Pro Wrestling Guerilla report 4-21 Reseda tag team tournament

Here's a live report of this PWG's DDT4 tag tournament on 4/21/12 for the front page, if you want it.

Excalibur greets the crowd as usual, gives us the rundown, and we address the "YES" chant situation.  It's pretty much kiboshed since the usual crowd is there and understands how it distracts from the show.  However, there were a couple of "SI!" chants when Generico came out.

DDT4 First Round:  RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime/Johnny Yuma) pinned the Fighting Taylor Boys (Ryan Taylor/Brian Cage-Taylor) - Match was a solid opener highlighting Brian Cage-Taylor's improvement, physique, and strength.  Both teams worked hard and Johnny Yuma played babyface in peril (naturally).  RockNES hit a double team move to advance.

DDT4 First Round:  Future Shock (Kyle O'Reilly/Adam Cole) pinned The Dynasty (Joey Ryan/Scorpio Sky) -  The match was a Future Shock showcase with the occasional high spot by Sky and Ryan.  There were comedy spots early on with Sky and Ryan getting repeatedly punched in the face by both O'Reilly and Cole like in a Popeye cartoon but it got fast paced towards the end.  Future Shock got the win after a combination move.

DDT4 First Round:  Two Husky Black Guys (El Generico and Willie Mack) pinned Roderick Strong/Sami Callihan -  A quality tag contest with all four men hitting their signature spots; Mack hitting the corner clothesline and his Samoan Drop/Stand Moonsault combo, Generico hitting his running kick to the corner and brainbuster, Roddy hitting a backbreaker and chopping hard, and Callihan doing his bounce back splash and stiff shots.  Roddy gets pinned and Callihan grabs the mic.  He didn't come to PWG to lose and since Kevin Steen had issued an open challenge to defend the PWG title along with talking smack with him on Twitter, Callihan accepts the open challenge.  They'll wrestle later tonight.

DDT4 First Round: Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno/Stupefied) pinned The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) -  A hard hitting contest playing on the fact that the Bucks got to the finals in DDT4 for the past three years and won in two of them.  A great match with comedy spots, high flying, and impactful strikes.  Stupefied got a quick crucifix on one of the Bucks as they were setting up for the More Bang for Your Buck finisher.  The Bucks can't believe the upset.

INTERMISSION -  Nigel McGuinness was at the show enjoying himself as was Gillian Jacobs from the NBC sitcom Community.

DDT4 Semi-Final:  Two Husky Black Guys pinned The RockNES Monsters -  A hard hitting match with comedy spots from both teams featuring Generico holding up a Westside gangsta hand gesture ala DeathRow Records.  Yuma gets pinned and while Johnny Goodtime got frustrated, he ultimately helps Yuma back up and to the back.

DDT4 Semi-Final:  Super Smash Bros. beat Future Shock -  Match of the Night for my money.  Great hard hitting match with Cole/O'Reilly hitting hard strikes, Stupified flying around, and Player Uno playing the comedic bruiser.  Crowd got unglued as the SSB advanced.

PWG Championship: Kevin Steen (c) pinned Sami Callihan -  This match was what the fans expected: a hard striking, spitting, swearing, dirty brawl.  The match went into the crowd early with brawling and Steen powerbombing Callihan on the ring apron.  Both men just beat the snot out of each other while biting and spitting.  Match ends when Steen tells Callihan to "stay down" and Callihan spitting on Steen leading to a package piledriver for the pin.

Steen grabs the mic and says that Callihan should go to a certain promotion and get their title (DGUSA), Steen should get the title from a certain Northeast promotion (ROH), then that they should go at it again at the best promotion in the world (PWG) to settle this.  The crowd chants "PLEASE COME BACK" as Steen shakes Callihan's hand and says "Welcome to PWG."

DDT4 Finals:  The Super Smash Bros. pinned Two Husky Black Guys to win DDT4 -  A great finale with all four men selling from their previous matches while hitting their spots crisply, their signature moves to a loud reaction, and great false finishes.  The match ends with the SSB hitting their double team finish for the pin.

After the match, the Bucks show up and beat up all four men until Kevin Steen reappears with a chair to scare them off.  The Bucks say that this was THEIR night and that they want their rematch against Steen and Super Dragon for the tag titles.  Steen responds that they'll get their match but first the SSB have won their future tag title match.  Steen puts over the SSB saying that he first wrestled Player Uno eight years ago and Stupified five years ago and that they came a long way.  Steen also puts over Willie Mack saying that he's improved dramatically, which has the crowd chanting "NEXT WORLD CHAMP!" at Mack.  Steen says, "Let's not get crazy now."  Then that leaves Generico.  Steen says that despite all these years and all they've been through... Generico's still a "piece of shit."

A hot crowd this evening and great event from Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.  A high quality show to order on DVD within the next month or so.

Written by Erik Barnes

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