Feedback to Over the Limit and Strikeforce

So I realise I give feedback way less than I should but thumbs way up. Best match Thompson-Melendez. No worst match as even the short ones were entertaining. Just a few thoughts:-
Thompson is (obviously) well over with his loss and a fourth fight really has to be booked.
Ranallo was excellent in calling the fight and his post-match pressing for te rematch.
Cormier may well be top five heavyweight but is so unmarketable. Not just in his look but his total lack of charisma and the running away at the end is almost Greg Jackson champion-esque in that it makes me want to spend zero dollars in seeing him ever fight.
Kind regards
Brian Cooper

Hi Dave,
Thumbs up
Best match: CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan
Worst match: John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis
Good show overall. I was pretty entertained throughout the entire show, and I never really felt like the show dragged.
1). Battle royal: You know, as soon as I saw all the guys in the ring, my girlfriend, who only watches wrestling with me when she's bored, says "Jesus, what a bunch of losers. It has to be either Christian or the Miz. Everyone else is goofy." Indeed.
2). R-Truth and Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger for the tag titles: I liked this match. Ziggler is really, really good. If they keep this feud going, it could be the start of revitalizing the tag team division, which I am all in favor of. ***
3). Layla vs. Beth Phoenix for the divas title: Perfectly acceptable. Layla has improved so much. *1/2
4). Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho vs. Alberto Del Rio in a fatal four way match for the world title: Really good match. It was clear during this match that Orton is over as an absolute superstar, Jericho and Del Rio are over as heels, and Sheamus is over as...well, nothing. And he's the champion. That being said, I loved the match, particularly the finishing sequence of big move after big move, leading to Sheamus getting the pin. Good stuff, but Orton should really be champion, based on crowd reactions. ***3/4
5). Brodus Clay vs. The Miz: Poor Miz. *
6). Cody Rhodes vs. Christian for the intercontinental title: It's funny. I was thinking earlier that "Why the Hell doesn't Christian challenge Rhodes? That match would guaranteed to be good." I was correct, although it wasn't as good as I was hoping. Still, Christian has always been such a great babyface, but for some reason, the guys in charge always want him as a heel (granted, he's a great heel as well, but the people love him). Nice to see him win a title. ***
7). CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE title. Fucking awesome match. I loved that the curb stomp made it's WWE debut. This feud must continue. Please. ****1/2
8). Ryback vs. Camacho: Goldberg pinned Steve McMichael with the Jackham... errrr, the Samoan drop. *
9). John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis: I didn't hate this as much as everyone else did. In fact, I didn't really hate it at all. I was amused by it, for the most part. Although, one thing nobody is mentioning: what a goddamn fucking idiot John Cena turned out to be. He released the STF twice when he could have won. It's the same thing that happens in a cage match, when the babyface has a chance to escape but does a big dive instead (Jeff Hardy vs. the Dudley Boyz at Survivor Series '01). Moron. No rating.
Ryan Thompson
Natick, MA
Thumbs Up Show!
Best Match: CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan
Worst Match: John Cena vs. Johnny Ace
Two quick thought: 1. I thought the commentary here was at its all time worst, except during the WWE Title match. 2. I also thought this show was better than Extreme Rules.
Except for the main event, I thought this was an awesome, awesome show. The tag match at the beginning of the show was a heck of a way to start things out. All four guys mesh really well in the ring together. The Fatal 4-Way match for the World Title was excellent as well. I thought they did an awesome job putting that one together. The Christian vs. Cody Rhodes match was very good as well.
And then there was CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan. Phenomenal match. Probably my match of the year so far. I liked it that much. The commentary was very good for this match, and the crowd was hot. Punk and Bryan did an excellent job doing things you usually don't see in WWE main event matches anymore. I just had so much fun watching this one.
One final thought: Fuck that main event.
Charles Humphreys

Overall: Thumbs up, but only because of Punk/Bryan and the four-way.  Otherwise, it would've been so-so at best.
Best match: Punk vs. Bryan
Worst match:  Ryback vs. Hunico.  Honorable mention to Beth vs. Layla

We attended this PPV live at the PNC Arena.  Arrived at the arena at 6:30 and parked literally 10 spaces or so from the front doors, walked about 20 steps, and was in line to get into the building. I've never gotten to park remotely that close without arriving about 6 hours early, so I took it as a telling sign.  Sure enough, once we got in, the entire upper deck was tarped off, plus there was a smattering of empty seats, especially on the hard camera side.  Not exactly "hanging from the rafters" as Monsoon used to say.
As for the show itself, the crowd was fairly lively except for the throwaway matches, the Divas match, and Cody/Christian.  
Cena got a HUGE pop and contrary to the last few months . . . er . . . years, 95% of the crowd was behind him.  The match was what it was and had the right finish plus some good comedy at times, but other than that, it had no business as the main event.
Punk/Bryan was all sorts of awesome and an easy ****1/2 live, and I'd love to see how it came across on TV.  And as good as Punk may be, Bryan made this match.  Excellent stuff and even though the finish was slightly confusing in the arena at first, the replay cleared it up and makes sense for a rematch.  These two can wrestle all summer and beyond as far as I'm concerned.  
The four-way was well worked.  Crowd was solidly behind Orton. Not much else to say about it, but that's not a bad thing.  Just what you'd expect from four solid workers.
Tag title match was good.  Cody/Christian was flat but they tried.  The rest was time filler and gave ample time for bathroom breaks and concession purchases. 

Eddie Sawyers

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