More feedback from Over the Limit and Strikeforce

Thumbs up
Best Match CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan
Worst Match John Cena vs John Lauranitis
Very good ppv for the most part Punk vs Bryan was awesome and the four way was really good too and what can I say im a battle royal mark give me one of them and im usually happy. Only drawback was the Cena comedy main event, I just have no interest. I knew it would suck and it did but whatever rest of the card made up for it.
Wade Haugen

Great PPV!!
Best Match - 4 Way
Worst Match Clay v Miz
Battle Royal- It was the typical cluster.Loved the crowd booing Regal getting eliminated. He needs one last big push before he gives it up.
Tag Title- Good,but not as good in my opinion as it shouldve been.Dont help that nobody cares about the tag titles and probably never will as long as Vinnie Mac is still around.And on a side note,please fire Lawler.
Divas Title-Not bad,couldve been really good if given time. No Kharma again?
4 Way for World Title-Super match. All 4 were great. Even ref Charles Robinson tweeted about how good all 4 guys did. And it looks like theyre building to a Orton v Sheamus feud. I like that.Orton especially was awesome tonight. The crowd really wanted him to win it seemed more than any of the others. Great work by all.
Clay v Miz-How the mighty have fallen. But Miz really(really)has nobody to blame but himself. Hes hasnt improved his in ring work one bit,hasnt done one new move in who knows how long,still has that doughy physique and Faux Hawk hairdo.Terrible match.
Rhodes v Christian US Title- So now Christian's a face? Good.S-Down needs some top faces badly.He always got cheered anyway.Who'd Cody tick off? Good match.
Bryan v Punk- Great as expected but as Dave said,it wasnt a MOTY candidate. Im sick of Punk. He sucks as a face and is a natural heel. Bryan was great.
Goldberg Jr. v Camacho- Next. As in "Who's Next?"
Cena v Lauriniatis- What a shocking ending huh?  Nobody called that one! So we get to hear more of Big Johnny screwing up the English language a bit longer now.Oh joy.
Matt Tyson

Hi Dave,
I was at the PNC Arena tonight for the PPV, and here are my live thoughts.
Building was about 85-90% full, hard camera side had many seats
missing. Hard camera view was mostly full. Nosebleed seats were all
tapered up.
Building wasn't even half full for Ryder and Kane. Crowd was big into
Ryder and also the finish.
The live crowd popped huge for Regals appearance in the battle royal.
Quite a few gave him a standing ovation. Big "Regal" chants as well
and strong boos when he was eliminated.  Surprisingly, Drew McIntyre
got a massive cheer too.  Also a big face reaction for Christian which
I wasn't expecting. People were laughing at Darren Young botching his
own elimination. Again, the crowd were totally into the finish.
I couldn't hear Vickie she was being booed so loud. Tag title match
was probably the match with the most heat that wasn't a main event.
Fun match to witness. They need to push Kofi harder. He connects with
the crowd and moves so slick.
Layla vs Beth made the crowd dead. From what I read online, most
people thought the crowd sounded dead on TV. Couldn't agree more for
this match. No one was interested and many went off to get
refreshments and food. The attempted press slam got some cheers
though. Big "we want Kharma" chants too.
The crowd were totally into the 4 way. Probably the second most heated
match of the show. Jericho was well received, as was Orton. Sheamus is
definitely losing popularity as a face. No boos, but not a strong face
reaction. Several faint "this is awesome" chants towards the end. The
crowd seemed a little disappointed that Sheamus won. Think they wanted
a Jericho or Orton victory.
The crowd were quite tired after that match, and so Miz got a pretty
dead reaction. But given how he's being booked, I'm not surprised.
Last time he was here, it was Draft night 2011 and he was receiving
vicious boos. How times have changed. He tried to get the crowd to boo
him but not to much avail. His dancing got a few laughs but not much
else. Brodus also didn't get a huge reaction initially, and based on
what I read, it was a loud reaction on TV. Maybe I wasn't paying
attention but it wasn't that much by my estimation. Perhaps it was
piped in? Crowd didn't really enjoy this match and were tired.
Cody got basically no reaction either. Even him insulating the
Carolina's didn't get him any extra heat. Guess the crowd here don't
care about him. At this point I was also just wanting to see Punk and
Bryan, and that's probably how everyone else felt. Christian got more
of a face reaction than you reported, and they popped big time for his
Lots of laughs for Punks Vince impression. And then the match itself.
Best match I've ever witnessed live. The crowd finally woke up, and
the chants were near deafening at times. I think a lot of people were
expecting AJ to come out. Some crazy chants happening in the venue.
Dueling Punk/Bryan chants, yes/no chants, a Colt Cabana chant, and I
even heard some chants for Kenta and RoH. And a This is Awesome chant
too of course, which I haven't heard at a WWE event in Raleigh in a
while, if ever in fact. Didn't know Raleigh had so many Indie fans.
Anyway, this was just a joy to watch live. A total clinic. Finish felt
a little flat though.
Rybacks pyro didn't go off properly. Got some Goldberg chants but they
weren't strong. Again, a bore match that no one was interested in.
Then finally, the Cena-Lauriniatis match. Even people in my section
who seemed like casual fans knew Show was turning heel here. The crowd
was dead during the part where Cena and Laurinaitis were talking to
each other through the announcers headsets. They needed to put their
feed on the arena PA so the crowd could have acted accordingly, cause
I heard after it was hilarious.
The finish, I and I'm sure many others saw a million miles away.
People were actually leaving after the KO punch and once the pinfall
happened they were leaving in droves. They were not happy. Usually
people hang around for the dark match but they just left right away.
As for the crowd, they didn't seem totally into this match. Only got
more alive when Show came out.
Pops of the night - CM Punk, Orton
Boos of the night - Laurinaitis in all appearing segments
That's my live report!
Iain Watt

Strikeforce: Thumbs up
Best Fight: Melendez vs. Thomson
Good fight, but not in the way Mauro Ranallo was calling it, wich was like the best fight of all time. I know it is his job, but it felt like a little exagerated. I do like his pro wrestling references during the main event. Speaking of the Main event. Both fighters deserve a lot of credit because usually heavyweights bouts only last less than one round and they were able to stand there for 5 rounds with a lot of action. I think it was a star making performance for Cormier and Barnett was good like always. Cormier reaction after winning was priceless.
Over the Limit: Thumbs in the middle
Best Match: Punk vs. Bryan.
Excelent match with both guys looking great hold by hold, the crowd was really into it and that was impressive since the build up to the match wasn't that special. Hope this performance and crowd reaction led to more matches between the two. The result indicates they will. WWE should take note of this match and try to make everything else a little like this!
Second best match was the 4 way. The Tag Team and IC title matchs were decent. The Divas was above average. Everything else was crap.
Worst Match: Lauranaitis vs. Cena.
Boring, stupid and predictable. Yes, we sometimes complaint about WWE trying to be too much unpredictable  and make a mess of the simple of storylines (like with Lesnar, but with so many others over the years); but today the only way this match could have been saved was by actually come with some real screwjob and they didnt make it. This match really is an early candidate of worst match of the year. 
Really looking foward for the star ratings of this show.
Leonardo II
San Sebastian, PR
WWE Over The Limit feedback
Best Match: Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk
Worst Match: John Cena vs John Laurinitis
I really enjoyed both world title matches tonight and thought Bryan vs Punk was great stuff. It actually feels like the first match in a strong three-match series, which is what I hope it is as they could do a great job in the world title spots at the next two ppv's, especially Money In The Bank. And Sheamus came off really well in his victory.
I thought the Intercontinental and tag title matches were good but the Cena vs Laurinitis match was attrocious to me and almost made the show thumbs in the middle or thumbs down. How WWE could go from such a credible main event three weeks ago to this is beyond me. And why they would so is unclear as I can't see that this match would have been a draw, it was not good and it does not build to anything. It should be noted that there was quite a bit less people in the theatre I went to than last show, thus demonstrating that John Laurinitis is less of a draw than Brock Lesnar.
Dave Musgrave
Markham, Ontario

Best Match: Punk vs. Bryan
Worst Match: Cena vs. Laurinitis

Overall I'd give the show a thumbs up. Thought that most matches ended up going pretty well. The opening tag match and the fatal 4 way especially picked up at the end and even the women's match was ok. My two biggest complaints with the show was that as great at the Punk/Bryan match was, the ending just felt so flat to was really starting to get awesome and  while the finish was executed well, the match seemed like it ended too early. Did we really need to cut that short to see a cheap Goldberg ripoff squash some geek in a 3 minute nothing match? (Probably not) Admittedly, while I laughed at a few spots during the main event, the question I kept asking the group of friends I was watching the PPV with was "who the hell would pay 50 bucks for this?" (since we were watching at a sports bar, we only had to pay for our food.) Maybe this is preaching to the choir of "internet geeks"...but to me it just sucks that Punk and Bryan busted their ass off in a great match, only to be followed up by a three stooges routine with John Cena that would have been ok for a big raw show or something, but felt like a complete waste on PPV.

Also, although I think he's a hell of a performer, I wish Dolph Ziggler would quit taking stupid bumps. How he hasn't gotten seriously injured yet is beyond me, but the dude must have a death wish.

Rob Lamka
Columbus, OH

Over the limit
Oh man what a shitty ppv!
Seriously, why hasnt Dolph Ziggler been given a huge push yet?!?!
And who has the miz pissed off?
The cm punk bryan match was very good! Innovative spots.  It was nice to see a wwe match break away from the cookie cutter mold spots that have become so predictible over the years.
Rob Van Rayback vs WWE's LAX.
Ugh ... at least his tights looked cool.  Whats with the nexus looking arm bands?
The bicycle took a better bump than john laurantis did.
Main event?? Brutal!
This was supposed to be a comedy match?  Where was the comedy?
Whatever happened to the title being significant?
Was there ever a time when Hogan, Austin, Michaels, Hart would ever let the title not be in the mainevent?
And wwe wonders why ratings and ppv buy rates are on a decline when they put on a shit show like this.
WCW Clash of the champions looks cool!
Patrick Doucette.


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