OVW TV report 5-9 Louisville

Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television taping report for May 9th, 2012, which was the "go home" show for the May 12th Saturday Night Special. This was a show that saw two returnees, though one for just this night most likely, and an out of the blue heel turn. 

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers tonight. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The attendance was around 140. 

1. Rob Terry beat Daniel Pruce 

Dark match. Pruce got some kicks in on Terry, but Terry won it with a choke slam. Just so-so. 

Josette Bynum, along with all of "The Family", came out and celebrated after the match. Jessie Godderz and Rudy Switchblade cut promos. They announced the "main event" tonight would be Godderz, Switchblade & Mohamad Ali Vaez vs Mike Mondo, Shiloh Jonze and Chris Silvio. That was actually the post TV taping dark match I couldn't stick around for. They announced it this way now trying to get people to stick around after the TV taping. Mohamad Ali Vaez also said tonight on TV he'd be defending the OVW TV title against someone not named Jamin Olivencia. 

2. Ted McNaler beat Raphael Constantine w/Three ladies in a "Gentlesman's rules" match by submission 

Also a dark match. The three ladies with Constantine tonight were dressed like Playboy club Bunnies. This was a "Gentleman's rules" match, which means no striking of any kind, just scientific wrestling, no jumping off the ropes, though did did use some Irish whip spots, and a 3 foul rule, where someone is DQ'd if they get to three fouls, and a "major infraction", such as throwing someone into the ringpost, is an automatic DQ. Ted McNaler faces his "brother" Adam Revolver in a "Gentleman's rules" match this Saturday, with McNaler's girlfriend, ring announcer Brittany DeVore, judging the match. Revolver has been coming on to DeVore himself for awhile now, and trying to make McNaler look bad at the same time. 
McNaler vs Constantine was even for a little while, but McNaler caught Constantine in a double armed submission for the win. McNaler bowed to Brittany DeVore on his way out, but she didn't look impressed or amused. 

3. Jamin Olivencia beat David Osborne 

Another dark match. The beefy David Osborne started out fast, and hit a back suplex on Olivencia, but Olivencia turned it around quickly, and won it with his "O Drop" clamping DDT finisher. The dark matches tonight had more of a "TV taping" like feel to them than usual. 

The TV taping opened with Josette Bynum, along with "The Family" coming to the ring, sans Rob Terry. Bynum demanded that OVW Heavyweight champion Johnny Spade come out now. Spade came to the floor and started doing some mic work, but Bynum had his mic cut off. Bynum told Spade, that as she promised last week, she has a special "Family reunion" guest for Spade tonight. Out came the guest, with Rob Terry, and it was none other than Nick Dinsmore. Dinsmore said that he helped Spade get back into OVW 18 months ago when his life was in the gutter, and now Spade is the OVW champion, but not one time has he thanked Nick Dinsmore. Spade, with his mic turned back on, said he wasn't surprised with Dinsmore, but said he also has his own "Family reunion" surprise for tonight. The returning Jason Wayne then showed up, coming in thru the side security door, to a big pop. Wayne has lost a lot of weight, and is ripped, due to competing in a fitness competiton recently. It was Rob Terry who "injured" Jason Wayne here a few months ago, and Wayne hasn't been seen in OVW since. 
This set up the TV main event for tonight, Johnny Spade & Jason Wayne vs Rob Terry & Nick Dinsmore. Spade defends the OVW title against Rob Terry this Saturday, and Josette Bynum has been doing everything in her power for the past month to wear Spade down. This was very simple and basic, but a decent segment. 

4. Adam Revolver beat Brandon Baronis in a "Gentleman's rules" match 

This was the first match of the TV taping, and was a "Gentleman's rules" match. Brandon Baronis is one half of an identical twin brothers tag team with his brother Brent. Both twins are small, but in shape, and have big Afros. The crowd here likes them. This match didn't go very long when Revolver's wrist tape "accidentally" came undone. Revolver handed it to the ref, who handed it to ring announcer Brittany DeVore, and as their backs were turned, Revolver kicked Baronis in the nuts and won the match. 

Ted McNaler came out after the match and stooged off Revolver, and shoved him down. Brittany DeVore reminded McNaler that there is a "no touch" rule in effect until this Saturday for Revolver and McNaler, and neither one of them can "touch" her either, which cracks me up. Again, when DeVore's back was turned, the sneaky Revolver attacked McNaler from behind, and threw him into the ringpost. I thought something would happen here with "no touch rule" infractions by both McNaler and Revolver, but it was never addressed again. 

Jamin Olivencia was backstage in Josette Bynum's office. Olivencia won a house show match to earn a shot at the OVW TV title, but Bynum told him she was revoking it. Olivencia got pissed off and started throwing stuff around the office. 

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, Raphael Constantine was with his three ladies, who were dressed up like Playboy Bunnies, when Dylan Bostic happened by. Bostic looked impressed with the ladies, but was then busted and berated by his girlfriend, the bossy OVW Womens champion, Taeler Hendrix, who told Bostic that they have a match tonight. 

Meanwhile back at Bynum's office, Chris Silvio walked in. Bynum told Silvio that he wasn't booked for TV tonight, and that getting the OVW TV title off of him was just step one of what she has in store for him. Bynum told Silvio he has a match this Saturday though, and was then attacked in the office from behind by huge rookie Jose Del Barrio, who is the opponent. 

5. Mohamad Ali Vaez beat Tony Gunn to retain the OVW TV title 

Vaez came out alone, had no "Family" members with him, and looked concerned, and was searching all around the announce desk, and under the ring. He was looking for Jamin Olivencia because Olivencia attacked Vaez as he came out last week, in what Vaez later called a "terrorist attack". Tony Gunn came out with his "happy pills", and his stuffed bear, Ralphie, and now has trunks that say "Bear hug" on the read end. All Gunn early here. Vaez came back, but was still more worried about Jamin Olivencia. Gunn came back and applied a bear hug, which got a pop believe it or not, but Vaez cheated to break free, then hit his running neckbreaker finisher to win the match, and retain the OVW TV title. If Tony Gunn can get the bear hug over in 2012, more power to him and God bless him. 

Jamin Olivencia came out after the match and started to go after Vaez, but Josette Bynum came out and told Olivencia if he got in the ring, he was fired. Bynum told Olivencia she has a surprise opponent lined up for him this Saturday, and told him not to be late. 

Brittany DeVore conducted a backstage interview with "Smooth" Johnny Spade and Jason Wayne. Both guys cut fired up babyface promos, but I noticed that Wayne didn't specifically answer Spade when Spade asked Wayne if he has his back. 

6. Randy Royal & Epiphany vs Paredyse & Aleida Ortiz vs Taeler Hendrix & Dylan Bostic vs Brandon Espinosa & Chris in a four corners mixed couples tag match was ruled a no contest 

The last "couple" to come out here were Brandon Espinosa and "Chris", and Chris' gender is still unknown. This wasn't lost on Paredyse as he took the mic and asked if this means that Espinosa and Chris are a couple. Espinosa said "Of course, we're a couple of friends". Paredyse went on to talk about the other couples in this match are all boys and girls, and of the incriminating video Paredyse showed of Espinosa a few weeks ago of Espinosa seeming to be a homosexual, and that Espinosa has a dark secret. Espinosa finally attacked Paredyse from behind, and everyone started brawling. "Chris" never touched anyone though. The referee got angry and called for the bell, ruling the match a "no-contest" before it ever officially even started. 

Gilbert Corsey came to the floor after this and said they would try this match again this Saturday, but told a disappointed Paredyse that it will be a three corners couples tag match on Saturday because Brandon Espinosa & Chris won't be in it because Chris' gender has yet to be determined. 

Out next came Bolin Services 2.0, who again have the simple minded Mickey working for them as their personal assistant. Prince Bolin said he had a demonstration for Michael Hayes and James "Moose" Thomas tonight, and told Mickey to look under the ring for a surprise. Mickey went and found a ladder, and set it up in the ring, while Bolin screamed at Mickey in an abusive fashion. Bolin ordered Mickey to climb the ladder, but he didn't want to, finally saying he was afraid of heights. Bolin made him climb it anyways. Out came Hayes and Moose to make the save, and they brawled with BS 2.0 members Rocco Bellagio, Joe Coleman, and Jack Black, while Mickey stayed on the ladder. Prince Bolin tipped the ladder over, knocking Mickey off it, into the ring. BS 2.0 then took out Michael Hayes with the ladder, and Jack Black splashed Moose in the corner, with the ladder laying on Moose. Prince Bolin climbed the ladder and celebrated to end the segment. 
This Saturday it will be BS 2.0 vs Hayes & Moose in a handicap, in more ways than one, ladder match. If Hayes and Moose win, they get Mickey back, if BS 2.0 wins, Hayes and Moose have to join BS 2.0. BTW, Jack Black is losing more weight all the time, and looks like he could wear tighter clothes at this point. The guy has lost a tremendous amount of weight.

Shiloh Jonze was roaming the halls backstage looking for Alex Silva. Last week Silva won a fatal four way match, and as a result earned a title shot at any title he wants, and oddly he picked the tag team titles, and even more oddly, picked Shiloh Jonze to be his partner. I say oddly because Silva has been acting coldly to everyone in OVW lately, both the faces and the heels, and Jonze was one of the guys he faced in the Fatal four way to earn a title shot. Maybe Silva wasn't around tonight because he got the big head after Ric Flair turned his frown upside down on Impact last week, leading to Silva getting a TNA "contract", in a segment that was bizarre, and lacked logic, in about 50 different ways. 

7. Shiloh Jonze beat Jessie Godderz w/Rudy Switchblade 

"Family" members Jessie Godderz and Rudy Switchblade are the current OVW Southern tag team champions. Back and forth match early on here. Both Godderz and Jonze used an enziguri, but Godderz' actually totally whiffed. Jonze legit slipped coming off the top rope, which messed up the timing of the finish, but Jonze then knocked Switchblade off the ring apron, and rolled up Godderz for the win. Sort of an odd match and result, and where was Alex Silva?? 

8. "Smooth" Johnny Spade & Jason Wayne vs Nick Dinsmore & Rob Terry w/The Family never got started 

TV main event time. Soon as the match started all of the family members got up on the apron and surrounded Spade and Wayne. Jason Wayne suddenly then turned heel by grabbing Spade and giving him his full nelson slam. All of "The Family", along with Jason Wayne and Nick Dinsmore, then totally demolished Johnny Spade for a long time. A few refs came out to the floor, but no other babyfaces came out to stop the carnage. Johnny Spade again, as he's been for the past three weeks, was left laying and in terrible shape at the end of an OVW TV show, and now he has to defend his OVW title against Rob Terry this Saturday. Dean Hill looked totally disgusted with the actions of Jason Wayne, who is a former US Marine, and Hill even directed some unhappy comments at Wayne on the mic before walking out, but the taping was over before then. 

Overall, not a great show, but it was entertaining enough, and worked decently for a "go home" show. The Jason Wayne heel turn was surprising, though they did give very subtle hints in that direction during the Wayne and Spade backstage promo earlier in the show. I just hope Jason Wayne has a good explanation for his actions, and it's not just more of a "You didn't call me when I was out injured" type of a thing. Hell, if they want to mix real life into it, they could say Mohamad Ali Vaez got into Wayne's ear when they both competed in the fitness competition. 
I liked that they scaled the Josette Bynum appearances back a bit this week. She was still out there a ton, but it didn't feel quite so overdone to the point of being tiresome this episode. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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