TNA Sacrifice live coverage from Orlando

Welcome to our live coverage of TNA Sacrifice from the Impact Zone in Orlando.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or a thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Earl Hebner came into Bobby Roode's dressing room to get the title belt so it could be hung above the ring in the ladder match main event.  Roode was rude about it.


Daniels & Kazarian captured the title with a high-low, or total elimination on Magnus and Daniels pinned him.  The good sign is the crowd is more lievely than most Orlando PPVs.  Good match, but maybe shorter than you'd have expected it to be.   

They are telling people to send twitter questions to Austin Aries and Bully Ray.

They showed Joseph Park in the crowd during the opener.  He's deep in the stands as opposed to being at ringside.   Evidently he doens't have good connections.


Kim retained the title with a double leg takedown and putting her feet on the top rope for leverage.  Tessmacher had just eat defeat earlier but Kim rolled out of the ring.  Better than you'd think and the crowd was into it.  Tessmacher did some good athletic moves including a Randy Savage elbow off the top.

Kazarian & Daniels out for an interview.  Said they earned their spot by beating people but A.J. Styles became the face of the company by whistling Dixie.  Daniels said that people have permission to worship them.


Devon retained the title by knocking T into E and pinning T with a schoolboy.  Fast match short match, but really just so-so.  The key spot was T having Devon pinned with a powerslam but E stopped the ref from counting as he didn't want his bouncer to win the title.  After the match, E was hugging T trying to make up and T teased turning on him and hugged him after but T was still annoyed. 


Looked like a botched finish.  Hardy went for a seat drop and Anderson did a heel block and Earl Hebner counted three.  Hardy kicked out before the three count and it didn't look like a finish.  Anderson looked pissed and he won.  Earl went to explain to Jeff.  They teased the idea that with the win Anderson should be in line for a title shot.  Match was okay, nothing special with a bad finish.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Joseph Park.  He said he rode all the rides before he came.  Said he's made new friends going to wrestling.  He missed Abyss coming out because he was recovering for what happened to Bully Ray.  However, Park said that he thinks Abyss might be here tonight.  You think so.

Crimson doing an interview. Said he beat Matt Morgan on Thursday without breaking a sweat.  Said nobody in the back wants to fight him.  He said he's got an open challenge to anyone in the back.  Told Brian Hebner to ring the bell and count to ten and give him a win over the invisible man.  Eric Young came out with ODB while Hebner was counting.  ODB wanted to accept the challenge saying she's beaten bigger broads than him.  Looks like we're getting a handicap match.  Now it looks like Eric  is facing Crimson.


Not much of a match.  Crimson laid out Young and than threw ODB down.  Young took off his shorts and did the big comeback in his briefs.  Young laid him out with an elbow off the top and then checked on ODB.  This allowed Crimson to knock Young into ODB and then pinned him after a red sky power bomb.


Good match.  Aries was on the top rope and Ray kicked him off the top rope and Aries back hit the barricade.  He had two huge bruises in his back, one opened up.  Ray worked over the back.  Both kicked out of big moves.  Ray went for his chain but Joseph Park came out.  Ray pulled Park to ringside and went to use a chair on him but Aries hit Ray with a tope.  Aries hit the brainbuster but Ray kicked out.  Ray went for a running power bomb, Aries blocked it and locked him in the last chancery and Ray tapped out right away.  They pushed the idea that Ray was the typical bully, tapping out immediately when he got the hold on.


Angle won a long match with the heel hook submission.  For the 477th time, Angle had the best match on the show.  It was a little slower paced than these two have done in the past but it was still a classic match.  Tons of near falls although the crowd didn't believe a lot of them could be the finish.  Crowd was into it, but not super heat, partially because it was face vs. face as Angle worked completely as a face.  Daniels & Kazarian came out for the finish.  Daniels took out Styles' leg after Styles knocked down Kazarian.  Angle used the Olympic slam but Styles kicked out.  Angle then grabbed the ankle lock, turned him into a heel hook for the submnission.  Daniels and Kazarian beat down Styles after the match until Angle made the save for him.  Angle and Styles hugged after the match.


Roode retained of course but it was a scary looking finish.  Roode was climbing and RVD jumped off the ropes and looked like he was trying to do a spiderman spot on the ladder, but he slpped off, and fell to the ground and the leg got caught in one of the rungs of the ladder.  He may have torn his left knee up.  He was walking on it but limping after.  Roode went to climb, back kicked RVD  who took a bump with the back of his head on the chair.  Roode then took down the belt to win.  RVD looked really mad, but it also could just be selling losing, but he was pissed at the ladder for not holding up on the spiderman spot.  Very good match.  Until the finish they worked a good ladder match without going too crazy.  RVD's best match in a long time.  RVD also at one point took a bump on the ladder and sliced up his left elbow which looked bad and may have been swelling. 

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