UFC 145 live coverage from Atlanta - Jones vs. Evans

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Brimage is from Ultimate Fighter. Blanco is from the Venezuelan national Olympic team after being raised in Japan and winning their collegiate national championships. How many of you guys thought Maximo Blanco is a guy in a white mask teaming with Dr. Wagner kissing guys?

First round: Blanco out to "Pulp Fiction." When Peter Aerts used to come out to this I thought it was the coolest entrance music. Brimage somersaulted his way into the cage. Brimage landed a low kick and then a right. He moved in and landed again. Brimage landed some more moving in and out. Brimage moved in but landed nothing and moved out. Brimage moved in and landed a series of blows and then moved out. Takedown by Blanco but Brimage right back up. Blanco landed a right. Hard low kick by Blanco. Brimage back with a low kick that buckled Blanco’s right leg. Brimage moved in and Blanco caught him with an uppercut. Don’t get predictable. Both traded and Blanco got the better of the exchange. 10-9 Brimage.

Second round: Blanco started to land early in the round. Brimage landed a lunging punch for a knockdown. Blanco right back up. Nothing happening for most of the round. Brimage moved in and Blanco tripped him and he went down but back up. Blanco landed a good punch. Crowd booing late in the round. Brimage moved in and got hit with a front kick. Brimage’s round again 20-18 although it could go either way.

Third round: Blanco landed a right to the body as Brimage moved in. Blanco threw a high kick and missed bad and fell on his ass, but right back up. Blanco landed a high kick. Crowd starting to boo loudly . Blanco went for a takedown, coudln’t get it, but did land an uppercut as Brimage was defending. Brimage moved in and landed a few punches. Crowd booing loudly. This fight isn’t likely to get on television. Left to the body by Brimage. Blanco landed a high kick but Brimage moved in with punches. For a close fight, neither is aggressively going after it and we’re in the last minute. Blanco went for a takedown, Brimage blocked it and landed punches. Blanco with a left high kick as time ran out. Blanco’s round, so I’ve got 29-28 for Brimage but could go either way. Crowd booing the finish. Both guys are doing Lucha flips all over the place aftrer the match. It was funny. Crowd booed both guys because they kept trying to one-up each other doing flips and cartwheels.

Scores: 29-28 Blanco 30-27 Brimage 29-28 Brimage. Crowd booed the outcome, but would have booed just as loud or louder had it gone the other way. They just like booing.


Clements came out to the song "Rockin Robin" which I think is a 50s song, not the 80s woman’s champion, although she was named after the song.

First round: Fernando Yamasaki referee, brother of Mario. They are stuck in a clinch. And Wisniewski powered him down and into side control. Wisniewski moved into mount and now has his back. Wisniewski bleeding fromthe right eye even though he’s on top dropping elbows. Hard forearm to the side of Clements’ head. The ref ordered a stand-up and that got booed heavily. How do you stand up a guy up in side control? Both trading punches. Wisniewski’s eye looks bad. Clements landed a good right. Wisniewski back with a good right. Clements cracked him hard with a right, which was the best punch so far of the fight. Spinning back kick to the body and Wisniewski was knocked down and Clements went to the ground to follow him, and almost got caught in a triangle. Clements standing and kicking the thigh and moving back out to let Wisniewski up. This is a hell of a round. Crowd gave both a big hand. Clements 10-9.

Second round: Clements smiled at Wisniewski to start the round. Both swinging hard and Wisniewski moved in for a takedown and got it. Clements back up. Spinning backfist by Clements. Spinning kick to the ribs by Clements. Clemens with a quick punch to the body and hard overhand right to the head. Wisniewski with a front kick tothe face. Hard right to the body by Clements. Spin kick to the body again by Clements. Clements went for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Now they are in a clinch against the fence. Takedown by Wisniewski again. He’s got Clements back and working for a choke. Doesn’t have the choke . Clements throwing elbows to the thigh while Wisniewski has his back. Wisniewski with hard Roller Derby elbows backwards on Wisniewski . Both throwing punches. Crowd went crazy for this round. Really hard to score it. Great fight, tho. I guess Wisnewiski because he had Clements in trouble more at the end so 19-19.

Third round: They shook hands to start the third and got big cheers for doing so. Spinning forearm by Clements and Wisniewski going for a takedown. Clements back up. They are in a clinch against the fence. Clements now landing punches. Spin kick to the body by Clements Spinning backfist by Clements landed. Right to the body by Clements and hard right to the head. Now trading punches. Clements landing more rights to the head and Wisniewski back with one of his own. Good left by Wisniewski. Wisniewski tied him up with 1:19 let in the round. Knee and hard overhand right by Clements. Clements landing more rights to the head. Spinning backfist and overhand right, followed by a knee by Clements. The knee put Wisniewski down. Clements dropping a few punches down. Clements round big, so I’ve got him up 29-28. But very good fight, could be a fight of the night candidate.

Scores: 29-28 Clements 29-28 Wisniewski 30-27 Clements. All scores reasonable.


First round: Danzig moved Escudero into the cage. Escuderdo with a punch and knee, Danzig with a takedown and Escudero working for a heel hook while Danzig desperately rolling and moved into side control. Now both men up. Danzig behind him standing and trying to throw him down but Escudero blocking. Danzig a few uppercuts while behind him. USA chant, don’t know why. Escudero I guess they think is fromMexico. Escudero shot for a takedown but didn’t get it. Mexico chant. Then a USA chant. Not much action here other than that cool early sequence on the ground. Danzig 10-9.

Second round: Nothing happening this round. Danzig with a few punches at close range, same with Escudero. Good left by Danzig. Danzig working the body. Escudero tried a late takedown to win the round but didn’t get it. Danzig’s round. People booed it heavy as little was going on. 20-18 Danzig.

Third round: Danzig landed several punches. They are in a clinch. Danzig got a punch off the clinch. Danzig landed a several punches and has Escudero against the fence and is controlling him. Crowd booing. Still in the clinch. A separation was ordered. Danzig landed some punches. Crowd booed these guys a lot when it was over. Danzig did more and was the aggressor. Really Escudero did nothing after the first two minutes. 30-27 Danzig.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Danzig

Not one interview yet on the show.

JOHN MAKDESSI VS. ANTHONY NJOKUANI, LIGHTWEIGHTS (Makdessi missed weight by a couple of pounds and had to pay Njokuani 20% of his purse)

First round: Njokuani with a huge reach edge. Body kick by Njokuani. More body kicks by Njokuani. Another body kick by Njokuani. Njokuani landing more body kicks. He’s keeping the distance and fighting smartly using kicks to keep the range. Njokuani 10-9.

Second round: Njokuani still landing more. Crowd geting very bored right about now. Body kick by Njokuani. Makdessi’s left leg all red from kicks. Makdessi landed a kick to the body Left by Njokuani. Uppercut by Njokuani. Body kick by Njokuani. Njokuani snuck in a punch, and a front kick. Makdessei with a body kick. Njokuani caught the kick and tried to move in and land. Crowd booing this round. Njokuani’s round so 20-18.

Third round: Crowd booing again. Njokuani landing kicks and Makdessi landed a body punch. Njokuani landing body kicks. Makdessi almost landed a wrestling superkick. Makdessi missed a wheel kick. Nojkuani with a body kick. Makdessi moved in and landed some punches Spin kick by Makdessi. Hard right by Njokuani and he moved in for a takedown, couldn’t get it, and Makdessi with shots to the ribs. Njokuani landing jabs. Makdessi’s left leg all rasberried up. Njokuani dancing backwards. Third round wasn’t as bad as first two but crowd had already given up on it by this point. Crowd booed at the end of the round. Njokuani should win 30-27.

Scores: 30-27 across the board for Njokuani. Crowd booed a lot even though this was the obvious score.

Will somebody please finish a fight.


First round: Thompson landed two kicks . Brown punched him out of his Chuck Norris stance. Brown went for the takedown but Thompson moved out of the way. Brown caught the leg on a kick attempt but couldnt take himdown. Brown again trying for a takedown. Brown got one leg and swept the ohter for the takedown and is on top. Brown landing punches from the top. Thompson back up. Brown took him down again and staying behind him. People were calling Thompson "Randy Orton" although they really don’t look alike. Thompson reversed to the top and the place exploded. Brown reversed back and landed a hard right. Brown with body shots and won the round 10-9. Crowd cheered as at least the first round was good.

Second round: Brown with a high kick. Brown with a takedown. Thomspon up. They are trading knees. Brown shot in and got another takedown. Thompson back up. Brown is tired and Thompson is about to kill him. Thompson landing shots but Brown fired back. Head kick by Thompson. Brown with a jab. Thompson with spin kick and punch up the middle. Brown with a body kick. Brown with a takedown but Thompson right back up. Thompson landing shots to the head and a spin kick to the head. Brown has little head movement and he’s target practice at this point. More punches by Thompson and Brown back with a hard right and missed a right. Big left by Thompson. Hard left by Thompson, but Brown dropped him with a right. He’s throwing short elbows from the top. Brown with hard punches and has Thompson bleeding. This is a great fight. Brown landing more lefts from the top, a hard right, some short elbows. Brown’ round up 20-18.

Third round: Thompson has been in a war. Crowd going crazy at the start of the round. Brown landing punches and knees. Thompson with a hard right. Body kick by Thompson. Thompson with a hard right and a left. Thompson with a hard right and Brown threw a high kick. Big right by Thompson. Thompson’s face is a mess. Brown missed punches by a lot and Thompson landing punches after punch and Brown won smiled but he’s hurt. Brown took him down but Thompson back up. Crowd has turned to favor Brown as Thomspon lands more punches. Brown tripped him with a leg sweep and is on top. He passed to side control. Brown with elbows to the thigh. Brown with a head scissors and punching the head. Thomspon bleeding bad. Crowd gave Brown a standing ovation for his performance. They hugged after. Great fight. Brown has to win 30-27.

Scores: 30-27, 29-27 and 30-27 for Brown.

They showed Jones and Evans arriving. Crowd booed Evans like crazy. Jones got the mixed reaction. Exact opposite of weigh-ins.


Griggs, who is from Arizona, came out to "The Devil went down to Georgia," which may establish him as the favorite.

First round: Browne is a gigantic guy 6-7 and 250 pounds. Browne with a flying knee and landed more knees, one of which was brutal, and then slammed Griggs down. On the ground, Browne threw a few punches and grabbed a head and arm choke, moved to side control, and Griggs tapped out.

In the opening video, Jones got a 50-50 reaction and Evans again was booed mostly.


First round: Bocek moved in for a takedown attempt and got Alessio down momentarily. Alessio back up. Crowd dead. Bocek behind him standing. Bocek with knees to the thigh and head and got Alessio down. Bocek throwing a lot of elbows. More elbows by Bocek. Bocek got his back. More punches by Bocek from back position. Completely one-sided, but not enough of a beating for a 10-8, so 10-9 Bocek.

Second round: Alessio landed a nice combination standing. Bocek moved in for a takedown. Bocek with an elbow. Alessio up and landed some punches. Bocek closed he distance and working for another takedown but time ran out in the round. Bocek’s round again so he’s up 20-18. Crowd dead, biggest reaction was for Arianny and she’s paraded around after every round, and tonight, there have been a lot of rounds.

Third round: Alessio landing some punches. Bocek back with a right. Alessio landing more. Left and right by Alessio. Alessio threw a kick and Bocek used it to get the takedown. That kick was a bad idea. Bocek has his back again. He’s trying to work for a choke and the people just don’t care. Alessio scrambled up. Bocek bleeding from the left eye. Another takedown by Bocek. He has Alessio’s back one more time. Alessio with a nice escape and landed a knee. Crowd booing which is the first noise they’ve made this fight. Alessio landing punches. I’d give Alessio the round but it could go either way, so 29-28 for Bocek.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 30-27 for Bocek

No interview again.


First round: Both out throwing punches. Yagin is quick. Yagin cut under the right eye. Yagin knocked him down with a punch and is now swarming Hominick on the ground with punches. Hominick regained his bearings. Yagin punching the body. Hominck back up. Hominick bleeding from both eyes. Hominick is starting to land more late but it’s Yagin’s round. 10-9.

Second round: Hard left by Yagin. Yagin is throwing spin kicks that miss like crazy. Yagin dropped him with a right and back to swarming him on the ground. Yagin getting some punches. Hominick up. The spin kick by Yagin finally landed. Hominick’s face is a mess. Yagin has a blody nose. Hominick starting to land but Yagin back with punches. Left to the body and head by Hominick. Yagin’s round again 20-18.

Third round: Crowd gave both a big cheer but that’s because Yagin is cheerleading between rounds. Yagin working the body with punches. Now a low kick. Hominick is starting to land the jab. Yagin is landing as well. Good right by Honminick. Another right by Hominick. He’s doing better this round but I think he needs a finish. Hominick landing jabs. Yagin came back with a right that had Hominick stumbling. Hominick landed a right. Another hard right by Hominick and a left and a right by Hominick. Homnick has him in trouble. Yagin firing back. This is a good fight. Yagin’s face is all bloody. Hominick landed to the body and a left and right to the head. Hominick missed a kick as did Yagin. Both trading. Hominick’s round I’ve got Yagin 29-28. Yagin did some crunches on the ground after. Crowd liked the fight.

Scores: 29-28 Yagin 29-28 Hominick and 29-28 Yagin. There are a lot of people booing that decision but I thought it was pretty obvious.


First round: Both more cautious than usual. Both throwing big punches and both missing most of them. Torres landed an overhand right. McDonald with a kick to the body. McDonald landed several punches. McDonald knocked him down and out. This was the win that puts him in the top five. It was a right uppercut that was the knockdown punch after another right uppercut had dazed him. McDonald landed a few rights on the ground, it looked like the second or third one and Torres was out. 3:18


First round: Both swinging and landing. Uppercuts by Schaub and a knee by Rothwell. Schaub hurt him with a spinning elbow but as he moved in to finish, Rothwell decked him with a left hook and after one punch on the ground ref Herb Dean jumped in to stop it. Very exciting short fight. 1:10

Schaub is a good athlete who moves well and hits hard, but he's doomed at the top level because he can't take a punch.


The idea behind this fight is to make MacDonald a main event star by giving him semi exposure on a major show.

First round: Mills landing low kicks. Body kick by MacDonald but Mills landed a brutal kick to the body. Mills is landing hard shots so MacDonald took him down. Good ground and pound by MacDonald. He landed punches and elbows, and moved to side control. Mills is bleeding from the elbows. He’s pounding the cut and rubbing his wrist and elbow on the cut. MacDonald moved to full mount with 37 seconds left. He got Mills’ back and firing punches. Now back to full mount and firing more punches, Mills gave up his back. MacDonald was working for a choke as time ran out. 10-8 MacDonald.

Second round: Single leg by MacDonald right away. He moved to side control. Back to full mount. Mills tried to escape but MacDonald blocked it and got his back. Macdonald destroying him with punches and it’s over. The key isn’t just that he won, since that was expected, but that the crowd loved him, they gave him a standing ovation.

Three good promos in a row.


Evans out, booed heavy. People booing Jones even heavier. He blew kisses and did a cartwheel and got some cheers. They booed Evans in the intro so loud. Maybe 5-10% cheers tops. Jones got an even bigger reaction, maybe 60-40 boos.

First round: Both starting in identical squats. That was awesome live. The height difference looks ridiculous. Evans is moving backwards and Jones nailed him with a high kick. Front kick by Jones. Evans moved in but Jones nailed him with a body kick. Jones already looks better than in the Machida fight as far as crispness of strikes. He actually teased a flying kick but didn’t do it. Evans landed three punches that hurt Jones. Front kick by by Jones and a right. Low kick by Jones. Jones tried a side kick but didn’t land. Evans moved in for a punch but Jones blocked it. Front kick to the face by Jones. Body kick by Evans. Flying kick to the body by Jones. Small Evans chant. Body kicks twice by Jones. Evans hurt him with a high kick to the head. Body kick by Evajns. Knee by Jones. Jones teased a takedown and Jones landed a left. Evans doens’t look happy at the end of the round. 10-9 Jones even though Evans probably got the best shot in.

Second round: They are in a clinch. Knee by Jones and elbow by Jones. Low kick by Jones. Both missed punches. Low kick by Evans. Jones landed a left. He threw a front kick but Evans evaded it. Jones throwing punches and Evans moved out of the way and physically acted like he was saying to kiss my ass. Spin kick by Jones missed. Evans got behind Jones, but Jones quickly moved out of trouble. Head kick by Jones. Jones with a nice jab. Head kick by Evans was blocked. Elbow by Jones. Hard elbow by Jones hurt Evans. Evans is in trouble now. Evans tied him up. Short elbow by Jones. Joens teased a head kick but didn’t throw. Evans with elbows. Jones with an elbow and a right and a body kick. Another left elbow by Jones. Jones landed a right and left elbow. Hard left by Jones at the end of the round. Standing ovation for the round. Once again Evans looks confused. 20-18 Jones. Evans looking tired as well and that was his only hope is Jones getting tired first.

Third round: Evans nailed him with a hard right. Jones was hurt but he didn’t go down. Jones stumbled after moving away. Jones threw another hard right. Evans threw back and missed. Jones threw a wicked kick but Evans knew it was coming and blocked it. Left by by Jones. Jones hurt him with flying knee and Evans backing away. Another flying knee but Evans back with a right. Evans threw a looping right. Hard body kick by Jones and a stiff jab. Evans is back in trouble. Evans with low kicks. Evans went for a takedown but Jones easily stalemated him. Evans looking at the clock. Jones missed a roundhouse kick but landed a spin kick. Jones’ round again 30-27.

Fourth round: Front kick by Jones. Slow paced round. Jones tried a spinning fist but didn’t land. Evans tried for a takedown and again couldn’t get it. Hard right by Jones. Evans tried for a takedown and getting nowhere with it. Left by Jones. Evans shot and didn’t come close. Jones landed a knee. Evans threw a big punch that Jones easily evaded. Elbow by Jones. They were in a clinch. Jones with a knee and Evans with a knee. Jones with three shoulder strikes from the clinch and Evans landed a punch. Body kick by Jones. Jones shot for a takedown and Evans avoided it. Jones 40-36.

Fifth round: Body punch by Jones. Jones with a jab. Jones went for the overhand right but held up. Jones moved in with a punch. Fans booing as Evans is moving away. Evans missed a spinning punch by a mile. Jones with a left and a flying knee. Jones with shoulder strikes in the clinch. Crowd booing as they were in the clinch. Elbow off the break of the clinch by Jones. Low kick by Jones. Jones threw Evans down with 1:09 left but Evans back up. Back in a clinch and Jones threw a shoudler and a knee. Jones separated. Evans with a kick to the body. Jones with a flying guard pull and Evans was on top as the round ended. Jones’ round. He should win 50-45.

Scores: 49-46, 49-46 and 50-45 for Jones

Bryan and I will be back later tonight with the news from the show and more comments on the fights.

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