First batch of feedback to Extreme Rules

WWE Extreme Rules
Thumbs slightly up?
Best Match: Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan
Best Finish: Cena vs Lesnar
Worst Match: Anything outside of the big three

Hey Dave and Bryan, I know my opinion is probably not gonna be in the majority but I felt this pay per view was alright leading up to the
last 5 minutes, I enjoyed seeing the surprise win for Cena, yes you can bring up the idea that Brocks "momentum" is gone, but honestly I
never really cared that he was back, he stood for a lot of the reasons I stopped watching wrestling in the mid 2000s. Anyway the ending,
it was great! Why? Because for the first time I felt Cena winning was important, he took a lot of punishment and I was completely surprised,
I hate brock lesnar, but the best thing about brock, is the fact that I hate him, it felt good seeing him lose like I saw him lose to Eddie Guerrero,
so in essence he is a true heel to me, so I give credit where credit is due. The other two main matches were also good, rest of it sucked, but
I thought these three matches were good enough for a watch. Thanks for your time guys, can't wait to hear your opinions.

Joe Rojo

Thumbs UP

Where to start,

First of all, great crowd. This is probably the best PPV since MITB 2011.
Miz is friggin done. Can't believe they replayed that ON the PPV.
Orton-Kane was much better than I expected
Clay-Ziggler was about 10 times better than expected
Rhodes-Big Show was good if their idea was to do a double-turn, with Rhodes still as a weakling
Sheamus-Bryan was really good. I liked the booking and thought it helped them both out. Some of the hardcores are going to be mad that Bryan didn't win or turn face, but he will go nowhere as a face right now
Punk and Jericho put a great match on, I wasn't so sure about it in the middle but they got it back and had a great finish.
Layla-Bella: This seemed like the PERFECT opportunity to have Kharma come back. Thought Layla did real good and definitely wasn't the worst Diva's match I've ever seen.
Lesnar-Cena: I couldn't believe how well laid out the match was. Cena kept showing heart but Lesnar was just too much for him. I almost think that Lesnar legit hurt his knee. I marked out when he started to no-sell it. And then the finish.....This is the WORST finish I've seen in a major pro-wrestling match. Even if he really is only in for one match, that would make the build HORRIBLE. And if it's to give Cena a break and have Lesnar run rampant and win the championship, that WON'T work. You've just deflated 80 percent of Lesnar's heat with this match. You just had movie star Dwayne Johnson beat Cena and the fucking UFC heavyweight champion couldn't get the job done? They might as well send Brock home because he is done. Even CM Punk could beat Cena!

Matthew Burrill

WWE Extreme Rules: Thumbs Up

Best Match: Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

Worst Match: Ryback vs. 2 Duds


While this wasn't a great show, it had three good matches enough to make it a thumbs up.  Kane vs. Orton wasn't bad at all and kicked off the show with some big stars.  Cody Rhodes beating Big Show wasn't much.  Based on the finish I thought for sure maybe Show actually broke the table by accident, because it didn't seem like a real finish.  So Rhodes gets the belt without actually winning a match.  I don't think stepping on a table and going through a table are really the same thing.  Brodus Clay vs. Dolph Ziggler didn't need to be on this show.  Basically TV filler match.  Ziggler deserves far better than the position he's in right now.  There are a lot of guys in that category especially when they try to push guys that maybe don't work in today's wrestling.  Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus was very good.  After they said pinfall and submission at the beginning of the match I thought they wouldn't do a DQ, but they did.  Always hoping for Bryan to win, but I figured Sheamus was keeping it here, but at least it wasn't quick like at WrestleMania.  I don't know whey they needed to have the Ryback squash match here.  Save that for TV.  They are trying to do a Goldberg clone and I think it's a mistake.  I don't see him connecting with the crowd like Goldberg did.  I really don't like the way they are having the guys in back watching and laughing.  Punk vs. Jericho was very good.  Glad to see Punk win in his hometown.  I guess that means Jericho is probably taking his next sabbatical.  Punk missed a few spots, probably blames it on wearing jeans instead of his trunks.  Divas Title was passable, but Kharma would have made way more sense in this spot.  Layla is going to have to get destroyed now and why would they announce Phoenix in a match on a pay per view knowing full well she was "injured."  Makes no sense.  Main event with Cena vs. Lesnar was great, except for Cena winning.  I know they don't want Cena to keep losing, but Lesnar destroyed him and should have been given the win especially if Cena is taking time off.  I mean isn't it more important for Lesnar to win than Lord Tensai?  Tensai got a win over Cena and will never be headlining like Lesnar.  The feel of the match was very real and that made it different from everything WWE does and in that same vein Lesnar should have won. 


Robb Block

Dave, I've been watching wrestling for the better part of 25 years and I have come to the conclusion that sometime around Wrestlemania 20 WWE forgot how to book a wrestling promotion. It boggles my mind since Vince McMahon is the same guy who took the business to its heights and created some of the biggest stars in history. Lesnar vs. Cena may have been the easiest angle to book in history, instead Vince or whoever has the say used it to give a middle finger to the fans yet again. And them to top it off they had Cena cut a lame ass promo that as best I can figure was supposed to make us feel bad for not liking him. Well, I don't feel bad and in fact I am angrier now at this product than i ever have been. I know tomorrow night on Raw they will try to make it all better by having Lesnar kill Cena, but why can you not do that on the PPV? Having a guy lose a match will not sink your business overnight, in this case it may have helped it, but the powers that be are so short sighted that they seem scared to let their golden boy lose. If Cena is gone kids will still buy headbands, shirts etc. in fact you will likely sell more when he comes back. Supply and demand applies to this business just like everything else. Create a demand and you will sell product. Lesnar was the conduit to create that demand, now you have turned him into just another guy. I felt like I had to get this off my chest because it seems like something I love is being ruined by people who want to feel like they know better and who treat their fans like sheep.
Lesnar/Cena ***1/2
Punk/Jericho ***
Bryan/Sheamus ****
Orton/Kane **1/2
Show/Cody **
Layla/Bella *
Brodus/Ziggler *1/2
Thumbs middle, that ending really soured the show for me
 Steve Deckrey

Best match: Cena vs Lesnar Worst match: Bellas vs Layla. Wow, I think we may have witnessed the Fingerpoke of Doom moment that we'll point to in a few years when we're writing the Death of WWE. The show was great, but that finish was astonishing, I literally can't believe what I saw. Kane vs Orton was good, but went on too long. I didn't need to see Brodus Clay squash Ziggler. The finish to Rhodes vs Big Show was stupid, and the match was nothing. The Ryback squash was fun, loved the crowd chanting Goldberg. Sheamus vs Bryan was great, it would have been nice if Bryan had won, but what are you gonna do? Jericho vs Punk was good and told a good story. Not sure why they needed to swerve everyone with the womens match, but what we got was terrible. Cena vs Lesnar was fantastic until that head scratcher of a finish. I just can't believe it....

Geoff Gillott

Thumbs up!
Best Match: Sheamus v. Bryan
Worst match: Ryback squash (divas don't count)        
That main event was something else. Was Brock aware the match was a work (or, was Cena aware the match was a shoot?). If all of Lesnar's matches are going to be that brutal, I don't think many people are going to work with him anyway. The world title match was really good. If they'd have done a match like that at Mania, there would not have been such a tremendous backlash against Sheamus. The Orton/Kane match seemed like it went on forever, if any two other guys did the exact same match, I'd probably have cared but here I didn't. Also they gave us a subtle reminder that Zach Ryder doesn't matter and isn't getting the chance to get over. My cable's sound was going in and out during the WWE title match, so I don't feel I can say much about it, but I did like the finish. Overall I bought this show for the Chicago crowd, CM Punk, and to see what happened with Lesnar, so I wasn't at all disappointed.
- Joe Collins

Good LORD, Dave, what PPV were YOU watching?  That was the best PPV this year, beating even Wrestlemania!  Your recaps of the matches remind me of my grumpy grandfather that nothing pleases him.  Plus the fact that your recap of the Ryback match was longer than the awesome Bryan-Sheamus match tells me you are starting to be out of touch.  When in the Punk-Jericho match did the fans not into it?!?!?
Onto the matches of this great PPV:
Randy Orton vs. Kane:  A good old fashioned brawl with alot of near finshes and a great way to end their feud....a GREAT opening match....they worked it like it was the main event.  Plus the fact that they inserted Ryder-Kane storyline in it, setting up ( finally ) the Kane-Ryder program.
Brodus Clay vs. Dolph Ziggler:  A good little match that gives Brodus Clay that big PPV win.  Dolph continues to be the best seller out there and no matter how many loses he racks up, we ALL know it's only a matter of time he's the WWE Champion.
Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes:  What a clever ending to make Show still look good and put the title back on Rhodes.  Plus that fantastic visual of Show bench pressing Rohoes over the ropes into the table!!!  Just awesome!
Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan:  WOW!  What a GREAT match!!  The drama, the crowd participation, the near falls.  Bryan was strategic and looked strong in defeat, while Sheamus looks like a badass for coming back from the bad shoulder.  I'm exhausted, and stillmore matches to come!
Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk:  Another WOW, this time for the old fashioned, brutal beat down by both guys.  Lots of bumps, especially Punk flying off the top rope onto Jericho onto a table.  And bonus points for that great fire extinquisher spot.  This PPV is fantastic to this point!
Layla vs. Nikki Bella:  Little letdown, not being Kharma, but a nice little match.
John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar:  Holy SHIT!!  What a brutal match!  Brock Lesnar was booked as a monster and Cena came out with a few more fans.  And welcome back, blood!  Great moments in this match.  Just exhausted watching it.
Two last points:  Micheal Cole was fantastic tonight on commentary, and how in the HELL can anyone watch a TNA PPV after this one and Wrestlemania???
PPV of The Year!!

David Boyce

Hi Dave,

Best Match: Brock vs. Cena
Worst Match Punk vs Jericho (Way below expectation, end this feud)

Watched Extreme Rules with a few friends, we liked the show, them more than I did.  Really only 2 matches I enjoyed but I really enjoyed them so it makes up for the sub par and disappointing matches.

Show was a dud (Orton vs Kane was okay) until Sheamus vs Bryan, fantastic match, I didn't think there were DQ's on this show but whatever, it is my fault for not paying attention I guess.  Sheamus looked awesome and Danile Bryan looked even better, I couldn't have asked for more from their match.  I would give this match 5 stars but maybe it was how we were all reacting.

Punk vs. Jericho was boring, I mean I hated this match.  We found ourselves not paying attention at times, talking about the NBA and Stanley Cup playoffs.  I went online to see the entire Patriots draft from the weekend.  The end heated up but as a whole this match was a bore for me, I want this feud to end and end now.  Not very high on my list of good streetfight falls count anywhere like matches.

Main event was another 5 star match in my opinion, wild match with two guys who were gelling in the ring, telling a magnificent story and making the smark crowd eat out of their hands.  The booking will be questioned for months but there is no question this match was better than anyone could have expected.  Again I would give this match the full 5 stars.

So all around there was two matches I loved, one match I hated and other matches I am indifferent about.  The show was fun Thumbs Up, keep up the great work.  I have gathered 6 people for Sacrifice in a couple weeks.

-Ryan McDeed

Hi dave,
Thanks for ur live Coverage!
Loves the show, worth staying up and the 15€
Thumps up show!
Worst match: Divas botching match
Best wrestling match: Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus
Best fight: Lesnar vs Cena
Keep up the great work, looking forward to your show with Bryan.
Greetings from Munich,
Pete Kluger

Thumbs down just for the ridiculous superman finish to the main event.  Vince is an absolute idiot.  Sign the guy for 5 million dollars and job him out in his first match to a guy that the crowd hates.

Ok, so you want the WWE universe to love Cena....we get it.  Have Lesnar destroy him, take the title soon, and squash EVERYONE in every title defense for a year till WM becoming the most hated guy on earth.  Then have Superman come back and take if from him., let him do it in Lesnar's first match. 

Wonder how the Cena haters will react now..hmmmm

Darin Heilman

Thumbs up overall for the show. With that said, I bought this show for Brock and I'm beyond mystified of Cena going over. I hadn't bought a b-show since MITB last year and with this continued middle finger to the "smart" fan by WWE it'll be a long time before I do it again. On the positive side though, it was a great PPV main event as far as the match itself...
Kevin Slone


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