers just need something different to focus on, cuz this fued is dead. WOW another Flair/Hogan promo? I know this is Eric Bischoff's philosophy of constantly push the oldies cuz the fans know their names, but come on, after a certain point its beyond dead material and WWE/Steph/Vince/HHH understand that a lot better than TNA does. WWE understands that some older guys are better special occation acts and not full-time players. I understand the philosphy but TNA just screams desperate to me to hold onto the 80s and 90s, while WWE knows how to market the old material/legends well while still focusing on the guys who are selling tickets today in 2012. All in all, I do like that Bruce Prichard has changed the overall ways of doing things, because for a few months now, theres extremely-more focused promos, stories, and matches now. And I like how hes added the concepts of pausing and slowing down promos that defaintely did work in WWE for years and still does, to TNA. Its a more up beat positive show with Prichards focus. With Russo, because he was so personally depressed about things, he'd always involve it in his writing of TNA because he was always on a mission to intertwind his depression issues about the wrestling biz than he was on making up new material like he once did in 98 and forgot how to do in 2007-2012. It was always the same concept re-done yearly about "the younger guys being held down by politics of the older guys, and I built this company from day one" and guys going off on non-sensicle tangents that only internet fans would give a crap about. OK show, the guys busted their ass.
DAVID Zimmermanb

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