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Brock-Cena was something special. Sure, Cena won, but like Taker-HHH
last year, all he won was the battle, and it took a chain and steps to
do it - Brock won the war. And Cena even did a concession speech
afterwards, although I doubt he'll leave and come back in 10 months
with vignettes of him watching footage from a throne. The Brock-Cena
match was unforgettable and Brock doing an MMA gimmick in a field where
he can be booked to be an ass-kicker is perfect. His physical charisma
really shined tonight, and if I wore a hat, it'd go off to him for
busting his ass in this match. He went through the motions in Japan and
I figured he'd do the same thing here since he's probably set for life.
But it looks like he'll give WWE the very best he can. Gotta give Vince
McMahon some credit too for allowing Brock, a guy HE SUED, to manhandle
Cena like he did. It could've have been easy for someone who's usually
so petty to do that. The show as a whole was pretty good, although the
middle portion was shaky. The Divas title thing was kinda stupid but I
like Layla so I'm glad she won, and they further killed the IC Title,
but put Punk over strong as the actual better man in a feud and he and
Jericho had a far better match here than at 'Mania. Sheamus and Bryan
also had an excellent match, and every match that needed to deliver

Jeremey Peeples

Thumbs WAAAAAY up!

Best Match- Either Lesnar/Cena or Bryan/Sheamus
Worst Match- Nothing was bad, but the Show/Rhodes ending was dumb... So... That.

While I am usually a wordy fellow, I will keep this one brief. Extreme Rules 2012 was the best PPV since Money In The Bank 2011.

The first hour was pretty weak, but no one bought the show for any of those matches. So, how was the rest of the show? Well...

Was Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus awesome? YES!
Was Punk vs. Jericho pretty darn good? YES!
Was Lesnar vs. Cena EPIC and BRUTAL? YES!
Did they REALLY have Cena pin Brock in Chicago? YES!
Wait, really? YES!
Well, that is stupid. YES!
Did it ruin the show? ... no ...
So, the show was still great? YES! YES! YES!

Yeah, the ending of the main event was the booking equivelant of driving a dumptruck of cash off of the Empire State Building, but hey... The show was awesome. I am terrified for the financial future of the WWE afterward, but that is an issue for another day. Great show!

Wesley Dodd

Hey Dave,
Thumbs down for the show.
I'm an ex-wrestling fan who turned to MMA, who bought the PPV tonight because I was interested in seeing Lesnar return to what he does next. I was fully expecting to be buying PPV's and watching RAW for the rest of the year to see it, but after tonight, I'm one and done. My interest in WWE was punched with a chain and given a sloppy Spicolli Driver on the steps.
That's not the reason for the thumbs, though. I thought most of the show was pretty boring. Irish Guy-American Dragon was pretty cool. Orton's kid is the phoniest act I've ever witnessed. He's terrible. Punk-Jericho was weird. Some good work mixed with bad psychology. The family angle is always lame and totally unnecessary in a match with 2 people as talented as they are. Jericho killed the match for me after smashing each other on the floor through boards and hitting with monitors to going back in the ring and applying a chin-lock. The women were atrocious.  
So that's it. Vince drove me away from wrestling by botching the Invasion angle. I came back briefly last year for the Punk stuff but was driven away again pretty quick. Pulled back in one more time and turned away after 3 hours. That's all for me. Next time I get the urge to watch wrestling I'll just throw on one my old ECW shows.
Roger Schick

Best match: Brock vs Cena
Worst match: Divas title match
Hey dave, I already know that lots of people will rip this finish but If u had told me cena would win and after the match I wouldn't care at all I won't laugh in your face, but honestly that is exactly what happened. I loved every second of that match, Brock loss yes, but he dominated cena and cena needed a chain when Brock was flying in mid air, and stairs to do his finisher on to beat Brock. Brock came across like a bad mother fucker, came across as legimate like he should have, and honestly this is Almost exactly like Brock vs Mir. Brock dominated mir and some say got cocky before having to tap to the ankle lock and still after that fight he eventually became the UFC heavyweight Champ and one of there biggest PPV draws in history, and my 2 friends that where watching with me HATE Cena and don't watch now adays in part because of his superman bullshit and they where loving every minute. I know this was not a ***** Match, but I was hooked like it was.
Cm Punk vs Chris Jerhico
I liked this match but I felt it was sloppy. Crowd was very hot which did help, but they had enough action to keep the pace always moving anyway. Right guy won which I wasn't expecting knowing it was in punks hometown.
D Bryan vs Shaemus
I hated them trying to turn the crowd on him with his early promo, I know he's a heel but fuck, just let the fans make someone, it's easy. This match was ****  and was my favorite Bryan match since ROH, but I feel the ending left you thinking d Bryan isn't getting another title match anytime soon.
Thanks Dave, keep up the awesome work.
 Mike Couture

Best Match: Bryan/Sheamus
Worst Match: Kane/Orton
I'm stunned people are claiming the Cena/Lesnar match was typical Cena booking. Cena got destroyed. There was no real Superman comeback on his part. Given the style they were going for in this match it was essentially Lesnar did so much that he wore himself out destroying Cena that allowed Cena to hit Lesnar with a chain loaded punch and then the FU. There was no rally and standard Cena moves really. Brock basically punched himself out. He can still go on TV and say "I destroyed Cena. I didn't care about winning the match, I wanted to prove I can beat up ANYBODY because that's what I like doing" and now he can say that. It was smart booking because now they keep Cena off TV to sell the match and have Brock plow through everyone to build it up for a rematch when Cena returns. It proved Lesnar is still a monster and that in a normal wrestling match he won't be beat so you need some kind of gimmick to do it. It makes perfect sense!
James Harris

Hmmm...Thumbs down.
I expected little, got less,lol
It seems obvious Vince once again blows the most simple of things.
Still not sure who to blame for Lesnar losing-Vince, his son in law (IE the booker in all but name) or The Three Stooges.
Of course, if they have Lesnar be a machine and start destroying everyone, winning both Heavyweight titles, until Cena returns and is the last hope, at WM, then it can work, as it'll play off this loss well.
Why do I feel that'll never happen?
Oh yes, it's Vince!
Karla Danvers

Hey Dave, just got back from extreme rules. Good show live.
The crowd was super into the guys you'd expect. Orton Kane was a match.  Ziggler was the first heel cheered. The place went apeshit when cody won the title, and hated show when he came back post match. Other than that no reaction for that match.
D-bry and Sheamus was great live. Very mixed crowd. I thought it would be more pro Bryan, but Sheamus had his fans. Lots of yes chant for pretty much everything. Speaking of that, yes chants in the line, yes chants in the merch lines, and yes chants on the way out.
Punk-Jericho was something. It turned out good but it was kind of dull in the middle. The place exploded for the savage elbow through the table. Punk was super over, as expected. The beer Jericho brought in got a huge pop.
People were disappointed in no kharma. Other than that no one cared about that match.
Main event was awesome. Went by really fast. Cena got more cheers in my section then boos, so I'm not sure how that came off. Brock is huge in person. Peopled hated when the blood would get cleaned off. When Brock dove over the top I thought he killed himself. Thank god he didn't. Nothing happened after the show was over, just a thank you and a return date announced.
Ian Griffin


I  bought this show, first time I’ve bought the post WM PPV in probably seven years and it was all because of Brock. I was pretty impressed with most of it up until the Bellas angle, which I thought was completely stupid. It’s one thing to throw away the angle that had been built for a year, it’s another to basically tell the fans that would’ve been most excited about it that you’re doing it. Just stupid. Then the main event started and for the first five minutes, I was completely blown away. I thought “this is perfect, the absolute perfect way to do this match”. As the match went on and Lesnar just kept beating on him and Cena kept coming back, less and less effective each time, I was getting worried but still thinking that there’s no way he’s winning and this match will end with a ref stoppage and maybe Cena’s taking some time off. And then, just like Bryan mentioned on the radio show, as soon as Cena wrapped the chain around his hand, I knew where it was going and I couldn’t believe it. When it actually happened, I was just dumbfounded. I don’t necessarily feel like I got ripped off or anything because the show was good and worth the money. And maybe I should be happy because I was fully prepared to plunk down my $54.95 for every Brock match during this run. Not now. So, I suppose I should thank Vince and his crew for saving me all that PPV money for the next year.

One other thing. Normally I get a kick out of crowds like this Chicago crowd but they kind of annoyed me this time out. The Ryback match in particular. I hope they didn’t kill him because I really think WWE might have stumbled into something there but hopefully they don’t overreact to a hot crowd shitting on him.

Thumbs up for the show, thumbs down for the future.

Best Match: Daniel Bryan v Sheamus (****)

Worst Match: Clay v Ziggler (1/4*)

Paul Fontaine

Thumbs Up show - Thumbs down finish of the main
Best match - Cena vs Lesnar - Except the finish
Worst match - Ziggler vs. Clay
Jesus, what can I say that hasn't already been said.  Terrible decision.  The greatest most compelling match I'd seen in sooooooo long, and the first PPV I've purchased in forever, and I'm fucking pissed. 

Dan Velten

Thumbs down
Best match Brock vs. cena
Great show up until the finish of the main event which ruined the show for me. I can't believe it but it can't be denied that wwe's main goal isn't to make money anymore, but to prove to the fans that they were "wrong" for knowing a finish or angle or thought someone was a star. Who the fuck runs a business where the number one priority is to put the fans/customers in their place. It's completely embarrassing and pathetic how they screw up every major angle handed to them. They are lucky they have no real competition. Anyways. Keep up the great work Dave.
Guy Bogard
- Dave
Thumbs Up for this show.
Best Match:  CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho
Worst Match: Ryback vs. 2 jobbers
Excellent show here.  Kane and Orton had a great opening brawl.  It was long, but I don't mind having less matches that have a longer time frame on them.  You knew Orton was winning this match but I enjoyed the back & forth brawl that went backstage.  I don't mind Ryder interfering either because it shows you what happens when you fight backstage.  I'm sure we will see a match between Kane & Ryder set-up by Eve on Raw or Smackdown.
I don't like the fact that Dolph is jobbing to Brodus.  I sound like a broken record because everyone has said it, but he deservers better then this.  With that said, I didn't hate this match, it wasn't great, but Dolph & Swagger being at ringside helped.
Cody vs. Big Show wasn't bad either.  I personally loved the ending, and Big Show's facial expression sold it all.  The way him & the referee acted when it happened made it seem real.  Show throwing Rhodes through a table made Rhodes look tougher.  The crowd reaction was great when Rhodes got back up.
Daniel Bryan vs.Sheamus definite lived up to expectations.  Bryan showed why he deserves to be in the main event scene.  His promo before the match reminded me so much of Kurt Angle. "I get more chicks then Sheamus."  I knew once Sheamus passed out from the Yes Lock, he was going to win.  Excellent match here.
Ryback match was what was it was, a squash.  Hopefully he'll get a real feud soon.
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho was an excellent street fight.  I know some have said that Punk missed spots, but I still thought the match had a nice flow and carried on well.  The elbow drop was awesome on the table and the use of the weapons was played great.  All in all, not as good as Taker/HHH last month, but one of the top matches this year so far.
Layla returning was a nice surprise.  For a filler divas match it wasn't bad.  I was also expecting Kharma, but I'm sure they're setting something up for her return.  The Bellas are definitely leaving now.
John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar.  Like everyone has said, it was one of the most realistic main events I've seen in a long time.  The match being stopped and Cena just getting his ass handed to him made it seem so real.  For once I liked the ending of Cena winning and "coming back" in the match.  His promo was good afterwards.  I don't know where they go from here if Cena is taking time off.
Overall, this was a great show.  The show had a nice flow to it.  There were 4 great matches on this card, a decent IC title match with a great finish, and the filler matches did their job as well.  If Taker/HHH didn't happen on Wrestlemania, this would be the ppv of the year.  I watched with a few distractions, and yet I couldn't take my eyes off the ppv.  Kudos to everyone involved, way to follow up Wrestlemania.
- Dan Ballard

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