First batch of Over the Limit feedback

Thumbs up.
Best Match: CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan
Worst Match: John Cena vs. Johnny Ace
Overall a solid show with two excellent World Title matches.  The Punk-Bryan match was fantastic and is for me the best match of 2012 thus far.  I'm hoping the less-than-decisive finish will necessitate a rematch.  This was the reason I ordered this show and it did not disappoint.  It's been great to see Bryan finally get to show off his talents on a WWE PPV the last two months.
The 4-way match was also extremely entertaining and full of great near-falls.  I was glad to see Sheamus retain as I think they can still save his Title run. 
Two of the midcard matches also delivered, the Tag Title match and the I-C match.  Good stuff there - I'm still waiting for WWE to rebuild the tag division, and having Kofi/Truth work an extended program with Ziggler/Swagger would be a terrific start.
Christian-Cody should be a good I-C feud.  Personally I would've had Christian win by DQ to set up a rematch where he'd win the title.  But as long as they keep this feud going I'm ok with it.
John vs. Johnny was pointless and had no business closing the show.  I figured Big Show would come out and turn on Cena.  If this leads to a Cena-Show feud I'm fine with that - it's certainly better than the Cena-Tensai alternative.  Show should be a good killer heel.
How sad is it that Miz is jobbing to Brodus Clay in squash matches?  Can we end this Clay experiment?  This character screams midcard comedy act and crushing all the good midcard heels doesn't help anyone.
This Ry-berg thing either needs to end or we need to see him against a real opponent to see if he can actually wrestle.  The fact that his whole schtick is nearly identical to Golberg's doesn't do him any favors.  He just comes off as a cheap clone.
I watched the show with a bunch of friends and we all split the cost as we usually do.  I felt like I got my money's worth.  It was no Extreme Rules but the Punk-Bryan match was the one I wanted to see and it lived up to my expectations.  So thumbs up.
-Justin Ballard
Boston, MA

WWE Over the Limit: Thumbs Up
Best Match: Punk vs. Bryan
Worst Match: Cena vs. Big Johnny
Weird that they started the show in progress for a pay per view.  Battle Royal was the typical nothing special match with absolutely everybody that nobody cares about with a few exceptions.  Where was Justin Gabriel?  Is he hurt?  Glad to see Christian win, but someday it would be nice if they used this type of match to put someone new in the mix.  Tag Team Title match was very good.  Lots of action and those guys all worked hard.  Nice finish.  Just wish they would push the tag title division so it would actually seem important.  Divas match was alright.  They gave them more time than usual, but no one is into Layla.  Just put the title back on Phoenix and set up the program with Kharma.  Fatal Four Way for the World Title was very good.  Lots of good near falls in this one.  I really enjoyed it.  Miz vs. Brodus was a big waste of time.  I hate when they bring back people from a Battle Royal who lost and has no momentum and then he has a nothing match and loses again.  Up to this point this was my least favorite match of the show.  These filler matches on pay per view make you feel like you are watching a three hour Raw (oh wait, never mind that is another discussion).  Christian vs. Rhodes was good, although again I hate when they do these heel to face turns that nobody knows about.  Remember when they used to build these things up and you actually cared when it happened?  I guess we will be getting a bunch of Christian vs. Cody matches on Raw, Smackdown, and pay per view for the next several months.  Punk vs. Bryan was excellent.  What a great match.  This made it a thumbs up show.  Would love to see these guys work against each other in a series of matches.  How about an iron man match?  Oh here comes another filler match with Ryback vs. Camacho.  Lilian has regressed as a ring announcer.  She also announced Sheamus' weight incorrectly earlier.  I still don't care about Ryback at all.  The only thing I would be interested in is if at the end of all of this, Goldberg were to come back and run him over.  Main Event was terrible.  I knew it wouldn't really be a match, but I still didn't care for it.  If the guy running the company's job is up for grabs and all they do is joke about the whole thing?  Plus if you were Cena wouldn't you beat the guy quick so he can be fired and then you can make fun of him after?  Show coming out was no surprise at all.  The expected swerve finish by Big Show.  Why would Show help Johnny?  Even if he promised him a new contract this makes no sense at all.  Show could have helped Cena win and then whoever was in charge would have likely rehired Big Show, in fact none of this makes sense anyway since Triple H could have gone over Johnny's head anyway and the members of the WWE Board must be the dumbest people in the entire world based on every decision they make.  Oh well this ranting could go on for a while so overall a thumbs up with a couple of really good to excellent Title matches.

Robb Block

Overall Thumbs Up
Best Match: Punk/Bryan
Worst Match: Cena/Big Johnny

I thought Over the Limit had a lot of solid action and the two world title matches that were expected to deliver were given enough time and had lots of action, so I give this show a thumbs up. The last match, however, left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't object to the booking everyone predicted because logical booking is significantly better than the WWE's "try to surprise everyone by having things not make sense" style. But the match was so long and boring. I felt bad for Laurinaitus after a while as Cena went from to superior athlete to downright bully. Also, why wouldn't Big Show have come out much much earlier to save Johnny or during the multiple times Cena could have pinned him. Did Big Show just count on Cena's hubris to get the better of him?

Enough dwelling on the negative. I thought Punk/Bryan delivered an amazing match filled with all sorts of nifty holds and counters you don't see on most shows. The end was clever to keep the program going as well. The World TItle Four Way was also well worked and not dull. I am glad to see Christian back and working as a face too.

Justin McClelland

this was a one match show for me Punk vs Bryan , everything else was filler and I knew that going in. Cena has pinned Big Show at Two Wrestlemanias and for months Cody reminded us how Big Show is a loser. No one cares about Cena vs Show. I think the family of Cena fans in the front row were the only people in the whole universe surprised by the end of the ppv. Good for what I expected.
Mike Heunemann

Hi Dave and Bryan !
Thumbs in the middle : Punk and Bryan were gold. It was a pretty much transitional ppv as i dont think we'll see more punk/bryan and the World title 4way will come down to Orton and Sheamus now. A little great (punk/bryan) and mostly OK besides that.
Over the Limit 2012
 no not the Jon Jones accident story.
Not sure how they can really follow Extreme Rules but here goes nothing :
Battle RoyalforIC or US title shot :
Christians back ! OK he has to win right ? Regal is in ther too. Miz.
8 minutes in i realize Otunga is in this too. Cody isnt involved with Big Show anymore so Christian must win ?
Christain wins and picks Santino ? OK not the obvious.
Jerry Lawler's shirt is very King worthy.
Jack and Dolph vs Truth and Kofi for the Tag belts :
 Nice match Kofi gets hot tag then back and forth spots and champs retain.
Divas match:
Talked on the phone perfect timing .
4 way for World Title :
Awesome last 7 minutes or so.
Christian changes his mind will face Cody.
Plug for Over the Limit theme song. Man they dont pick good songs as often as they did the past few years.
Miz challenges Brodus Clay to a dance off ?
Miz does a few moves.
Clay comes out. His same old entrance.
I have just figured out that Vince must be a huge mark for this. Its gotten as stale as
O wait this is a match.
Clay's singlet looks like one Akebono wore a couple of years ago.
The only redeeming quality about the Brodus Clay character for me right now is his big splash as a finisher.And the girls make noise to seem like they care during his matches.1/2*
Clay has improved even though hes not a natural babyface hes finally adapting somewhat.
Christian vs Cody IC belt :
Christian wins. Short and simple . Nice.
AJ is such a good "ringrat"
CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan WWE title :
Excellent first ten minutes or so. ALOT of stretching in this so far.
Punk wins with a near double finish tap/pin. Very good stuff.
Rybck vs Camacho?
Did Michael Cole said Ryback power cleans 670 ?
Ryback needs a monster to feud with.
 Cena vs Big Johnny :
Better than i thought .
For what it was supposed to be it was good. I dont really care about the evil GM stuff any more . But the begining of the match had a nice feel kind of like "if babyface wins he gets 10 minutes with heel manager".
Could of done without the water and fire extinguisher but i suppose thats is partially due to PG.
Wish Bigshow would of slamed and destroyed Cena with several moves but i guess hes going to be the silent body guard merc type heel for now. The Big Show punch is over i guess but it should be a 3rd or 4th move at this point.
Samuel Adams

Hi Dave

Best Match: Punk vs. Bryan

Worst Match:  Beth vs. Layla

Watched this show with 22 people since a few of them brought their kids for the show and this will probably happen more since School is starting to wind down.  The kids really enjoyed the show but when I was a kid I loved every show as well.  A late 4 year old me thought Wrestlemania 4 was amazing.  The announcing may have been some of the worst I have seen in years.  Jerry Lawler is unbearable, I cannot imagine he even cares anymore.  Show was okay, not great by any means but not particularly bad either.

Missed the youtube match preparing food for everyone, imagine it wasn't much.

The Battle Royal was fine, not necessarily good, a lot of times I said “Oh that guy still works here.” But it was fine for what it was.

Truth/Kofi vs Dolph/Swagger was a good match, I am a fan of spotfests (two per show at most) so this kind of match fits me well.  I thought all four worked well together, Dolph still does the best bumps in the WWE.  I remember thinking that about Curt Hennig back in the AWA days, how he takes great bumps but isn’t too over the top.  This match was really about Dolph and Kofi making it better than average but Swagger and Truth did what they could to try and not fall too far behind.  Good stuff.

The Divas match was horrible, they had plenty of time and it was just beyond boring to watch.  The kids watching were bored during this match and most of the time they are glued to the screen.  Both worked hard, but it was too long and the ending sort of just happened.  Don’t want to see that match again.

The four way title match was slow but picked up at the end.  It was a by the book 4 way WWE match. The match picked up at a point where guys kept hitting their finishers which is commonplace in these matches now but it gets the crowd cheering.  It got to the point where guys were hitting their finisher 3-4 times, then used finishers and not getting the pin.  All the nearfalls made it a pretty decent match.  I see this in almost every 4 way match so eventually it kind of loses its effectiveness of making me get more into it but the match was good.  The kids were very into it and thought it was great.  Not going to miss Jericho, his return has been horrible.  Not that he always lost, he just didn’t have really good matches and his promos were way below his standards.

Miz vs Brodus was so bad the announcers were going off on other topics and not the later matches you know building them up and such.  This match was boring, the fans didn’t care, the announcers didn’t care and neither did I nor anyone else here watching.  The kids didn’t seem that into Brodus and they are all around the age of 6-8.

Christina vs Cody was average, not necessarily bad but not good or great in any way.  Both worked hard and I am sure they can have a better match if given the opportunity.  Match was okay.

Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk was very good but I wouldn’t say it was great.  I was fine with the finish of this match, it sets up a rematch and I would like to see one.  People in the room were marking out at this but some of the people here would mark out if they had a remake of a 1989 Andre the Giant style match.  I think if they have another match it will be better, this match was not an instant classic, so Punk was right in his promo.  Still very good, but I am sure they would have a better match if they had another.  In terms of a star rating I would say ***3/4 for this one.  If the crowd was hotter it may have helped too.

Ryberg vs. Camacho or Hunico or whoever was what it was.  Didn’t care but it probably did what it was supposed to do.

Cena vs. Ace was ummm well funny in a sense but it wasn’t really good in any way.  I remember seeing shows where the card was okay even good but the main event sucked and brought the whole show down.  This was what happened here.  I was fine with the idea, just not to end a PPV that we as a group paid for.  I guess this is the best of what they could do with this as the main event but then it brings the question why book this as the main event.  Show was still a thumbs in the middle.  Not bad but two very good matches does not make up for a main event which was bad along with everything else being bland at best.

Keep up the great work guys. Hoping for more Big Audio Nightmare Hockey talk in the future.

-Ryan McDeed

Thumbs Up
Best match: Punk v. Bryan
Worst: Ryback v. Camacho
Good show overall.  I know many don't care for Johnny Ace's character, but he strikes me as a funny heel.  But I can't help but wonder just how smart of a booking decision it was to put this match up to begin with, since many fans yearn for Ace to go away.  (I don't.  I think he's funny.)  Whatever the case, the ending was cleverly booked with the Big Show, and I suppose the idea now is to get Big Show's justification.  On the surface, it would make most sense for Show to claim coercion on part of Ace.  Who knows. 
Bryan and Punk pulled an excellent match, and I rate that as 4 3/4 stars.  As much as I wanted to see Bryan win since his work is so aggressive, crisp, and just aesthetically pleasing to watch, it is the right move for Punk to win.  Bryan has many, many more years in the WWE.  He has time.  That guy is insanely charismatic because he _believes_ in his own act.  That is an absolute necessary and sufficient condition for any guy to get over as a serious player.
For the rest, the battle royal was a whatever way to start the show (not bad but not good either since the winner almost always loses later on).  I guess Christian is a face now.  Something tells me he is way better as a prickish heel.  Cody Rhodes is very talented, and I think the WWE should be very careful about having Cody Rhodes (and Ziggler, for that matter) jobbing too often.  It is my belief that there should always be 2-3 times more credible heels than top faces on any given roster.  That is, of course, not always possible, but it would be best to attempt that.  WWE needs heels. 
They need to figure out a more efficient way to use Ziggler, but maybe it is not best for him to be pushed on top at the moment for fear that he'll get lost in the shuffle.  That dude is gold, and the tag match was sweet.  The women's match was a whatever - not bad but not good either.  The Fatal Four Way was a typical one: good to great with a lot of false finishes; the right guy won.  Ryback is impressive, though they need to be careful and not make his push feel contrived. 
I think one problem the WWE has is not allowing for things to develop organically.  They can't just replicate Goldberg because no one can out-Goldberg Goldberg (or out-Warrior Warrior, or out-Hogan Hogan).  They need their own acts.  That's why Daniel Bryan is so unique and is getting over so well.  He has his own style and personality.  He's not really anything like Chris Benoit, and he's nothing like Rey Mysterio, though he has the crispness of the latter and some moves of the former.  Fans hate nothing more than copycats.  Really - and the following is criticism that has been leveled against the WWE for years - they just need to listen to the fans as they're the ones who determine what is and is not contrived.  With Bryan, they listened.  Good. 
Concerning Brodus Clay, I'm sort of speechless with him because it is just not clear to me what they're trying to do with him.  Clay would be more efficiently used by being put into feuds that test his character than just squashing midcarders while fans all know he won't be much in the main event in the long-term.  He's just another one of those 1999-2000 two-year gimmicks, and the WWE should confront that problem and avoid those pitfalls by booking intelligently.
Good PPV.  Better than the Rumble, better than No Way Out, and behind both Wrestlemania and Extreme Rulez by a country mile. 
Nell Santucci

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