Sonnen, Diaz short-term future to be decided today

Two of UFC's biggest stars, Chael Sonnen and Nick Diaz, will have key issues taken care of at today's Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing in Las Vegas.

Sonnen is petitioning for a testosterone use exemption going forward in the state, in specific for his 7/7 UFC middleweight title challenge to Anderson Silva.  Sonnen took the blood and urine tests for testosterone and other steroids last week as part of the approval process.  Nevada has only approved of three athletes to date for controversial TUE's, given to athletes whose own body's production of testosterone is dangerously low.  The Sonnen case is unique because Sonnen had claimed approval in Nevada when before the California commission, even though it wasn't true, and made up a conversation with Keith Kizer that never happened.

Nevada approved Sonnen's license to fight, feeling he had served out his punishment when his California suspension expired.  Sonnen has since fought in both Texas and Illinois.

Diaz has his hearing on his current suspension for testing positive for marijuana in a test taken right after his 2/4 fight in Las Vegas with Carlos Condit.  It was his second positive in the state.  The key is timing.  A six month suspension would allow him to headline as early as August against Condit, where a win would enable UFC to make Georges St. Pierre vs. Diaz, which would be among the biggest PPV events of the year.  A nine month or one year suspension would not allow that to happen.

Nick Diaz has been seen in the building.

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