UFC 145 feedback

best fight - hominick v yagin   lots of good standup action that went the whole fight. a huge loss for hominick

where with a win he would be in the mix, really hurts
worst fight - definitely main event jones v evans - what a stinker - after all the talk and all the hype we get this
lackluster effort from both sides. i think evans was tired after the 1st round which was suprising, and jones what a 
pathetic effort from him, looked like gsp just out there happy to win and collect alot of money. Does anyone
not think he could have ended the fight if he wanted to in the late 2nd - 3rd round????
i give the show a thumbs kinda down - would be a thumbs down if it wasnt for the really incredible performance by
rory macdonald. just give that kid some time with a mic and chael sonnen tutoring, u have the next star.
Thanks f4wonline
Neil Bavitz

Thumbs up!
I think this may be the first time I've watched every single fight on a card - Facebook, FX, & PPV - and to be quite honest, I was bored until we got to the Michael McDonald fight. Then, I thought the card picked up. I before fans tonight of Michael McDonald, Rory MacDonald, and Ben Rothwell. I thought all three had really good fights. The main event was fine for the first couple of rounds but then it got boring once it became clear that Evans wasn't going to do anything. Also, what the hell was the deal with Jones pulling guard at the end of the fight? A fine show and would recommend the replay to see the last four fights.

Charles Humphreys

I give the night in general a thumbs down as there were some great fights but on the whole
disappointing.  On the 10 point system maybe it would be a thumbs up but I'm using the
Pride system here.
FOTN: Tie, Brown/Wonderboy and Hominick/Yagin.  Poor Hominick just can't seen to get his
rhythm, can he?  Rory McDonald was a nice surprise.  I'm surprised Joe didn't out and out
ask him if he'd fight GSP...
Worst: Danzig/Escudero.  They should probably stop advertising certain guys as TUF
winners.They're not all going to be Forrest Griffin.
Now, the main.  There was much dissention in our little group.  Three members called the
fight pathetic, dull, horrible, and other such utterances.  I, however, while agreeing
that it was hardly Tito/Chuck (which was what I think they were looking for) that Jones
went out, proved his point, dominated the fight.  I wish he would have finished him but I
got the feeling Jones was out to prove something more - that he could do almost anything
he wanted and Rashad could barely touch him.  Rashad noted that Jones whispered in his ear
during a few clinches.  I'd bet it was something like "I could finish you whenever I want
but I'm not going to."  Rashad was mentally broken in the second round and was never going
to win.
But, being a Jones fan since the Bonnar fight and hating Evans with a passion since TUF,
I'm biased.  The only thing I think I would have enjoyed more than a massive ass-kicking
was what I got, Jones making Rashad his bitch for 25 minutes.
Mike DeGeorge

Hi Everyone,
I gave the show a thumbs in the middle. Don't think it delivered at all from all the hype.
Best Fight: Mark Hominick vs Eddie Yagin
Worst Fight: Mac Danzig vs Efran Escudero
Best KO: Michael McDonald
Best Sub:Travis Browne
Mac Danzig vs. Efrain Escudero - pretty uneventful fight. Danzig looked pretty impressive his last two fights but only looked average here. They negated each others takedown attempts and Danzig seemed like he wanted to outpoint Escudero for the win. Maybe just experimenting with his stand up game. Nice escape from the heel hook though.
John Makdessi vs. Anthony Njokuani - Same fight as the first. Only difference being I was expecting a KO in the first round by one of them and didn't have that feeling in the first fight. After the impressive debut in UFC, Makdessi did not look good in his follow up fight in Toronto and was not that impressive here. Maybe the step up in competition is too much for him.
Stephen Thompson vs. Matt Brown - This was a great back and forth war. Didn't mind this one going to the decision. Both guys showed a ton of heart. Loved this fight.
Travis Browne vs. Chad Griggs - This was a decent fight. Brutal knee by Browne and surprised it did not KO Griggs. Nice to see a finish in a fight.
John Alessio vs. Mark Bocek - Domination by Bocek but  think Bocek should have been able to finish as Alessio was not that great on his back.
Mark Hominick vs. Eddie Yagin - Not sure why the fans booed the decision. As much as I wanted Hominick to win, he clearly lost the first two rounds. Great 3rd round but it wasn't a 10-8. Hominick showed a lot of heart by not being Ko'ed in the first two rounds, especially in the 1st.
Michael McDonald vs. Miguel Angel Torres - Greta KO by McDonald. we popped for that.
Ben Rothwell vs. Brendan Schaub - Really hoped that Schaub would win here as I don't think there is much upside to Rothwell winning. I guess we could have a freak Rothwell vs Big Country fight an let them slug it out.
Rory MacDonald vs. Che Mills - Complete domination here by Rory. End of the fight it looked like multiple strikes to the back of the head however. Inconsistency on reffing compared to other PPV's.
Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans - OK main event but not great by any means.Rashad should have tried to take him down early. After the 3rd not sure what his strategy really was as he had to finish the fight to win and it was clear he wasn't going to get close enough to KO Bones. Bones dancing leaving the ring and in the dressing room after just adds to the fans dislike of him. Not really sure which round a judge thought Rashad won?
Have a great weekend
Grant Zwarych
Wrestling Observer Index

I give UFC 145 Jones vs. Evans thumbs up
Best match:  MacDonald vs. Mills was good as was Hominick vs. Yagin.  Had that one 29-28 for Hominick.  Wisniewski  vs. Clements was also a good fight besides the poor reffing.  Jones vs. Evans was a good match although much more even and lasting longer than I would have thought.  I guess these two knew each other so well that it was hard to be a one sided fight.  I also still wonder how genuine the dislike is between these two.  I enjoyed the quicker pace of this show although interviews are nice sometimes.  I thought McDonald beating Torres was soft of an upset.  Maybe if it was a few years ago more people would agree, but I'm looking forward to McDonalds next fight.  It would be nice to have a solid challenger for the light heavywieght belt but I don't know who I wanna see fight for it yet.

Jason McNeil

BEST FIGHT: Mark Hominick vs. Eddie Yagin
WORST: Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans

Thumbs in the middle show.

The undercard was fun, especially the wins by McDonald and MacDonald, which were entertaining and created new stars. (McDonald's promo post-fight about ice cream and pizza was excellent.) That said, too many decisions on the show as a whole dragged things a bit, and the Evans/Jones fight seemed to lack the immediacy of other recent main event bouts.

Ryan Pike

                        Hi Dave,
                                        UFC 145:
                                         - Thumbs up
                                        - Best match: Eddie Yagin vs Mark Hominick
                                        - Worst match: Mark Boeck vs John Alessio
                        After a boring match to open the PPV the next four matches varied from great to very good.
                        Mark Hominick made a great comeback in the third round against Eddie Yagin but not enough to win the fight.   Yagin`s face was a crimson mask.
                        Both Michael McDonald and Rory MacDonald are potential future world champions.
                        Even though I did not think the main event was that great,  Jon Jones` quality of opposition is equivalent to Muhammad Ali`s in his prime.  Jon Jones may end up being the greatest mixed martial artist of all time.
                                                                                            James Stanios

Don't care. Didn't watch.
Thumbs WAY up. The babyfaces even won (mostly)!
Best fight: Rogers-Spang (and best fight of the year so far IMO) (okay the babyfaces didn't win them ALL)
Worst fight: none
KO: Gotta go 50/50 Hawn & Spang
Sub: none
Local Brett Weedman advances to the LW finals with the narrowest possible SD over Brazilian Thiago Michel Silva. Really could have gone the other way and probably would have elsewhere. Michel dominated the striking and grappling but Weedman the wrestling.
In the other LW semi heavy handed ex Judo Olympian Rick Hawn frustrates loudmouth nitwit Lloyd Woodard in the first round then knocks him cold early in the 2nd with one clean counter right. Local yokel ref manages to miss two blatant groin shots by Woodard in the first minute of the fight but at least is in place to call the stop. Great comedy as Woodard bitches about the stoppage while still stumbling around the ring, Hawn has to go into the finals favored.
In MW semis, Brazilian vet Maiquel Falcao takes the narrowest possible UD over Russian phenom Vasilevsky. Falcao fights a very smart fight and negates everything Vasilevsky tries from top position.
In the other, local Brian Rogers coming off the highlight reel flying knee KO of Viana has to deal with a late sub for the injured Brazilian grinder Bruno Santos, Swedish boxer.kickboxer Andres Spong. Spong gets off to heel start by shoving Rogers at the weigh in. In an astounding back and forth battle, Rogers staggers Spang but Spang leaps onto Rogers' back and comes very close to getting the RNC. Rogers finally spins and throws Spang down but lets him up to stagger him again but then gets overanxious and misses two flying knees but drops Spang anyway. Spang counters with ankle lock, Rogers escapes, takes back and threatens with the RNC but wisely drops it when he sees he doesn't have it. Spang revrses and finishes the round with G&P. Great round which I scored even. Rogers begins beating Spang to the punch in the 2nd and is landing about as hard as you can land, but Spang goes nowhere. Rogers not used to anybody being able to take that many shots and momentarily falters, which is all Spand needs to explode a left hook off his jaw and knock him cold. Like I said, fight of the year so far IMO. Can't beat it for action and drama. They bring Falcao in for a faceoff and Spang, after having aplogized for shoving Rogers, shoves him too. Falcao is street and does not have a moment's hesitation in balling up his fists and wading in and commentator/fighter Jimmy Smith has to pretty much solo the pullapart. If you missed this, find it and watch it.
Eddie Alvarez and Shinya Aoki rematch in a main event that maybe would have been better done a year ago, as although both have won almost all their fights since the first fight won by Aoki in Japan, both have shown chinks in the armor. Alvarez changes up and goes down to Boca and trains with the Blackzilians and looks in career-best shape and sharper than in the past couple years, and absolutley destroys the sadistic little bastard Aoki. who begins trying to flop about 30 seconds in. Eddie refuses to bite, then crosses Aoki up by knocking him down and this time pouncing on him and battering him with G&P for the stop. Eddie's contract is up like Hector Lombard's, and they apparently both have UFC offers on the table. Bellator apparently has the right to match or top UFC's offers, and now with Viacom having bought majority share of the company, the bucks are there. Eddie makes it pretty clear by calling out owner Bjorn Rebney to 'show me the money' in his postfight. He has already made clear his objection to having to go through a whole new tournament to get a title rematch with Chandler, who deposed him.
Any case, outstanding card.
UFC 145
Thumbs up. Some outstanding performances and some upsets and drama. Horrible crowd who just wanted to find stuff to boo. Wouldn't be in any hurry to go back to Atlanta I was Zuffa.
Best fight: maybe Clements-Wiesniewski
Worst fight: nothing bad here either
KO: M. MacDonald
Sub: Travis Browne by default, but it was good
Maxi Blanco drops to FW and shows very little of his breakneck style from Japan in dropping a SD to a much improved looking Marcus Brimage in the first fb prelim. Both turn backflips and cartwheels after the fight. Might wanna use that energy in the fight, guys. 

In the other fb fight, Chris CleMENTS (that's the pronunciation) spends most of the 3 battering the iron jawed Keith Wisneiwski with accurate, offbeat striking (including back elbows while held in body tri, while looking in the tron to aim). Wis never stops countering, and threatens whenever it goes to the ground. the decision which should have been 30-26 is somehow split. HORRIBLE standup in the 1st by Mario's incompetent brother Fernando with Wis hammering from side mount.

Mac Danzig kicks off the FUEL midcard by ignoring a possibly broken ankle incurred via a first-30-seconds Efrain Escudero heel hook to dominate the rest of the fight and earn the UD. Escudero is somehow give a round on one card. Joe and Goldy are being forced to comment on FOX's incredibly stupid stat graphics throughout the fights, and to pimp some bullshit about 'significant strikes'. Why don't they let Rogan teach THEM how to call an MMA fight. Rogan btw very sharp in observation most of the night but sounding very weak. Looks horrible too, with his head shaved. Hope he's okay. He looks and sounds sick. Danzig refuses to even limp until the fight is over. I am not sure why Escudero was called back up.

Njokuani just too quick and versatile for Makdessi in a striking battle and takes the 30-27 UD. Makdessi has a useless fixation on stupid fancy Tae Kwon Do kicks, which do no damage even when they land.

Matt Brown exposes the many limitations of karate phenom Stephen Wonderboy (not such a boy, already 29) Thompson and grounds and pounds him for three rounds to take a lopsided UD, although again the one judge manages to give Thompson a round but al least mitigates it by giving Brown one 10-8. Thompson regardless of his having married into the Machado family has NO ground.

Travis Browne looks easily career-best in wrecking upset specialist Chad Griggs with flying knees, a judo throw and and arm triangle in very short order. If Browne keeps fighting like this, okay.

Veteran John Alessio is called back up as a late sub vs. Mark Bocek and gives a decent accounting, dominating the standup but Bocek's ground game is way over his head and he takes the UD.

Something's wrong with Mark Hominick. He's never been Anderson Silva but he's fighting now as if defense was a foul. He paid zero attention to Eddie Yagin's offense, focused only on his own, and allowed the short, telegraphing Yagin to land EVERYTHING he threw and take a (ridiculously) split decision. Yagin dropped him hard in the first two rounds and should have gotten at least one 10-8. Hominick was the better conditioned and landed enough on his own to make the fight a bloody war, but he just wasn't right. Yagin was handled easily by the very ordinary Junior Assuncao in his previous fight.

20 year old phenom Mike MacDonald outboxed former BW champ and consensus P4P candidate Miguel Angel Torres before knocking him cold with a pair of right uppercuts late in the first. Mike looks like the real deal and Torres is shot and badly needs to retire.

Ben Rothwell comes in in something resembling shape but frontrunner Brendan Schaub staggers him immedaitely anyway. Schaub runs in to finish and Rothwell, flailing in desperation, accidentally clips Schaub on his pure porcelain chin and the fight is over. Fun while it lasted if you like this sorta thing. They really need to bring in Barnett and Cormier.

The other MacDonald phenom, 22 year old Rory, destroys hard hitting Brit Che Mills with a 2nd round G&P stoppage. Rory has already almost beaten Condit and used Nate Diaz for a rag doll, and Mills although competent was a huge step DOWN in competition for him.

In the main, Jones takes a lopsided decision over Shad. Shad lands a couple good shots that Jones felt, but basically Jones did whatever he wanted and Shad, although still opportunistic, was basically in survival mode from the second, when Jones rocked him with a series of elbows. on. Jones could not get the stoppage although to his credit he tried right up until the last 10 seconds, when he pulled guard just for the hell of it. Two judges somehow gave Shad a round.

Crimson Mask

Thumbs down.
Best: Yagin/Hominick
Worst: Brown/Thompson
Some decent fights but the whole evening felt a little stilted. Crowd was weird. In a lot of ways, this felt like a show from 2006, when everything tended to focus on the main event and the undercard felt meaningless. I love MacDonald, but everybody could tell he was just knocking around a tomato can. He has too many holes to be a superstar. Rothwell/Schaub got nobody over. I had Yagin 29-28 against Hominick, who might be my least favorite fighter.
Prelims largely sucked. I especially hated Brown/Thompson, because both could have finished and neither did. Thompson looked terrible because he lost and Brown didn't get over because he couldn't finish a guy who clealy has a ton of holes in his game.
The main event was fine, I guess, but it never looked like Jones was going in for the kill. I like his fights because he always seems to sense a finish, and he had Evans hurt a few times. Evans looked confused and disoriented. The worst thing that ever happened to that guy was his knockout of Liddell, because it convinced him that he was a great stand-up fighter. He's not.
Not sure who the next opponent is for Jones, and I have no idea what to do with Evans. Maybe Shogun? Forrest?
Name Withheld, please
Thumbs up
Best fight Matt Brown vs Steven Thompson
Worst fight Mac Danzig vs Efrain Escaudero
Best KO Ben Rothwell
Best Sub Travis Browne
-the bar I was at was more full than usual and heavily pro Evans
-I love Chad Griggs but he needs to move down to LHW
-the squash match seemed to work as the bar was going nuts for Rory McDonald after the fight
-so happy to see Ben Rothwell in great shape and knocking out glass jawed Schaub
Wade Haugen

Thumbs Up

Best Fight: Matt Brown - Steven Thompson

Worst: Evans-Jones

I love Rashad because he does such a great job of hyping a fight, but he's got such a sports background when the fight starts that it grinds to a halt and the fight is never as exciting as the build-up. I was literally falling asleep during the main event.

Matt Holmes

Big thumbs down.
Best Fight- Evans v Jones just for the drama and intensity.
Worst fight- Danzig vs Effrain
I believe the Fox deal has ruined UFC especially on PPV.  Instead of having Diaz vs Miller, Koscheck vs Hendricks on this card they have to split it and instead we are left with a Fight Night on Fuel card with a great main event.  I believe this ppv will do bad numbers because of it.  It's easy to track down one fight and watch it online. If  you added those fox fights to this card it would have had potential to be one of the best cards, and probably much better butyrate.  The fox deal has also killed The Ultimate fighter, but that's a different story for a different day. 


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