Sabu hospitalized; Extreme Reunion notes

Sabu was rushed to the hospital this afternoon after being what police called intoxicated at his hotel room before the Extreme Reunion show.  Sabu didn't appear at a fan convention before the show and people were worried.

Sabu was scheduled to face Shane Douglas in the main event.  The story given was he had an allergic reaction to medication.

The show started 30 minutes late.  We don't have other details other than the building was sold out with about 2,400 fans, making it probably the biggest indie show of the year in North America.

Justin Credible was kicked out from backstage after reportedly passing out.

It's 11 p.m. at this writing, fans are chanting "End the show."  They have about an hour's worth of scheduled matches left.

Jerry Lynn vs. Devon Storm is stealing the show right now and turned the mood around, with "Thank You Jerry, Thank you Crowbar" chants.

Women in the crowd having been flashing their boobs.

Shane Douglas got in the ring and the natives wre chanting "refund" at him.  Not exactly what you'd expect from a nostalgia crowd.

They are now ending the show with Douglas vs. Too Cold Scorpio, so apparently pulled some things from the show due to being late.

Douglas won when Tod Gordon helped him.  Fans were throwing things at the ring at the end of the show. 

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