Resistance Pro Wrestling report 5-11 Chicago

RESISTANCE Pro A SMALL DEADLY SPACE results from Teamster Auditorium in Chicago - Friday May 11th, 2012.  400 fans came out for the debut in the beautiful Teamster Auditorium, the crowd was white hot all night long.

Pre-show match 1: THUNDERKITTY defeated AIDA MARIE with her "throwback" sleeper. The crowd loved both of these ladies and the night got off to a hot start thanks to their hard work and enthusiasm.  

Pre-show match 2: BIG CHRIS HALL and DACOBRA went to a no contest when RHINO and LOU E. DANGEROUSLY hit the ring and it was GORE! GORE! GORE!

RESISTANCE Pro Heavyweight Championship number one contender "Lonesome" JAY BRADLEY addressed the crowd and demanded that management give him a match. He went over his R-Pro credentials (5-0 in R-Pro) and accomplishments and refused to leave the ring until his request was granted. This brought out R-Pro owners GABRIEL and JACQUES BARON. The Barons agreed that Bradley has accomplished a lot in R-Pro, and no one was doubting his accomplishments, but the card was already full. Bradley demanded his time on the card that he felt he deserved. The Barons agreed and said that his time was "VADER TIME"!

In a "First Come, Last Served" match, it was a 6-way-dance for the RESISTANCE Pro Women's Championship. The rules were elimination style and that every woman was for herself, but whomever got the first pinfall or submission got to sit out until there was only one other combatant left. MELANIE CRUISE successfully defended her RESISTANCE Pro Womens Championship by defeating "The Matrix" TAYLOR MADE, NIKKI ST. JOHN, SASSY STEPHIE, SHELLY MARTINEZ, and SERENITY. NIKKI ST. JOHN scored the first pinfall and was able to sit out until the end when it was her and her associate, the Womens Champion, left. CRUISE demanded that she "lay down" for her, but ST. JOHN refused after earning her shot against the champ. ST. JOHN fought with everything she had, but after three "Cruise Controls" and a top rope leg drop, she finally succumbed to the dominant Womens Champion.

JOCEPHUS BRODY defeated ACE HAWKINS in both of their R-Pro debuts. The wild man with a taste for violence defeated the agile HAWKINS with relative ease and definitely put everyone in R-Pro on notice that he's here for "gold... and VIOLENCE"!

In the first Resistance Pro Tag Team Title  quarterfinal tournament match, 1/2 of the P-DAWG MILLIONAIRZ (Arya Daivari) defeated DA SOUL TOUCHAZ to advance to the semi-finals. With brother SHAWN DAIVARI unable to compete, younger brother ARYA faced ACID JAZ and MARSHE ROCKETT inside the ring, and C-RED, DYMOND, and WILLIE "DA BOMB" RICHARDSON outside the ring. After being outnumbered for most of the match, the resourceful "Persian Playboy" caught JAZ with a superkick for the surprise win.

RESISTANCE Pro Head of Wrestler Safety CHRIS NOWINSKI came to the ring and addressed the crowd explaining his position within the company and how R-Pro is doing things right to prolong their wrestlers careers. D'ARCY DIXON and her "trainer" ERIC ST. VAUGHN interrupted him because she had a concussion question regarding a faulty headboard on her bed. RINALDO PIVEN came out and told Nowinski that he and his client THE ALMIGHTY SHEIK did not care about the safety rules in R-Pro and would do whatever they pleased.

While D'ARCY was waiting for concussion advice from Nowinski, "The Ego" ROBERT ANTHONY interrupted her and ST. VAUGHN and said he would "kick them both in the penis" if they didn't leave his ring. This brought our D'Arcy's newest client MR. 450 and they were off from there. The crowd at Teamster Auditorium was on their feet for this fast-paced, high-flying contest that saw the ever-resourceful ANTHONY finally get the win after hitting a surfboard. MR. 450 had the match won with the 450 when D'ARCY asked him to do it again, leading to his downfall.  After the contest, 450 still seemed bewildered as to why DIXON and ST. VAUGHN were following him around.

"The Man They Call" VADER handed "Lonesome" JAY BRADLEY his first R-Pro defeat in a thrilling battle of the big men. Teamster Auditorium erupted when BRADLEY slammed "the Mastodon" over his head and down to the mat. VADER tried to take out BRADLEY's "boomstick" arm and finally succeeded in defeating the number one contender with the Vader Bomb.

THE ALMIGHTY SHEIK and STEVEN WALTERS (w/ RINALDO PIVEN) defeated LETHAL WEAPON (John Skyler and Cedric Alexander). SHEIK and PIVEN tried to take the match in a more violent direction but CHRIS NOWINSKI came out and blew his whistle at them (ed note: seriously he had a whistle and it was awesome) and warned them not to continue. Nowinski and Piven got in to it on the outside of the ring and Nowinski knocked out Piven with a vicious right hand. The crowed was thrilled to see another amazing tag match on what was an already exciting evening of great wrestling.

After a brief intermission to set up the cage, RESISTANCE Pro Heavyweight Champion HARRY SMITH defeated RHINO with help from special guest referee RAVEN and LOU E. DANGEROUSLY. The action was brutal and back and forth for over 30 minutes before Raven revealed his true colors and double crossed Rhino by hitting him with a belt shot and counting the win for the defending champion. Raven kept Rhino's "prized possession" for himself and Harry remains the R-Pro champion. Raven promised a meaner, more "shooter" type wrestler out of Smith and that a new era of R-Pro would be beginning.

RESISTANCE Pro debuts on WCIU's U-TOO station on Sunday June 10th. Check your local listings for time and station.

RESISTANCE Pro returns to Excalibur in Chicago on Friday June 15th for TAKEN BY FORCE. ALL AGES tickets on sale shortly at!

RESISTANCE Pro would also like to thank all of the fans, friends, and family who turned out to help support R-Pro's own SAM THOMPSON and Timmy (brother of wrestler STEVEN WALTERS) who are both battling cancer. We had a very successful raffle that 100% of proceeds went to paying both of their hospital bills. We encourage R-Pro fans to come out to Kuma's Corner in Chicago on Friday May 25th to help further benefit Sam Thompson. Go to kumascorner.comfor more information or to donate.

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