OVW TV tapings report 4-18 Lousville

  Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television taping report for April 18th, 2012. This was a glorious night for Josette Bynum, and all of "The Family", even though they were a man short tonight, which I will get to. 

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers tonight. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The attendance was around 125. 

Alex Silva was not here tonight because he worked the TNA Impact tapings, and was introduced to the crowd there by Al Snow. TNA is now doing an "open door policy" type of a thing where "outside" guys can come in, get a match, and then get "judged" as to whether they get a contract or not. That's apparently what they did with Silva. Anarquia worked those tapings as well, losing to Kurt Angle, of all people. 

Cliff Compton worked the OVW house shows last weekend, which were his first OVW appearances in many months. 

Here's a link to an article on the Blossom Twins. 

OVW received some coverage in the latest edition of Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine. 

Here's a link to the archive of the April 15th OVW Overview podcast with special guest Dean Hill. This was Dean's first podcast interview ever, and it was a really fun show. 

1. Paredyse beat Dylan Bostic w/Taeler Hendrix 

Dark match. Paredyse confounded Bostic with his antics early. The story of the match though was the now very bossy girlfriend of Dylan Bostic, Taeler Hendrix. Hendrix was up on the apron several times this match, which seemed to even annoy the obedient, at least for now, Bostic. Paredyse finally gave Bostic some B!tch slaps, and then pinned him with a bookend. 

Speaking of Taeler Hendrix, she was fresh off returning from Las Vegas, where she took part in some kind of a return of G.L.O.W. Heh....I'm not sure that's what the wrestling world needs in 2012, the return of G.L.O.W. 

2. Randy Royal & Epiphany beat Nick Dumeyer & CJ Lane 

Dark match. Royal gave Dumeyer a big released German suplex. The finish saw a double pin by Royal and Epiphany on Dumeyer and Lane, following a double suplex spot. 

3. Brandon Espinosa w/Chris beat Brent Baronis w/Brandon Baronis 

Another dark match. The Baronis twins came to the ring with matching Michael Jackson like sparkling gloves on their right hand, and large pick combs around their necks, to comb their huge sizable Afros with. It didn't help once the bell rang though as Brandon Espinosa, save for a few hope spots, dominated Brent Baronis, ending with Espinosa beating Baronis with his Cobra Clutch into a face plant finisher. 

The TV taping opened with a video package, or maybe it was just a new show opening. It was all still shots members of "The Family, or those who have joined the side of "Talent Arbitrator" Josette Bynum, who is now large and in charge of OVW TV. 

Bynum then came to the ring with "The Family", consisting of Mohamad Ali Vaez, Jessie Godderz, and Rudy Switchblade. No Rob Terry tonight, which Bynum explained was due to the actions of Chris Silvio last week, and that Terry was now in the Bahamas on Danny Davis' dime. I'm sure Terry was actually at the TNA Impact tapings, which to me would have been a better, and more logical, story to tell here. 
Bynum demanded Chris Silvio come out now, which he did, with Mo Green, and Mary Jane the hula hoop girl. Silvio came out the babyface side, since he took out all of The Family at the end of last weeks show. 
Bynum told Silvio he would be defending his OVW TV title against Mohamad Ali Vaez right now, leading to.... 

4. Mohamad Ali Vaez w/The Family beat Chris Silvio w/Mo Green & Mary Jane to win the OVW TV title 

This was the first match of the TV taping. Silvio started fast on Vaez, but Vaez answered with a back suplex on Silvio. There were a few miscues between Silvio and Vaez during this short match. Silvio took out both Jessie Godderz and Rudy Switchblade on the floor with a dive. While on the floor, Silvio jumped off the barricade and gave Vaez a flying clothesline. Josette Bynum ended up distracting Silvio, which allowed Vaez to roll up Silvio for the win, and made Vaez a 5 time OVW TV champion in OVW, which he bragged about for the rest of the show. And Vaez is now, or is extremely close to, being the person with the most total days as OVW TV champion. This was also Vaez' first win on OVW Television in 2012. Finally. This marked the end of a long, and very successful, TV title reign for Chris Silvio. He won the belt last December 21st, and was very active in defending it against a wide array of challengers. 

Speaking of Mohamad Ali Vaez, The Insurgency tag team reunited in New York state last weekend, and were involved there in matches against Sgt. Slaughter and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. Jason Wayne was also on those shows. 

The Family added to Silvio's misery after the match by all beating on him for awhile, until the top babyfaces of OVW tried to make the save. The entire lockeroom suddenly emptied out, and a huge brawl broke out, involving around 30 people. Josette Bynum was literally shrieking in the mic for this to stop, but even when she somewhat got it stopped, the brawl broke out again. Bynum finally screamed long and loud enough to get everyone to stop fighting. 

Bynum said she said last week people who crossed her would pay, and today was payday. Bynum said tonight Michael Hayes & James "Moose" Thomas would have to have all of Bolin Services 2.0 in a handicap match. Bynum then said tonight Shiloh Jonze, with on arm tied behind his back, would face Adam Revolver. Bynum then made a match tonight of Jamin Olivencia vs Jose Del Barrio, with Mohamad Ali Vaez as the special referee. Lastly Bynum told OVW Heavyweight champion "Smooth" Johnny Spade that he would be facing Rob Terry for the title at the May 12th Saturday Night Special, and that tonight Spade would be in a triple threat match against Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade. 

5. Joe Coleman, Rocco Bellagio, & Jack Black w/Prince Bolin beat Michael Hayes & James "Moose" Thomas w/Mickey in a handicap match 

Michael Hayes and Mickey involved in a handicap match eh? Heh. Rocco Bellagio now has a very short haircut. The much slimmer Jack Black is now working in long plastic looking orange shorts. Hayes clotheslined Black clear out of the ring early on. The one legged Hayes ended up taking the heat though. Moose came in and cleaned house, but Prince Bolin got in Mickey's face on the floor. Moose went out to save Mickey, but ended up being knocked from behind into the ringpost hard for his trouble. Meanwhile in the ring, Bellagio gave Michael Hayes a big spinebuster, and Joe Coleman then pinned Hayes, which was a big pin for Coleman. Moose was hurt and down on the floor for awhile after the match. 

Ted McNaler was backstage setting up white flowers, and a note. Brandon Espinosa and Chris saw McNaler, and picked on him for having girl problems. McNaler told them it beats having boy problems. Espinosa and Chris then ran into Raphael Constantine of X2C, along with several ladies, who were dressed up as pirates. Espinosa tried to explain that it wasn't him in the video that Paredyse showed last week, that appeared to show Espinosa in a gay bar, acting well...gay. But Constantine was impressed with the video, and said something about partying with Espinosa. 
The now overly defensive Brandon Espinosa then ran into Adam Revolver, and started explaining himself, but Revolver didn't care about that, but did ask what that bar was called, and I think Espinosa said "Just Johns" or something like that. Revolver asked Espinosa if he'd seen Ted McNaler. Espinosa said yeah over there. Revolver then was shown sneaking down the hall, and found the flowers and note McNaler had left, and read the note, which was an apology from McNaler to his girlfriend, ring announcer Brittany DeVore. Revolver took the flowers and the note. 

6. Adam Revolver beat Shiloh Jonze with Jonze having one arm tied behind his back 

Revolver came out with the bouquet of flowers. Revolver told Brittany DeVore, that unlike Ted McNaler, he was the mushy type, and gave DeVore the flowers. Soon as DeVore's back was turned however, Revolver kicked Jonze low from behind, and won the match in about 5 seconds. 

Ted McNaler ran out and got into an argument with his girlfriend Brittany DeVore, telling her she was being played for a fool by Revolver, which she was. Shiloh Jonze nailed Revolver with a superkick, so DeVore then tended to the fallen, but anything but innocent, Adam Revolver, while still arguing with Ted McNaler.

7. Jose Del Barrio beat Jamin Olivencia with Mohamad Ali Vaez as the special ref 

Vaez put an OVW refs shirt on, but was still wearing his wrestling trunks from earlier. Olivencia was all over the huge rookie Del Barrio early, but Vaez pulled Olivencia off of Del Barrio. BTW, Del Barrio has noticeably more muscular definition now than he did the last time I saw him. Olivencia knocked Del Barrio loopy with a big knee, but Vaez wouldn't even consider making the count. Olivencia hit Del Barrio with his "O Drop" clamping DDT finisher, but Vaez then hit Olivencia with his running neckbreaker finisher, dragged Del Barrio on top of Olivencia, and counted the pin. Gee, that was about as unfair as unfair gets huh? 

8. Jessie Godderz and Rudy Switchblade w/Josette Bynum & Mohamad Ali Vaez beat OVW champion "Smooth" Johnny Spade in a triple threat match 

TV main event time. This was actually just a handicap match too, since Godderz and Switchblade are both in "The Family". Johnny Spade looked like he had a shiner on his right eye coming into this match. Spade sent Jessie Godderz to the ringpost hard early in this match. Spade took out both Godderz and Switchblade with a dropkick off the top rope. Godderz pressed Spade over his head for a long time before dropping him down. While referee Chris Sharpe was distracted, Mohamad Ali Vaez ran in and gave Spade his running neckbreaker finisher, but Spade kicked out. In the end though, the numbers game was just too much, and Spade was pinned by Godderz after Godderz gave Spade his jumping Stunner move. This one clicked well, and was a pretty decent little match. 

While Rudy Switchblade held Spade in his "Wake up call" Boston Crab after the match, Josette Bynum took the mic, and got down in Spade's face and told him next week he has a hardcore match. Clearly Bynum is trying to beat Spade up, and wear him down and out, before he has to defend the OVW title against Rob Terry on May 12th. Meanwhile, Terry is resting and relaxing in the Bahamas. 

The post taping dark match was Mike Mondo vs Raphael Constantine , and Mondo had promised online yesterday that this would be a clinic of a good pro wrestling match. Too bad I had to miss it. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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