Strikeforce live coverage from San Jose

Welcome to our live coverage of Strikeforce from the HP Pavilion in San Jose.  We're looking for your thoughts on the show so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to

Dark match

Bobby Greene b James Terry via split decision on scores of 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28.  Terry won the first round and Greene won the third, so it was the second round that decided it.  I had Terry winning but Terry's face was hamburger meat by the latter stages of the fight so that could have influenced things.


Villefort stole Faber & Alvarez’s ring music. How can someone from Brazil use that music?

First round: Villefort just threw Mulhern down and then let him get up. Mulhern moved in and landed a right and now they’re against the cage. Body kick by Villefort. Mulhern got a takedown. Mulhern keeping him down but not doing damage. Villefort reversed and Mulhern tied him up from the bottom. Nobody did anything to win the round. I guess I’ll go with Villefort but this was close to even. 10-9 Villefort.

Second round: Mulhern took him down to start the round. Villefort up and taken right back down. Mulhern is bleeding from the mouth I think. Mulhern to side control and now full mount. Villefort out and slammed Mulhern down. Villefort threw one punch but is mostly tied up from the bottom. Mulhern with an uma plata from the bottom and used it to reverse to the top. . Villefort back to his feet and on top. Villefort doing nothing from the top. Kind of a boring fight and another round hard to call because it wa so even. Maybe Mulhern in this one so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Mulhern shot for a takedown but Villefort blocked and is back to his feet. Now they’re in a clinch against the fence. Villefort went for a takedown but it was blocked and Mulhern ended up on top. Mulhern in side control. Villefort regained guard. Mulhern back to side control. Very little going on but Mulhern did drop one elbow. Mulhern keeping side control and holding him down and doing nothing else. People would be booing except nobody is here. Villefort spun out and as he was getting up and got punched. Mulheren went for a takedown and this time Villefort blocked and ended up on top. Mulhern went for a heel hook but Villefort out of it. Mulhern reversed into full mount. Mulhern doing nothing from the top. . He spun to control Villefort and landed a few punches from back position. This round is definitely for Mulhern but the first two are anyone’s guess. Mulhern has his back as time ran out. Mulhern’s round so I’ve got him winning 29-28.

Scores. 30-27 Mulhern, 29-28 Villefort 29-28 Mulhern. It came down to Abe Belardo so that was scary, but the right guy won.


First round: Villante out landing. Hard punches by Villante put Mehmen down and now he’s got his back on the ground. Mehmen trying to get to his feet. Villante landing knees. Mehmen now throwing some punches. Villante landed hard shots. Mehmen’s face bleeding. He’s coming back but not landing. Mehmen also bleeding from the right ear. Mehmen in with punches. Hard right by Villante. Villante unlaoded with two more punches until Villante pinned him against the cage. He should have tried to finish him. Villante landing more punches. High kick by Villante. Villante’s round 10-9.

Second round: Villante in with a series of blows. Villante landed a few but got poked in his left eye and needed a time out. Villante swept his leg with a kick and got him down. Mehmen up and hurt Villante with a punch. Left got in by Villante. These two keep slapping hands during the fight. Villante’s round up 20-18.

Third round: Good right hook by Villante. Uppercut counter by Villante. Left jab by Villante. Mehmen landed two. Two hard uppercuts by Villante. Villante in with punches and a low kick combo. Mehmen chasing him and threw a lot, mostly blocked. Left jab. Mehmen’s nose and mouth bleeding. Mehmen threw several moving forward but most of them were blocked. Left jab by Villante. Mehman thought takedown but blocked. Good right landed by Villante. Low kick by Villante. Mehmen got a takedown with time running out. And had Villante’s back when it was over. Too little too late, should be Villante 30-27.

Scores: 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 for Villante.


First round: Sloppy open. Inocente nearly killed him with a head kick. Zwicker took him down, Inocente reversed, and as Zwicker got up, landed an uppercut and a spin kick. Zwicker tried a takedown but got a knee in return. This is a wild round. Push kick and spin kick by Inocente. Zwicker tried a takedown. Inocente is just hammering this guy. Zwicker is hurt and tired. Inocente with a knee. Zwicker trying for the takedown. Push kick by Inocente. Spinning back fist by Zwicker blocked. Zwicker blocked it. Hard low kick by Inocente and another. Zwicker bleeding from the nose. Body kick by Inocente and head kick. Inocente with a head kick, hard knee and body kick. Zwicker really tired. Zwicker with a back suplex and and landing punches on the ground. Low kick by Inocente as he got up. Crowd gave this a big hand, really good round. 10-9 Inocente

Second round: Zwicker out swinging. Zwicker took him down. Inocente tried a triangle. Zwicker landed a right cross as they both got up. Now Inocente picking him apart with punches. Knee by Inocente and a hard low kick. Zwicker missed a spinning backfist. Both traded punches to the jaw. Zwicker caught his kick and tried for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Inocente with a takedown. Knee to the body and punches as Zwicker got up. Vicious spinning punch by Inocente and push kick followed. Superman punch landed by Zwicker. Both landed knees from close range, Inocente’s was stronger. Hard kick by Inocente. Inocente went for a takedown but Zwicker blocked and got his back. . Inocente back up. Low kick by Inocente. Zwicker so tired he walked into the cage. Knee by Inocente. Super slow spinning backfist by Zwicker but it landed. Zwicker tried a takedown but not getting it. Inocente thought the round was over and started walking away and Zwicker was so tired he didn’t go after him until it hit him what was happening and then he rushed but couldn’t take him down. Inocente’s round so 20-18.

Third round: Inocente landing knees and Zwicker going for a takedown but can’t get it. Inocente with a spinning backfist and a right. Front kick by Inocente. Zwicker caught the foot but couldn’t take him down. Knee in the clinch by Inocente. Another knee. Kick to the head by Inocente. Body kick by Inocente. Jabs by Inocente. Zwicker with a spinning punch landed and landed a few more punches. Inocente landed a few back. Low kick by Inocente. Flying knee by Inocente. Zwicker moving in trying to lande Crowd gave both men a standing ovation. This was the very definition of a slobberknocker. 30-27 Inocente.

Scores: 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 Inocente. Crowd booed because they really liked Zwicker, who in a sense is too tough for his own good in the long-term, but no way he won this fight.


First round: JZ took him down and controlling him. Villie-Flagg up. Head kick by JZ didn’t land solid. In a clinch against the fence. Knee by Villie-Flagg. Hard low kick by JZ. Flying knee by Vallie-Flagg. JZ back with an uppercut. Body kick by Vallie-Flagg. Vicious head kick by JZ. Villie-Flagg with a flying knee right back. JZ threw a kick, missed and slipped to the ground. JZ is pissed at this guy. Cavalcante 10-9.

Second round: JZ took him down to start the round. Body shots by JZ. Vallie-Flagg landed a hard head kick. Vallie-Flagg followed with a knee. Right landed by JZ. Now a left landed. Vallie-Flagg bleeding. Front kick by Vallie-Flagg. JZ landed an uppercut. Flying knee by Vallie-Flagg. Both landing good shots. Vallie-Flagg hurt him with punches and JZ tried and couldn’t get a takedown. Vallie-Flagg’s round so we’re even at 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: JZ tried a takedown but couldn’t get it. Vallie-Flagg has him against the fence. Vallie-Flagg landed two elbows. Now against the fence Vallie-Flagg throwing knees to the thigh. Elbows by Vallie-Flagg off the clinch. Left and a push kick by Vallie-Flagg. JZ back with a punch. Vallie-Flagg keeps landing elbows from short range against the fence. Vallie-Flagg continues to land. Elbow by Vallie-Flagg and several punches landing. Now Vallie-Flagg landing to the body. JZ back witha hard right but he’s tired. Vallie-Flagg with another elbow. JZ pushed him against the fence but Vallie-Flagg reversed position and landed an elbow. Punches from close range by Vallie-Flagg and now body punches. Good right and a flying knee by Vallie-Flagg. JZ tired and not moving. He threw a kick but it was slow. Vallie-Flagg landing a lot of punches late. JZ tried to throw a punch late but he ref stopped him and nearly got hit. Vallie-Flagg’s round, should win 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 JZ, 29-28 Vallie-Flagg, 29-28 Vallie-Flagg. Came out okay. There is no way JZ won this fight.


First round: Burrrell wearing pink and black. Burrell landed a few. Knee by Spang. Spang landed a quick left. Burell’s landing more back. Spang decked with a left, knees and punches and has Burrell in trouble. 2 hard knees. Spang trying to finsh, 3 more hard knees, 5 more knees, 2 more knees and more punches. Burrell hurting but still up. 2 more knee and more punches. Burrell went down and ref Josh Rosenthal stopped it. I’m glad he did. I was scared about Burrell not going down from that punishment. 1:35

They showed stars at ringside.  Ronda Rousey got as big a reaction if not bigger than Cain, and definitely bigger than Herschel.  I wouldn't have believed it.  Not as big as Gina Carano used to get though.


First round: Kyle got a big reaction. Feijao got the jump on him, knocked him down with a sick knee and throwing a million punches on the ground., now has Kyle in a guillotine. Kyle tired a sidewalk slam to get out of it but Feijao kept it on and Kyle had to tap.  :33

Looks like Feijao vs. Gegard Mousasi is coming for the light heavyweight title.


A lot of boos for Thomson. Crowd super hot for this. Melendez got a lot of boos as well. Very much a split crowd. Melendez got a louder reaction but hard to tell who was more popular, almost a 50-50 split.

First round: Gilbert chant , Thomson threw him down but let him up. Thomson with a knee. Both swinging and Thomson hit the knee. Melendez went for the takedown and put Thomson on his back. Thomson back to his feet. Melendez landed a hard knee to the body. Melendez with a right. Thomson with a knee to the body. Both throwing and Thomson landing better. Push kick by Thomson. Melendez landed a pawing left. Thomson landed high kick. Thomson tried a body kick, but got taken down. Close round, Thomson got the better of the stand-up but Melendez got the two takedowns. Melendez 10-9.

Second round: Both swinging as the round started but neither landed big. Melendez went for the takedown but Thomson blocked it. High kick by Thomson. Melendez landed a few body shots. Melendez landed a right. Thomson moved in with punches. Melendez landed a three punch combo. Thomson got a finger in his right eye which hurt him. Both swinging wildly and Melendez getting the better of it. Thomson’s left eye looking bad. Melendez landing punches and slammed Thomson down hard. Melendez landing a lot of hard punches and Thomson was getting up. Thomson went for a takedown and Melendez throwing elbows. Melendez up 20-18.

Third round: High kick by Thomson but didn’t land strong. Another high kick by Thomson but it was blocked. Left and right by Melendez. Melendez moved in for a takedown. Thomson blocked it. Melendez landed hard punches. Thomson back landing punches and now he’s going for a takedown. Melendez landing a lot of punches. Uppercut by Thomson but Melendez back. Uppercut by Melendez. Thomson threw him down but Melendez back up. Good right uppercut by Melendez. Body shot by Melendez. About five uppercuts by Melendez. Both swinging and trading. Another eye poke into the right eye. Knee by Thomson. Left hook by Melendez. Thomson went for a takedown and didn’t get it. Push kick by Thomson. Melendez’s right eye looks bad. Thomson landed several punches. Closer round but still have to go with Melendez so he’s up 30-27.

Fourth round: Thomson landed a high kick. Melendez mnoved in and landed a right. Thomson with a right and high kick. Another right landed and and another landed by Thomson. Melendez shot in and slammed Thomson down to break his momentum. Thomson back to his feet. Both of Melendez’s eyes look bad. Thomson smiling. I think he just likes to be part of a great fight. Melendez with a right hook and uppercut. Melendez again trying to move in for the takedown. Thomson with a takedown and the place exploded. Thomson riding him and got his back. Thomson is working for a choke. Melendez defending well. Melendez out and Thomson trying to get it back on. Melendez out again. Melendez tried to use the fence to get him off. Thomson kept his back until the end of the round. Thomson’s round for sure. Plac going nuts. This is a hell of a fight. 39-37 Melendez ahead though.

Fifth round: Place going huts. Thomson landed a jab. Gilbert chant. Melendez with a jab. Thomson chant. Both traded punches. Melendez shot in and took Thomson down and he’s going crazy on him. Thomson back up. Thomson landed a right. Melendez with an uppercut. Thomson landed a right and another right. Both landing but Thomson getting the better of it. Body kick by Thomson. Thomson with a three punch combo and a body kick. Thomson with a takedown attempt but Melendez landed a knee. Another eye poke. Hooks by Melendez. Thomson back with punches and and knees and Melendez back. Both just standing and trading. This fight is so awesome. Thomson chants loud. Melendez went for a takedown, Thomson blocked and landed a knee. Thomson with several more punches. Thomson took him down. Melendez punching from the bottom. Thomson’s round 48-47 Melendez on my scorecard, but 2 rounds were close and both of them I gave to Melendez. Either can win. A match of the year candidate.

Split decision, 48-47 Thomson, 48-47 Melendez Crowd clearly for Thomson 48-47 Melendez. Crowd really upset. There really needs to be a fourth match.


First round: Barnett booed but not loudly. Clearly to these fans the main event was the last match and the crowd burned out from exhaustion at this point. Body kick by Barnett. Barnett landed a left. Punch and low kick by Cormier. Cormier landed several punches. High kick by Cormier. Punches and knee by Cormier. Cormier has improved tremendously. Cormier landing more punches. Barnett with a knee in the clunch. Cormier hurt him with body punches. Barnett with a knee to the body. Cormier with more punches. Knee to the body by Barnett. Barnett landed two hard punches but Cormier landing a lot more. In a clinch now . Both trading knees. Cormier landing punches and a few uppercuts. Two lefts by Cormier. Barnett with a low kick. Cormeir is now looking for a takedown. Barnett in a clinch and thrown off. Cromier with body and head punches. Cormier hurt him with a right. Barnett’s face is marked. Cormier landed again. Low kick by Cormier. In a clinch . Knee by Cormier. Cormier landing more solid punches. Body kick by Cormier. Barnett hurt him bad with a punch. Barnett tried a takedown but Cormier blocked it. Cormier 10-9

Second round: Low kick by Barnett. Cormier landed a three punch combo. More punches by Cormier. Trading punches. Barnett with a body kick. Barnett getting the better of the punching exchanges now. Cormier back with punches. Both trading. Barnett hurt him with a knee. Barnett with an overhand right. Cormier win with a series of punches. This is a awfully high paced workrate for heavyweights. Low kick by Barnett. Back in a clinch and Cormier landed a punch. Hard body punch by Cormier. Cormier took him down which tells me he’s tired. Barnet defending well off his back. Barnett working for an armbar but Cormier out and threw some punches. Barnett working for an ambar and a leglock. Cormier escaped. Barnett bleeding. Cormier landed a few punches from the top at the end of the round. Cormier’s round 20-18.

Third round: Cormier landed a few, particularly a hard right. Barnett moved in with a punch and going for a takedown. Cormier blocking the takedown. Uppercut by Barnett. Cormier really tired now. Cormier landed solid shots. Barnett landed a good right. Barnett sees Cormier is tired, but Cormier stopped him with a high bodyslam onto his back. Cormier landed in side control. Barnett back to his feet. Barnett bleeding under both eyes. Cormier landed more punches. Head kick by Barnett. Cormier with more punches. Barnett went for a kick. Cormier went for a takedown but Barnett blocked. Cormier landed a head kick. Cormier with punches and a knee. Barent was in the most trouble he’s been in in yeras. Now Barnett firing back. Now Cormier back. Cormier got behind him. Cormier’s round for sure so 30-27.

Fourth round: Barnett with punches and a knee to the body. Cormier landed a left. Barnett’s right eye is starting to swell shut. Barnett landed a right and a knee in the clinch. Cormier with several punches. Head kick by Cormier blocked but a second one landed. Knee by Barnett. Spinning backfist by Barnett missed. Two punches landed solidly by Barnett. Cormier back with two punches and going for a takedown and got Barnett down. Barnett working for a leglock and Cormier escaped. Crowd went crazy for that. The ref ordered a standup with 30 seconds left. Barnett with a knee from the clinch. Cormier 40-36. Barnett needs a finish to win.

Fifth round: Body kick by Barnett. Barnett moved in with a knee. Barnett drove him into the fence. Barnett with an elbow and knee and another elbow. DC chant. Traded body kicks. Barnett landed a left. Barnett in with a kick and punch. Cormier landed a solid shot to the head. Cormier got the takedown. Barnett back up. Cormier tried a suplex but Barnett blocked it. Cormier held him against the fence. He was just killing the clock. Now he’s dancing away to run out the clock. Barnett’s round although could go the other way, 49-46 Cormier

Scores: 49-46, 50-45 and 50-45 Cormier

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