Feedback to TNA Sacrifice

Thumbs Up Show!
Best Match: Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray
Worst Match: Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher
Easy thumbs up show...although I will admit to be bored through some of the early parts of it. That wasn't necessarily due to the show not being good, but mainly because I'm rather cold on the product at the moment. I watched this show really because of a lack of anything else going on tonight. Things really picked up for the last three matches. Austin Aries had his breakout match in TNA tonight. If, and that's a big IF, TNA follows up on it properly, they may have something here with Austin Aries. That top rope bump to the floor was foolish though, and I'm sure quite painful. Bully Ray did an excellent job in that match as well and I thought it told a great story.
I liked the Angle/Styles match, and thought it was worked really well, but two things I didn't like about it: I thought the crowd wasn't popping for things like they should, and I just didn't care for the little bit of interference at the end. With that said, if they're heading toward a Kaz/Daniels vs. Angle/Styles feud over the tag team titles, that should be a lot of fun.
The main event was good, but also felt like a bit of a cluster at the same time. RVD had his best match in a long time, but looked like he took some punishment in there. The finish was bothched (as seemed to be the case in a number of matches tonight), but they tried to cover for it, and Tazz steered his commentary in that direction to try and make it make sense. I'm not sure what they do with Roode for Slammiversary, but they should probably have him in a big match, since it is the 10th anniversary show and all.
Also, TNA has been around for ten years. Think about that. TEN FUCKING YEARS.

Charles Hymphreys

HI Dave,

Best Match: Magnus+Joe vs. Daniels+Kaz
Worst Match Crimson vs. Young (Which was really not bad for what it was)

I thought this was the best TNA show of the year and third best (WWE/TNA) PPV of the year.  This was a really good show, I watched with 7 people and we all enjoyed this show a lot.

The entire show guys looked to be giving it their all out there, I don't know how the morale is in TNA but it seemed like people were not just going through the motions.  The opening tag match was great, Joe looked excited to be wrestling, something I haven't seen in awhile.  Daniels, Magnus, and Kaz were excellent as well, this match got the crowd going early and that momentum seemed to go throughout most of the slower parts of the show.

Kim and Brooke worked hard and had the best possible match they could, I am fine with an old school Flair feet on the ropes finish, it worked, it can build for another match and it didn't have a loaded glove or mist getting in someones eyes.

The three way match was okay, not great and not bad about as average as you can get.  The fans really like Devon so keeping the strap on him was the right decision.  Robbie and Robbie T have good chemistry as a duo, it looks like they will split but I think that is a mistake.  I really like their gimmick.

Hardy and Anderson had a decent match, probably very good by Anderson standards.  The finish was a little perplexing but I am guessing this builds for a 3 way match with them and Roode at Slammiversary.  Both guys worked hard and Anderson put on his best performance in months.  The finish wasn't necessarily bad, a ref screwing up is part of sports but at the same time I am just happy there were no dumb loaded glove finishes.

Crimson and EY had a small match, nothing really happened but it wasn't bad or anything.  Actually I had a couple laughs and the crowd seemed into it.

Aries vs Bully told a great story, I liked this match a lot but it was slightly below the tag match.  Aries came across as a big deal in this match and despite always losing Bully is still awesome and impossible not to like as a heel.  He may be the best heel in wrestling right now.  Plus we got Joe Parks which is awesome.

AJ and Angle has a very good match but at times it seemed kind of like it was stuttering, it wasn't as fluent as their stuff back in early 2010 but these two are two years older and two years in wrestling is like 7 or 8 in real life.  I liked that the match wasn't decided by interference, the interference lead to Angle winning but it wasn't directly after like TNA usually does it.

The Main Event was okay, RVD is lucky his ACL is not torn after falling into that ladder, it lead to an anti-climatic finish but the match was not bad at any points.  Fun match, not great by any means, probably the 4th best match on this show.  I do hope Rob is okay because he looked like he worked really hard.

Behind Extreme Rules (Which was amazing) and Wrestlemania (Which I gave a thumbs in the middle but that was because of my expectations) this was the best PPV of 2012.  I really enjoyed this show and so did everyone else watching at my friends house.  I know it is fashionable to bash TNA and their viewership is going down but I really like the last few months and am optimistic they can break the routine awful summers they usually have.  Thumbs Up for this show.  I am hosting the group for Over the Limit next week, 11 people so far and maybe some kids coming too.

Keep up the great work, re-upped my subscription, well worth it.

-Ryan McDeed

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