UFC on FOX live coverage from East Rutherford, NJ - Diaz vs. Miller

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First round: This is Vemola's debut at 185.  He started as a heavyweight.  Vemola went for a guillotine but Massenzio popped out. Massnenzio landed a few punches and grabbed a front headlock. He moved to side control. Vemola spun out of trouble. High takedown slam by Vemola as the round ended. 10-9 Massensio. Crowd liked the round.

Second round: Vemola spun to his back and pounding on him with hard punches.  Vemola got the choke and tapped him out.

Vemola said he was going to stay as a middleweight, that this is the weight class for him.


Denis is the master of the Misawa elbows. Both are Canadians.

First round:  Delomore trying for a takedown and isn’t succcessful. Denis with a knee while in a clinch. Trading knees in the clinch. Denis landed one quick elbow. Body kick by Denis and he now has him against the fence and hurt himwith the elbow. Delmore cut. Delomore tried a takedown but Denis on top landing punches. Delmore tried an armbar. Denis with a short power bomb to get out. Denis hurt him now with punches and Delomore went down. Knees by Denis. Delomore then fired back. Denis landing solid punches and a knee. Delorme tried to take him down but Denis blocked and ended up top. Denis let him up. Delorme landed a good left. Delorme now landing several puncheds and Denis is hurt. Delmore landing punch after punch and Denis grabbed the clinch to try and slow him down. Denis tied hinm up. Hiptoss takedown by Delmore. Delmore got his back and looking for a choke, and Denis tapped a second before the end of the round. Fantastic comeback win by Delorme and great fight. 4:59


First round: Bermudez with a punch and a high slam takedown. Garza back up. Garza landed two knees and Bermudez came in. Garza is so miuch taller, almost like a featherweight Kendall Grove. Another big bodyslam takedown by Bermudez. Garza went for a triangle but didn’t get it. Bermudez back on top. Garza throwing elbows from the bottom. Bermudez with body shots. Bermudez landing good punches but Garza landing five up kicks that hurt Bermudez. Bermudez took him down again. Bermudez with another body slam takedown. Bermudez 10-9. Good round, crowd liked it.

Second round: Bermudez moved in again. . Knee by Garza. A twisting powerslam by Bermudez. Bermudez pounding the body. Now elbows to the side of the head. Bermudez pounding on him. Another slam by Bermudez. He’s dropping elbows. Garza up. Bermudez threw him down again as the round ended. Another one for Bermudez 20-18.

Third round: Bermudez slammed him down again. Bermudez pounding the body. Elbows by Bermudez. Bermudez was working the body. A stand-up was ordered. Bermudez threw him down. Garza threw a ton of up kicks. Garza back up. Bermudez took him down again with a front headlock. Bermudez went to take his back but Garza blocked it. Bermudez with with punches. Garza with up kicks. Garza has been making life really difficult from the bottom with constant movement, but he’s losing the decision. Bermudez moved to mount. Bermudez landing a lot of puches now and has Garza’s back and is working for a choke. Garza defending his neck well. Bermudez has a chinlock actually. Time ran out. Bermudez should win 30-27.

Scores: All three judges have it 30-27 for Bermudez.

The television commercial for the Junior Dos Santos vs. Frank Mir fight is great.


First round: Cholish has a full-time job as a commodities broker. Cholish moved in and went for a flying kick, but missed and fell on his butt. Single leg takedown by Cholish . Castillo right back up. Cholish tried a judo hiptoss but Castillo blocked. Castillo landed a body and head shot. Traded knees in a clinch. Very close round. Low kick by Castillo. Crowd lightly booed the round. Cholish 10-9 but it could go either way.

Second round: Cholish ducked a punch and took Castillo down. Castillo up quickly. Castillo landed several punches but missed a few as well. Another takedown by Cholish. Castillo landed a few punches. Cautious fight the crowd isn’t liking. Starting to hear boos. Hard slam by Castillo at the end of the round. Castillo’s round so I think 19-19. This round was more solid than the first and Castillo could be up as well.

Third round: Castillo opened with a slam but Cholish back up. Cholish dropped down looking for a leglock but Castillo blocked. This left Castillo on top. In a points game that was high risk that didn’t pay off. Cholish back up. Crowd not into this fight at all. Both missing a lot of punches. Cholish did land a few. Crowd booing. Both continued to miss punches. Castillo landed a right. Cholish again dropped for a leglock and once again Castillo ended up on top an throwing a few punches as time ran out. Castillo’s round, he’ll win 29-28 or 30-27.

Scores 30-27 across the board for Castillo.


First round: Both out throwing. Lineker landed a ton of puches. These guys are standing and throwing. The first minute was awseome. Then they slowed up. Now in a clinch. Both trading good shots. Lineker landing a lot and green head has hair all over his face which isn’t going to do him any good. Both continue to land big punches. they gave each other high fives while pounding on each other. Lineker getting the better of it. Gaudinot’s hair is in his eyes. Gaudinot got the takedown. Gaudinot landing a lot from the top. Lineker working for a heel hook and Gaudinot got out and was dropping more punches. Gaudinot landing a lot of shots from the top as the round ended. This could go either way. Very good round Gaudinot slighlty 10-9.

Second round: Gaudinot got his hair tied up between rounds so hopefully it’ll stay out of his face and he’ll be able to see. High kick by Gaudinot. Both standing and trading. Lineker hurt him. Gaudinot tied him up. Linker continues to land. Either Gaudinot has a great chin or Lineker doesn’t have great power because he’s landing solid and Gaudinot is staying up. Gaudinot with a takedown. Gaudinot landing a lot of shots to the ribs. Gaudinot landing tons of lefts from the top. Gaudinot with short elbows to the face. Gaudinot going for a guillotine. Lineker didn’t tap but Lineker went out with six seconds left in the round. Very good fight.


First round: Hathaway dropped him with a knee which was the first big shot of the fight. Krauss regained his bearings and has Hathaway tied up on the ground. Hathaway landing some body shots. Hathawaylet him up and did a jumping kick to the chest. Both landed rights. Hathaway landed another knee. Krauss got the takedown. Hathaway’s round 10-9.

Second round: Hathaway took Krauss down. Hathaway keeping him down. The crowd is getting restless. Hathaway landed a few shots but mostly the two are tied up in a stalemate. Krauss back up. Hathaway with a front kick. Krauss’ left eye is cut. Krauss working for a takedown but Hathaway blocking. Hathaway bleeding from the bridge of the nose. Hathaway’s round so 20-18.

Third round: Hathway landed a right. Crowd starting to boo. Hathaway picked him up and slammed him down. Round boring. Crowd quiet instea of booing. Hathaway with some punches from the top. Krauss up. Hathaway landed a flying knee. Another flying knee by Hathaway. Crowd booing a little. Hard knee to the nose by Hathaway. Hathaway is trying to put Krauss away with punches. Krauss back with a right. Hathaway’s round, should win 30-27.

Judges have it 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 for Hathaway.


First round: Both out throwing flying kicks. Dodson threw a head kick, Elliott got him down but Dodson up. Crowd liked the fast open. Kick to the body by Dodson. Both swinging nad moving at a million miles an hour. Elliott landed a left. Elliott with a kick. Dodson took him down, Elliott went for an ambar and Dodson let him up. Elliott landed two puches. Dodson landed a left after faking a flying knee. Dodson accidentally poked Elliott in the eye leading to a time out. Dodson now landing punches and a kick. Elliott landed a spinning backfist. Dodson 10-9.

Second round: Dodson with a knee. Elliott chasing him around the ring, tripped him, took him down and Dodson back up. Accidental low open handed blow by Dodson. Dodson a punch and landed a big slam. Elliott back up and landed some knees. Dodson’s round so 20-18

Third rund: Dodson’s left hand is hurt and Greg Jackson told him to keep punching with it so it’ll get numb. Elliott landing punches. Dodson trying to use his left elbow instead of his fist. Dodson moving away. Elliott landed a lot of punches. Dodson with a knee but Elliott landing a lot more punches. Elliott continues to land. Dodson wanted a takedown and couldn’t get it. Elliott landed a right. Elliott tried a takedown but couldn’t get it. Elliott landing more punches. Elliott landing a ton of punches. Elliott continuing to land punches as Dodson just wants out of this round. Elliott with two more shots. This fight could go either way. Elliott’s round for sure, I’ve got 29-28 Dodson.

Scores: All three judges have it 29-28 for Dodson. Crowd booed. He broke the hand in the first round.


First round: Johnson landed a left in a slow open. Johnson landed another left. Johnson knocked him down with a left but Johnson right back up. Johnson hurt him with another left. Johnson landing a lot of low kicks. Johnson with a kick to the body. Johnson followed with a kick to the leg. Johnson with more body kicks. Ferguson is doing nothing. Ferguson landed a kick and a few punches late. Johnson 10-9.

Second round: Slow second round and crowd starting to boo. Both hurt the other with punches in an exchange. Body kicks by Johnson. Johnson landed a few . Ferguson not doing much. Crowd booing a lot now. Johnson snapped Ferguson’s head back with a left. Both swinging and missing. Ferguson missed a spinning backfist to end the round. Crowd booing both men. Johnson won the round and it up 20-18. Ferguson’s left forearm must be hurt from blocking kicks.

Third round: Ferguson with a body kick. Johnson landed a left to the jaw. Ferguson landed a right that buckled Johnson. Ferguson landed to the body. Johnson landed two lefts. Johnson with a low kick and a left countering Ferguson throwing. Johnson went for takedown but it was blocked. Johnson landed a left. Johnson throwing a lot late. He landed a good right. Johnson landed a left. Left and right by Johnson. Hard left by Johnson. Johnson with another hard left. Johnson’s round 30-27.  Ferguson was just flat and never really in the fight.  The show has felt lethargic in the last 90 minutes. 

All three judges have it 30-27 for Johnson


First round: Johnson pushed him into the cage. Johnson with big punch and Barry with a low kick and Barrywith a high kick. Low kick by Barry. A knee by Johnson. Three knees by Johnson and an elbow and more knees and punches. Johnson hurting him with the punches. Barry going for takedown and Johnson sprawled. Barry got the mount and moved to side control. Nobody expected this to go to the ground. He’s working for a Kimura. Barry worked for it but Johnson escaped. This is not the match people expected. Johnson back up. Hard elbow by Johnson and a hard kick by Barry. Barry landed a right. Knee by Johnson. Another knee by Johnson. Johnson has Barry hurt. Johnson’s landing tons of punches and a knee. Now elbows and big punches and Barry is down and out. Johnson threw about 34 punches in a row before it was stopped by Dan Miragliotta. This is exactly the type of fight they wanted to open the show. 4:38


First round: Palhares looks like a tank. Takedown by Palhares. Belcher tried a banana split. Belcher was looking for a twister. Palhares working for a kneebar. Palhares now working for a heel hook. Belcher defending well. Rogan freaking awesome on commentary here when they were on the ground. Belcher escaped and on top. Belcher landing elbows from the top. Now Belcher is hurting Palhares with punches. Palhares is in real trouble, taking a beating and Miragliotta stopped it. Huge win for Belcher.


First round: Crowd booing Koscheck as expected. Front kick by Koscheck. Hendricks landed the left and Koscheck poked Hendricks in the eyes. Koscheck landed some shots. Hendricks’ right eye hurting. Koscheck landing big shots on Hendricks. Hendricks back with punches. Hendricks thought takedown but Hendricks with a left . Takedown by Hendricks. Hendricks with knees to the thigh. Ref Kevin Mulhall separated them. Big left by Hendricks. Koscheck hurt him with a right. Koscheck looks a lot better than in his last fight. Koscheck throwing lots of punches. "Fuck you Koscheck" chant. Hendricks with a big left. Body kick by Koscheck. Spinning backfist by Koscheck. Big left by Hendricks. Close round. Hendricks landed more and got the only takedown but I thought Koshceck’s stand-up looked crisper. Tough to call. 10-9 Hendricks.

Second round: Hendricks moving forward landing lefts. Uppercut by Hendricks. Hendricks landed, Hendricks went for a takedown, Koscheck spun around. Koscheck has his back. Koscheck with a nice right as Hendricks got away. Koscheck’s right eye swelling. Hendricks moved in looking for a takedown. Hendricks back throwing knees to the thigh. Crowd booing the stalemate. The ref separated them. Left and right by Hendricks. Two lefts by Hendricks. In a clinch and Koscheck with two hard elbows. Left by Hendricks. Hard kick by Koscheck. Hendricks landed a left uppercut. Another left by Hendricks, who moved in for a takedown. I think this is Hendricks’ round solid so 20-18.

Thrid round: Koscheck wanting a takedown and Hendricks blocking. Crowd booing. The ref separated them again. Crowd so quick to boo it’s affecting the ref. Koscheck hurt him with punches. Both trading punches. Hendricks hurt Koscheck with a left. Now Koschneck back with a right. Koscheck hurt him with a right. Great flurry. Hendricks back with a left. These guys can take shots and both are tired now. Ref separated them. Koscheck’s right eye is swelling. Body kick, a left and a knee by Hendricks. Koscheck got the takedown. Knee to the body by Koscheck. Koscheck with punches from the top. Koscheck’s going to win this round. Koscheck warned for punches to the back of the head. I’ve got Koscheck winning the round, so Hendricks 29-28 but it easily could go the other way. Round one could go either way and in a close fight the star always has the edge.  Good close fight.

Scores: 29-28 Hendricks, 29-28 Koscheck, 29-28 Hendricks


First round: Diaz refused to touch gloves. Low kick by Miller. Front kick by Miller. In a clinch. Crowd booing the minute they were in the clinch. Hard forearm by Miller. Knee by Miller. Diaz back with knees. Another elbow by Miller. Miller with a knee to the thigh. Miller slipped and Diaz kicked him to the body. Miller moved into a clinch. Diaz landed the right. Now trading, not a good idea for Miller. Back in a clinch. Crowd booed the clinch right away. Miller looking for the takedown and not getting it. Diaz landing several punches. Diaz starting to land. Diaz dropped him with a left. Miller is not going to have a good night because he’s fighting the style of fight he can’t win. Miller got his back momentarily but Diaz back up. Miller got a takedown but Diaz reversed and threw a knee. Diaz 10-9.

Second round: In a clinch. Diaz throwing punches. Diaz punching the body and a knee to the body. Miller landed an elbow. Back in a clinch. Miller with a knee to the body. Miller landed a left and another left by Miller. Diaz with punches and knees. Diaz continues to land. Miller went for a flying knee but it didn’t land. Diaz now taunting him. Miler kicked him in the face. Daiz doing the no sell face. Miller bleeding from the nose. Diaz landing all kinds of punches and a knee. Diaz taunting him. Lots of punches by Diaz and Miller shot in. Diaz went for a guillotine and Miller tapped. Diaz really looked impressive here as Miller could never get his game going.

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