Invicta Fighting Championships report - Match of year candidate with Kaitlyn Young

By Crimson Mask

INVICTA (All Women's Card)
I missed one fight, the semi main between Jessica Penne and Lisa Ellis, to watch the boxing.
Thumbs very very up. Surprise surprise. Most of the fighters looked way better than their records indicated. Very competitive matchmaking.
Best fight: Kaitlyn Young vs. Leslie Smith and IMO it's FotY so far
Worst fight: Sarah Maloy-Michele Gutierrez was not good except for one thing that I'll mention that may have saved it from this. The main wasn't thrilling either.
KO: nothing clean. Several G&P TKOs.
Sub: Amy Davis
Shaky start as false start that made air with Mauro Ranallo getting the promotor's name wrong and everybody cracking up, a blackout, then a restart, then the first fighter coming out without her mouthpiece. However, once they got rolling, pace and production were very good. Was also a blackout before the semi which worked out okay (for me) as I got to watch both boxing matches and only miss that one fight. Julie Kedzie and King Mo were both very good on commentary once they got past having to recite the scripted blurbs up top. Mo particularly good at explaining wrestling subtleties.

The promotion has coined the name 'Atomweight' for the 105 division. and borrowed 'Strawweight' from boxing for 115. Ring announcer talked about 3X too much. Name, town, weight, record, shut up. There was obviously a lot of very late matchmaking as several fighters missed weight.
Late sub Cassie Rodich takes a quick Guillotine on Meagan Wright in the curtain jerker matchup of 1-3 fighters.
Sofia Bagherdai (not bad looking at all) misses weight, is visibly drained, and is outworked by the much smaller Ashley Cummings for a UD in an active scrap.
'08 Olympic Freestyle bronze medalist Randi Miller makes a long delayed debut and misses weight, packing a good deal of fat over a lotta muscle, and walks through a barrage of knees from Thai clinch to wear down and eventually stop the much taller Mollie Estes on G&P in the 3rd. Between Miller's lack of defense and Estes' lack of cardio, it averaged out to a great fight to watch.
Maloy-Gutierrez was pretty bad as Maloy was more aggressive but wildly inaccurate and Gutierrez looked much more skilled but reluctant and there was very little effective action. The saving moment was a double KD in the 2nd. Maloy takes the UD.
Amy Davis finishes the much younger Nicdali 'Night Queen' (best nic) Rivera-Calonic in the 2nd with a Stepover Triangle/Kimura combo after countering a double leg attempt with a modified Piledriver in a bruising scrap.
In another very not-girly-at-all rumble, Sarah Schneider busts up Sally Krumdiack then takes a quick arm bar/tri for the tap.. 
Sarah D'Alelio, evidently so traumatized by the Ronda Experience that it made her hair turn into something from Mars, overwhelmed Vanessa Mariscal. The ref had his thumb up his ass as Mariscal tapped to G&P in the 2nd which should have been stopped about 20 punches sooner.
Kaitlin Young and Leslie Smith then proceed to turn in as good a 3 rounds of MMA as you're gonna see and best fight I've seen this year. They are exactly evenly matched and both are determined not to let the other get anything off without answering. Most of the fight is high skill level kickboxing but the skill level remains high when it goes to the mat, and it's constant back and forth at all ranges without a backstep from either and nobody gasses even a little. Amazingly the decision is the only fair and correct one, a draw. Immediately announced that both get their win bonuses and an ASAP rematch is a safe bet. You are strongly recommended to find and watch this fight. (Especially if your initials are Dana White.)
Part time boxer Ashleigh Curry is in way over her head vs. top-5 Liz Carmouche and doesn't last long. To make matters worse she misses weight and has to cough up the dinero.
Then the semi that I missed.
In the main, ex BW champ Marloes Coenen, looking much stronger at FW, repeats a previous victory by battering Romy Ruyssen against the fence for most of the fight. Romy's only idea is jumping guard once a round, which only gets her a bunch of elbows to the face. Not that much fun to watch. Still don't really understand how Marloes ended being the only GG fighter to get screwed out of Zuffa. She beat everybody but Cyborga and Miesha and is still one of the top females not named Cris or Ronda. But overall, in any case, surprisingly good card.

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