Bellator live coverage from Lake Charles, LA

Mark Holata b Abe Wagner via submission with a footlock out of nowhere.  Wagner yelled at "tap" and Wagner suffered an injury and was limping after the match.  2:24  Holata's win eaned him a spot in the upcoming heavyweight tournament later this year. 


They are pushing this as the top two in the world in this weight class.

First round: Takedown by Fujii. Slow round. Very little happening in the first three minutes. Aguilar slipped. Fujii went for a second takedown but couldn’t get it. Aguilar landed a right. Fujii threw a kick and Aguilar uused it to get a takedown. Now Aguilar is on top and Fujii went for an armbar. Aguliar escaped the armbar attempt. Last minute was good. Tough round to call, depends on how much you value a submission attempt that was never more than an attempt, so Aguilar 10-9.

Second round: Trading punches. Not much action this round except for the one early flurry. Fujii is moving in. She landed a kick and Aguilar back with a punch. Aguilar landed a hard left, the best shot of the fight so far. Aguliar landed a jab. Fujii’s kicks aren’t landing. Both missing a lot of shots late. Aguilar’s round so she’s up 20-18.

Third round: Third round started slowly. Fujii went for a takedown but Aguilar sprawled. Fujii still fighting for it. Fujii kept on it and got her down. Fujii landing punches. Fujii not getting much offense from the top. Aguilar tried for an armbar but Fujii escaped. They had a scramble with Fujii remaining on top. Fujii is winning this round but not doing damage. Fujii landing punches from the top. She hasn’t hurt Aguilar. Clearly Fujii won the third round. So that’s 29-28 Aguilar but this could easily go the other way. 

All three judges had it 29-28 Aguilar.

Aguilar said Fujii's a legend.  Fujii is 38 years old she said she was going to take some time off and think about her future.


First round: Amoussou’s jock strap broke on a kick to the groin. They are looking to figure out what to do. Now they have to somehow put a new jock strap on in front of the public. As far as TV, they decided the best thing to do was go to a commercial break. Somehow, the jock strap was back on when they came back. Amoussou took him down. Rickels tried a sweep but Amoussou recovered and got back to the top. The ref ordered a stand-up. Rickels slipped but then went for a triangle from the bottom. Crowd into this. Big slam by Amoussou. He’s in side control. Amoussou said he was poked in the eye but the ref didn’t see it and ordered it to continue. Amoussou landing punches. Amoussou landing a lot of punches late in the round. Amoussou worked for a heel hook as time ran out. 10-9 Amoussou, nearly a 10-8.

Second round: Another judo style takedown by Amoussou. The ref ordered a stand-up as little as happening. Rickels landed a left but Amoussou back with an uppercut, a series of punches and a flying knee. Rickels back with two knees from a clinch. Trading punches. Trading kicks. Rickels landing some nice punches and a knee and another knee. Rickels is starting to take control landing big shots. . Amoussou got the takedown to stop Rickels’ momentum. Rickels with an armbar. Amoussou gave him two short power bombs but didn’t succeed in breaking it up but Amoussou then escaped. Another round for Amoussou. Strong round 20-18 Amoussou.

Third round: A kick to the groin by Rickels. They called for a time out. It was a front kick right to the groin. Back to action, punches were traded back and forth. Amoussou briefly went for an ankle lock but let it go. Rickels now on top. Amoussou has bad swelling under the left eye. Rickels continues to punch the body. Rickels’ strategy was to win late thinking Amoussou would get tired. Rickels landing a lot of body shots and then shots to the head. More hard body shots by Rickels. Amoussou isn’t defending his body so Rickels largely is taking unprotected free shots. Rickels with the Mongolian chop, popularized by Killer Khan, Tenzan and Sakuraba. Up kicks by Amoussou . Rickels pounding. Amoussou worked for a heel hook but Rickels out pounding the body. Rickels with another Mongolian chop. Rickels pounding the body. Another Mongolian chop. Amoussou bleeding. Tons of Mongolian chops late. Rickels won the round strong but I’ve still got 29-28 Amoussou.

Scores:  29-28 Rickels 29-28 Amoussou 29-28 Amoussou.  Crowd booing because Rickels beat him up solidly in the third round but based on the points game Amoussou should have won.  Amoussou said he thought the fight was really close and he has great respect for Rickels.  He said Rickels won the third, he won the first for sure and the second was close.  He said he was really sorry for Rickels on the decision and knows why he was disappointed.


First round: Falcoa out fast but Spang landing punches and knees and hurt Falcao. Falcao tied him up and got the takedown. Falcao has his back and is controlling him and punching. Falcao threw a nice knee to the ribs. Spang up but Falcao took him back down. Falcao content to ride him. Spang back to his feet. Falcao landing rights. Falcao threw a knee to the head when Spang was down which is illegal. It was something of a cheap shot by Falcao. Ref Jason Herzog told Falcao he was deducting a point from him which he really had no choice but to do. Spang was given time to recover. Falcao tied him up, Spang tried a guillotine and Falcoa flipped him over almost like Falcao did a head and arm suplex throw. Falcao with a knee from close range. Falcao with a few punches. Spang nailed him with a spinning backfist. Falcao’s round but with the penalty it’s a 9-9 round.

Second round: Falcao landing some punches and then took him down. Falcao nailing him with shots to the head and body while keeping back position. Falcao continues to land hard shots to the body. Spang isn’t able to get up so he’s just taking punishment. Falcao with more body shots. Another takedown by Falcao. Falcao with a knee. Falcao with another takedown. Falcao’s round, close to dominant but never quite had him in enough trouble for a 10-8, so 10-9. Falcao up 19-18.

Third round: Falcao with a takedown. Falcao with punches and therw knee. Now he’s landing hard shots to the side of the head while keeping back position. Knee to the butt hard. Now more punches. A few shots to the head. Spang tried a guillotine and Falcao did another head and arm throw. More knees to the butt and body. Vicious knees to the body by Falcao. More punches as well. Spang finally got to his feet but Falcao continues to punch him. Falcao went for a throw but Spang grabbed the cage. Falcao still got him down. Another knee to the body. This is total domination by Falcao and more punches to the side of the head. Spang up but Falcao took him back down. Spang tried a guillotine but Falcao out. Spang finally to his feet. Falcao landed a punch and tripped him and got Spang back down. Fight endee with Falcao on top. I think that was enough for a 10-8, so 29-26. But I don’t see most judges calling it a 10-8.

If the judges gave Spang the first round and did a 10-9 third, it would be a 28-28 draw and we’d go into overtime.

All three judges have it 29-27 for Falcao.

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