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Best Match: Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena
Worst Match: Layla vs. The Bella Twins
I thought this was the best WWE PPV since Money in the Bank last summer. Kane and Orton was better than it had any right to be. Ziggler and Brodus was fun to watch. The three big matches delivered in a big, big way. I was glad they gave Sheamus and Daniel Bryan time to go out and have an awesome match. Bryan made Sheamus look great, and I didn't feel like Bryan was buried at all. He may be out of the World Title picture for now, but I feel like they've seen what he can do and maybe be in a meaningful feud of some sort. Punk and Jericho was good. I thought it was the third best match on the show behind the main even and Cena/Lesnar. It told a good story, but I wasn't in to it from start to finish like I was during the other two MAIN match on the show.
The Main Event: My goodness...what a battle these two men had. I was marking out like crazy watching this thing. There was blood and they were beating the shit out of each other. Lesnar did the unintended plancha over the top rope. Just really, really fucking good. At first, I was deflated a bit when Cena went over after such an awesome match...but then Cena cut his promo. And the promo was different than what Cena usually does. If Cena really is gone, I'm sort of okay with his winning. Lesnar can brag that even though he lost, he got rid of Cena. I'm okay with this.

Charles Humphreys

Thumbs up

Best match : CM Punk vs Chris Jericho

Worst match : The Ryback squash

Thumbs up since the main three matches all delivered. The main event was perfectly booked until we’ve got to see That Stupid Finish once again.

I’m disappointed by the Super Cena finish but I’m not even frustrated by it anymore. It’s just disappointing to see that, once again, when there is an opportunity at hand to break out of the mold, the decision is to still go for the status quo by having Cena conquering the odds once again.

The only thing I can compare this finish is if at last year’s Money in the Bank, Cena won over CM Punk and having the announcers giving him the “good riddance” treatment. The match had something special with the hardway blood, which “legitimised” the whole match. They could have kept Lesnar something special but instead, he became Just Another Guy this evening. What a stupid decision. Lesnar lost his aura tonight.

Eric Bonin

Thumbs way up.  What an excellent show.  I had a bunch of people flake out on me tonight, including one friend being in his car outside for over an hour on the phone and then having to leave, so I ended up eating the cost of the whole show.  But guess what?  It tasted so good going down that I would eat the cost of a show like this monthly if it were this good!  Excellent booking throughout, great match placement, talented workers getting over, and a great crowd made it worth every penny.  Add to that double blood in the main event, which was insanely good, and beyond good title matches.  I am sure people are already saying this is the best ppv since MITB last year, and I would concur on that notion.
The only thing I kind of questioned was who went over in the three big matches, but I don't think Bryan, Jericho, or Lesnar will be hurt by losses because all of their matches involved Extreme Rules stipulations.  Really looking forward to what is to come with all of the storylines stemming from tonight.  I was more excited for this than any MMA I have watched in a long time.  Way to build a card WWE!
Best Match: Cena vs. Lesnar or Bryan vs Shamus
Worst: Ryback vs. Jobbers
Matt Wright

Thumbs up
best match - Punk v Jericho  / Lesnar v Cena
worst match - Show v Cody
Main event Match was really good, the ending everyone can dispute.
Cena really did take a beating and Lesnar looked like a monster. Not
sure where they go from here with Lesnar or what the explanation is
going to be.
I liked Layla coming back and thought Eve as a heel type is awesome
with Johnny. I just hate that the heel GM and Teddy long get so much
time on TV each week who gives a shit about them.
Thanks F4W
Neil Bavitz

Thumbs WAY up!!!
Best Match: Cena vs Lesnar
Worst: Nikki Bella Vs Layla (Why does WWE care so much about swerving the "smart fan?" when giving everyone what we wanted is better for business?!?)
Orton versus Kane was better than i expected, a lot for an opener
Brodus versus Ziggler has no place on a PPV, but Clay's shtick hasn't worn thin - yet
I was okay with the lame ending to Big Show versus Rhodes, and that was brutal after 
Sheamus versus Bryan was what we should have gotten for our $$ at Wrestlemania, Great
Ryback: see Brodus versus Ziggler
Punk versus Jericho was good, but lacked something considering it was Chi-Town
A complete waste of a quality Layla returning, way to go, WWE :(
Main event was ridiculous!! Reminded me of that Kurt Angle versus Somoa Joe match from a couple years back, but infinitely MORE compelling. Both guys busted open? I say YES YES YES!!!
Robert Fortunato

Thumbs way up

Best match: Sheamus/Bryan and Cena/Lesnar (tie for being dimensionally different matches and hence being incomparable)
Worst match: Divas?
Excellent PPV all around.  At least the Chicago crowd knows that Ziggler is an elite worker and that he will someday have his place in the Sun.  But it is an overall good that Clay is still being pushed since he is one of the few who could potentially fill that void in an otherwise shallow roster.  Rhodes v. Show was booked in a way that made sense, i.e. Rhodes kept his heat, and Show didn't look unrealistically weak. 
Sheamus v. Bryan was a super duper match.  The first fall was unpredictable and generated the second fall of the match, making everyone anticipate the third.  All the while, the story of Sheamus' inferior cardio relative to Bryan was told well.  With officials out there checking on Sheamus, it looked like a serious athletic contest.  The end result had Bryan losing, but who cares?  Bryan is a top notch, elite technician, and the fans got to see a different, more aggressive side of Bryan that makes him look _dangerous_.  So Bryan comes out strong while Sheamus maintains his credibility as both a tough champion and as a world champion in general.
Jericho v. Punk was fun but disappointing.  I felt it was worse than the Wrestlemania match, but my feelings stem from a philosophical bias on simply not liking street fights.  I had fun watching it, but it was never my thought that Jericho would win.  That caused me to care less.  I have been a big fan of the storyline but not so much a big fan about the blowoff just because Punk _had_ to walk out the victor.

Wow, Cena v. Lesnar was something else.  It was booked _exactly_ as it should have been with the possible exception of the finish.   But many of the IWC are contesting the finish in ridiculously short-sighted ways like they did with Fully Loaded 2000 (namely Benoit v. Rock, Angle v. Undertaker, and Jericho v. Triple H, with all the "new guys" losing - missing the point that there are many years for all those guys to get their bitter sweet victories in the long-term).  In the short-term, it seems dumb for Cena to win in an almost unrealistic way, but this is professional wrestling, i.e. the only combat sport where someone's arm doesn't snap via the kimura in 30 seconds.  Had Lesnar squashed Cena throughout and then won, Cena would have been hurt as a character, and no one on the roster, save for the Undertaker or the Rock, could have posed as a challenge.  Lesnar showed what he had to show, namely that he crushed Cena whilst showing the obvious superiority of MMA fighters over WWE wrestlers.  However, that dynamic was _intelligently_ tied into the worked nature of wrestling, giving Cena a win so that Lesnar can be on the level of other main event acts and thereby make a potential, say, Punk v. Lesnar match somewhat marketable.  Had he crushed Cena throughout, who would believe that Punk would have a chance against Lesnar? 

People forget that this is all worked and there was nothing wrong with that finish in a wholly obvious way.  Lesnar can't beat the top guy in a drawn out squash, though he still had to squash Cena for 80% of the match because Lesnar is a former UFC star.  So Cena's victory allows for a reasonable, plausible suspension of disbelief in such a way that Lesnar can be realistically defeated on some level despite the fans knowing that whoever Lesnar ends up facing will have a life or death struggle.

Some are too short-sighted and not thinking long-term.  The WWE was smart and told good stories while almost perfecting the complex admixture of reality and fantasy.

Excellent PPV.
Noël J.-R. Phillips in Los Angeles, CA

Best Match: Daniel Bryan/Sheamus
Worst Match: Divas
Worst Finish: Cena/Lesnar
Overall: 2 Thumbs up before Cena/Lesnar, only one after
Not going to go match by match, but I do have a few things to say. First off I loved Daniel Bryan and Sheamus's match. They made creative use out of the two out of three falls format. It was entertaining, and showed great crowd psychology. Thankfully I didn't believe for one second Daniel Bryan was winning going into it, so I wasn't disappointed with the finish.
Kane/Orton was surprisingly good, so props to the two of them as I can't remember the last enjoyable Kane match.
Cena/Lesnar was a great match, and the finish sucked. Look I get it. People are going to say that Lesnar destroyed Cena, and Cena had to resort to a chain and the steps which Lesnar never did so it's okay. Couldn't disagree more. WWE was trying to build up an unbeatable monster (at least I think they were) and he lost. No getting around that. Lesnar can be beaten. That's the thing I left with. Good as the match was and GREAT as the rest of the PPV was, that finish took a full star off of the show for me. 
-Stephen Combs

Hi Dave I felt that the Extreme Rules PPV was for the most part a thumbs up show; considering it was a 3 match card - with all 3 matches delivering. In a way the show was WM28 version 2.0 as is often the case with the post-mania card, but this show eclipsed WM in several ways.
I think its interesting to compare the Extreme Rules 2011 card with tonight's PPV; WWE is certainly in a better position in terms of an overall entertaining product than last year. 
For the life of me I can't understand why Vince feels that taking the obvious direction in a storyline is the wrong way to go. There were three obvious examples of this tonight: 1) not riding Daniel Bryan's momentum: although I'm sure he will come out of tonight even stronger than before 2) No Kharma 3) Brock Lesnar losing to John Cena. 
The ending to the Cena/Lesnar match was perplexing, and I'm truly convinced that Vince McMahon is committed to over-thinking angles. Lesnar losing will surely cost the WWE millions, so it will be interesting to see the direction they take going forward in terms of capitalizing on his drawing potential, marketing him as anything but just another guy on the roster, while trying to recoup the large cost of his contract a result of their poor booking of his character.
Manraj Sidhu C.H.R.P. (Candidate)
HR Coordinator

Santino vs Miz ...pre show
Seroiusly.....WWE misuses talent like TNA books shows. Miz is being treated like AJ Styles, and being left in dirt. Santino has no talent and the wwe continues to make the company a circus not something to tune into.
Orton VS Kane
Same as Mania, several Raws and Smackdowns, your average match that did nothing for either one. It's time for Kane to retire and Orton is now stuck in the middle class of who cares. He deserves so much more and would be a huge addition to TNA since WWE has no use for him.
Brodus Clay vs Dolph Ziggler
I like Brodus but as a baby face it doesn't suit him well. Why are you burying Dolph for Clay? Horrible match and again Swagger and Dolph could do so much better in TNA where as WWE is jobbing them out left and right. Brodus as a baby face reminds me of P.N. News .........that's not a good thing.
Big Show vs Cody Rhodes
I really wish they would elevate Rhodes and put him in the main event shuffle. The ending was horrible and Show destroys the new champion like he's dirt. I don't want to see the feud go on until SummerSlam. Show has passed his prime, let Cody move on and become a star. Show has seen his best days behind him.
Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan
Match was alright but clearly the fans were behind Bryan and nobody is behind Sheamus. If he wasn't HHH's ass kisser road companion nobody would care. This was a good time to do a double switch and they dropped the ball. Again back to the days of DX, HHH's politics run wild and Sheamus remains a star because he is close to HHH, it's surely not becasuse of his talent.
Ryback vs Jobbers
I get more excited watching wwe when Ryback is on then anything else. Though to have two nobodys on was a waste of my money. I say give Ryback the win over Santino and build up to Brock and Ryback. He is clearly the best wrestler out of the NEXUS days, I'd rather see him the Otunga pushed down our throats.
Punk vs Jericho
Solid match, and very surprised Punk got the win. Excited to see Punk win, I guess that means by the end of June Jericho is gone and Raw is without another superstar. Edge to TNA!!!! Jericho gone, HHH done, HBK gone, Taker all but done. WWE is clearly becoming the brand of 92-95. 
Nikki Bella vs Laya
STOKED to see Layla return. I guess they dropped the Karma angle. Layla is clearly the best womens wrestler they have next to Natty Neidhart. Match sucked but well worth it to see Layla back!!!!
Cena vs Brock
What a way to kill an angle and Brocks return!!!!! Clearly Vince Russo or his son is sucking dick and writing this. After this main event and the discredability they gave to the hype of Brock Vince can kiss my tan ass. I will for now on watch streamlines of WWE and not pay my money for this TNA produt!!! PURE SHIT !!!!!!!  This show officially  made Roode vs Storm look like a 5 star pay per view. Fans could expect Storm to get fucked, but the WWE just fucked over their money maker?  Kiss my ass Vince you aren't worth my money anymore outside of Wrestlemania!!!!  So sick of you robbing my money to wipe John Cenas ass who has NO TALENT!

Christian B

Thumbs in the middle

Best match-Punk/Jericho
Worst match-Layla/Nikki Bella

This show had three really good matches and the rest were crap but I don't regret the purchase of the show.  The crowd was hot the whole night, which was good and made it more enjoyable.  I really enjoyed the Punk/Jericho a lot and it told a great story.  The DB/Sheamus match was pretty solid too along with the Brock/Cena match.  Of course, I'm going to join in on the hate for the finish of the main event.  The WWE has seemingly sucked the life out of Brock and made him just another guy on the roster.  He needed to win and he didn't and they screwed up.  Was one loss for Cena really going to kill his drawing ability?  Overall, I liked it but my interest in Lesnar has gone downhill.

Steve Viglio

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