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Saw today's poll about why people may have not watched UFC on Fox last night and wanted to add another option. The 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show debuted on HBO last night from 9pm-11:30pm. I'm sure that was a real minor deal compared to your list (it was a weeks old taped delayed show), but that's what I ended up watching in real time.

I caught the first hour of UFC on Fox and liked what I saw for once. Sadly I didn't get the chance to even DVR the rest of it because of hosting a viewing party for the HBO event.

Jake Koch

Thumbs up

Best match: Diaz-Miller
Worst Match: All four on the main card were entertaining 
I think UFC got a great night on FOX, although the Fuel card didn't get good finishes. The Johnson, Belcher, and Diaz finishes all looked good.
Mike Trask

Thumbs Way Up
The show aired lived on Italian Pay TV though there were many
technical problems. What exactly was the point in those lame segments
with Curt Menefee, Randy Couture and Brian Stann? Stann has great
presence on camera. I'd like to see him (or anyone else for that
matter) replace the tedious Mike Goldberg.
Barry is the best curtain jerker in the UFC but blocking punches with
your head is a career shortener.
Rousimar Palhares v Alan Belcher was a great grappling battle.
Belcher's biggest issue is he can't stay fit. One fight in each of the
last two years at only 28 years of age is a worrying sign.
Hendricks v Koschek was a wild brawl. Both guys have strong chins.
Koscheck can't finish and he hasn't beaten any top level fighter. He's
ripe for Strikeforce but has no future in the UFC.
I favour Nate over Frankie Edgar but don't fancy his chances against
Henderson. Occasionally I'd like to see Rogan interview the coaches
post fight so we get a different perspective and don't have to hear
shout-outs for the paper boy or Pizza Delivery guy. Diaz Brothers =
The Briscoes.
How can anyone take Mir as a legitimate contender for Dos Santos
seriously? He fights in slow motion, he's looked awful in all of his
recent fights. He has no gas. He's going to get annihilated.
M B Mehdi
Middlesbrough, England

Just watched the fight. Thumbs down as it wasn't very competitive with Ogle just way too quick for Rio, who needs to study Clay Guida's hair.
Thumbs slightly down this week. 
Best fight: Ford vs. Santos, marred by a premature stop from Lavigne (funny how he only does that when it's to get a Canadian a win). Only really good fight on the card.
Worst fight: the HW fight sucked
KO: Chandler
Sub: O'Grady by default
Prelims weren't bad. Dom O'Grady armbarred Nathan Gunn in the 2nd; kickboxer Nordine Taleb too big, strong and fast for judoka Matt McGrath and counters a TD attempt with a barrage of G&P for a 2nd rd TKO, and Muay Thai champ Cosmo Alexander batters cooperative target Lowrant-T (white dude, amazingly) Nelson for a 3rd 30-27 UD that could have been scored 30-24.  Shoulda finished.
Ford and Santos got the main off to a good start. Santos dropped Ford in the 1st with a HK but couldn't finish him, passing up a wide open RNC at one point. Lavigne managed not to see a nut shot by his countryman and after the round warned Santos for strikes to the back of the head that he didn't actually, you know, throw. In the 2nd Ford dropped Santos with a knee to the temple and Lavigne, who usually stands there with his thumb up his ass while somebody gets killed, nearly ruptured himself jumping in to stop it.
Was all downhill from there. Heavyweights Grabowski from Poland and a fat guy named Huckuba stink out the joint for three rounds. Both gassed badly. Grabowski takes the 29-28 UD.
In a WW tourney semi, Bryan Baker takes a UD over Ben Saunders, who seems to have no clue how to fight a guy his own height. Saunders makes the 1st interesting with constant sub attempts off his back, but gradually folds over the course of the fight. Very disappointing performance from him. Baker doesn't look all that great either.
In the main, LW champ Michael Chandler in a nontitle fight drives veteran Japanese former superstar Akihiro Gono into retirement with a sub-1m KO. Doesn't get any more onesided than this.
MFC 33
Guess it was MMA From Canada night. Thumbs down. Some decent fights but the nationalistic reffing and judging made the card a joke. Lavigne would have fit right in. Don't really want to dignify this mess with a full report but props to ATT's Nathan Coy for winning the vacant WW title over local Ryan McGillivray by putting such a beating on him there was no way not to stop the fight and steal it from him.
Thumbs mostly up. Several really outstanding fights. Would have been a better undercard for the last Jones-Evans PPV than the one they had.
Best fight: 3 way tie between Johnson-Barry, Delorme-Denis and Gaudinot-Lineker
Worst fight: Hathaway-Kraus wasn't much
KO: Johnson
Sub: Gaudinot & Nate
Missed the 1st round of the first fb prelim and just saw Vemola overpower Massenzio and snatch the RNC early in the 2nd. Vemola was huge at LH and MW he's ridiculous.
Late sub Delorme survives a barrage of strikes that would have finished most fights to stagger Denis and finish him with the RNC with one second left in the 1st. Strong Round of the Year candidate.
On the Fuel midcard show, Dennis Bermudez opens with a solid if not thrilling UD over the far taller Scarecrow Garza, who could not stop his slams but did get off a series of upkicks in the 1st that had Bermudez a little goofy.
Another workman fight as Danny Castillo takes a UD over slightly overmatched John Cholish.
The flyweights tear it up. Gaudinot (green hair dude) and Lineker, who missed weight, open at an insane pace and slow down to fast. Over 400 strikes in less than two rounds. Lineker dominates standing and Gaudinot has to shoot TDs in both rounds. In the 2nd, he jumps Guillotine on the way up and puts Lineker out with it. Pins Lineker's  arm to his body with the guard on the jump. great move. Gaudinot also needs to do something with the hair, which came loose and blinded him in the 1st. Great fight.
Hathaway and Kraus look very slow by comparison in a lackluster 3 of Euroclones. Hathaway takes a clear UD. Kraus doesn't seem to have much of a clue. One judge, obviously distracted by his seeing eyed dog, somehow gives Kraus a round. 
Late sub Tim Elliott exposes the limitations of John Dodson in a flippity-floppity flyweight go. As good as the previous flyweight fight was, this was as bad, looking more like a tumbling exhibition. Dodson despite allegedly breaking a hand in the 1st takes a dubious 29-28 UD. 
Showing about 1000% improved striking, Michael Johnson does a 3 round paint job on the favored Tony Ferguson to take a clear 30-27 to cap the midcard. Very technical striking which was apparently way over the head of the Jersey crowd. Blackzilians obviously a good place for MJ.
On the top card, after taking an early battering from Lavar Johnson, Pat Barry amazingly reverses after a stuffed TD attempt and goes mount to side mount and actually goes for Americana. All to no avail as Lavar manages to scramble up and then batters Pat until he collapses. Lavar just too big for him. Great fight. Somehow announced as a 'T' KO.
Alan Belcher scores an upset by going right into Palhares' wheelhouse, nearly hits a couple of subs himself and escapes all Palhares' to pound him out from guard in the 1st.
Kos and Hendricks, basically mirror images, go a tight if not scintillating 3. Hendricks takes the 29-28 SD, could have gone the other way. Not overly impressive on either side.
Diaz clears all doubts by taking a onesided win over Miller, finishing with a Rolling Guillotine in the 2nd. I didn't agree with Nate going in higher rated but he proved his right to the spot and being in line for a title shot.
Thumbs, as usual, more down than up. Where is the COMPETITION? We are also treated to TWO We Be Collectin 'WORLD' super welter title fights on the same card. It's like they're TRYING to be a joke.
Best fight: Mayweather-Cotto
Worst fight: Vargas-Forbes
KO: Quintana
In a fight that was competitive on paper but not in action, Quintana batters Latimore until stopping him in the 6th to win the vacant Minor Something Title.
Manufactured prospect Jesse Vargas, looking at least two divisions bigger, takes a UD 10 over cooperative journeyman Steve Forbes, who neglects to start fighting till the last three rounds.
In the first Magic Half World Title fight, young veteran Saul Alvarez takes a one sided UD over what's left of Shane Mosely to defend the title.  Shane at 40 still has will, but the speed and power are gone and he should walk away. Alvarez seems to be the total package but is sort of TOO mature---you want to see a guy his age (21)  fight a little less conservatively. Wasn't that bad a fight but Shane hasn't had a win in years and really had no business getting the title shot.
In the main for the Other Half Magic World Title, Floyd stands off a midrounds surge from Cotto to take a clear UD, but not as onesided as the judges had it. I sort of suspect Floyd deliberately let Cotto wing away without countering  to make the fight more exciting, as he seems suddenly somewhat concerned with being entertaining. Any case, he succeeded.
Michael Buffer seemed drunk. He was slurring his words (the intro of singer 'Masha Ambrosius' [who really sucks] was particularly awkward and I think he called AT&T the 'world's largest foraging network'). Speaking of drunk, Merchant really needs to go to the Old Drunks Home and shut up.
I'm watching a stream of the Indian MMA promotion right now. Phony Baroni is commentating wearing a leather jacket and no shirt. Well...

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