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Hello All,
I gave the show a definite thumbs up. For another free night of fights it was awesome.
Best Fight: Tie between John Lineker vs. Louis Gaudinot & Alan Belcher vs Rousimar Palhares
Worst Fight: John Cholish vs. Danny Castillo
Best Sub: Nate Diaz
Best KO: Lavar Johnson
Pablo Garza vs. Dennis Bermudez - What a great pace in the 1st round. Those multiple up-kicks in the 1st by Garza were great. Bermudez was an animal out there with great pace and amazing takedowns. He never ran out of gas. I had picked Garza to win this but Bermudez showed he really belonged as this was a big win for him.
John Cholish vs. Danny Castillo - A decent fight but nothing great. Neither were overly aggressive and played it pretty safe. Surprised Cholish didn't turn it up more in the 3rd as he must have known he lost the 1st two rounds and Castillo was content to outpoint him for the decision.
John Lineker vs. Louis Gaudinot - That was an insane fight! These guys must have had a pre-fight agreement to stand and bang and steal the fight of the night bonus. Linekar's body shots looked just devastating and hats off to Gaudinot to take them all and keep coming forward. A great submission to finish it. A total change for Gaudinot compared to his Ultimate Fighter strategy of ground 'n'pound. Would love to see both of these guys fight again. Awesome!!
Pascal Krauss vs. John Hathaway - Thought this was another really good fight. Hathaway looked really good in his return here. Not sure why the crowd was booing in parts of the 2nd & 3rd rounds as there was always constant action.
Timothy Elliott vs. John Dodson - I was really hoping for Dodson to get a pounding here. He has a very abrasive personality that makes you want to see him get his ass kicked. Elliott did OK for his debut but I guess that is with a 3rd round broken hand of Dodson. Another great pace to a fight and very entertaining.
Michael Johnson vs. Tony Ferguson - The 2nd fight that a fighter has a duplicate nickname of another UFC fighter. Too bad they are all different weight classes or could have had a showdown. This NJ crowd was quick to boo. Johnson definitely deserved the victory as he tagged Ferguson multiple times and definitely outstruck him.
I thought the prelims were very entertaining as there were a couple of really good fights.
Lavar Johnson vs. Pat Barry - You knew this was going to be a slugfest going in and it didn't disappoint. The end of the fight started looking like the Pat Curran destruction of Joe Warren. Barry took a lot of punches before it was over. An impressive victory by Johnson over a quality opponent.
Alan Belcher vs. Rousimar Palhares - This was an intense fight! Loved it. A great ground display chessmatch. Belcher's leglock defense was superb and his elbows from the ground devastating. This is a contender for best fight for sure! Rogan's excitement in the fight really helped make this even better.
Johny Hendricks vs. Josh Koscheck - This was a close fight that could have gone either way. Koscheck looked really good in the first round. Hendricks was throwing bombs and Koscheck's face looked bad after the fight. 
Jim Miller vs. Nate Diaz - Diaz looked great here and is definitely in line for a title shot. Miller is no pushover and Diaz had his way with him. Would love to see Rory McDonald vs Nate Diaz rematch and the winner getting the title shot after Pettis gets his shot.
On a couple wrestling notes...
-Why didn't they do some kind of hair match angle for Roode or Kazarian? It is done so infrequently in Canada/US it would have been perfect to heat up some angles.
-I know it has been said to death, but what the hell were they thinking of having Cena go over Brock this soon? Mind boggling!
-Really looking forward to attending next weekend's ROH Border Wars show in Toronto.
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Grant Zwarych
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Hey Dave, A thumbs up
Best Fight Diaz vs Miller
Worst Fight Hendricks vs Koscheck

Overall a good night for them on fox. Two great knockouts and a great submission finish by Diaz. Should of been better advertised to take advantage of what was good night of fight

Kyle Schroeder
Sheboygan, Wi

Thumbs way up
Best fight Nate Diaz vs Jim Miller
Worst fight none
Dont get Fuel so didnt watch the prelims but the main card really delivered every fight was good to awesome. Jersey crowd sucked though booing everything
Wade Haugen

I give UFC on Fox 3 a thumbs up.
Best match: Diaz vs. Miller.  Good fight and I thought that it would have lasted longer.  I thought that Koscheck vs. Hendricks was pretty even throughout.  It was a stalemate up until the last 2 and half minutes and then it got good.  I would have given the last round slightly to Hendricks and thus give him the fight although it was damn close.  Nice KO by Levar Johnson and Denis vs. Delorme and Dodson vs. Elliot were good as well.
Jason McNeil

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