TNA files lawsuit against WWE and former employee

TNA filed suit against WWE and former employee Brian Wittenstein on a number of charges related to contract tampering.

The story in lists that the lawsuit claimed interference with existing contracts, conversion, breach of contract, civil conspiracy, unfair competition and violatoin of the Tennessee Uniform Trade Secrets Act.

The suit claims that Wittenstein, who worked for TNA and then moved to WWE, gave WWE inside information on TNA contracts.

Wittenstein was recently let go by WWE after he presented thenm with confidential contractual information about TNA talent.  But TNA claims WWE did not let them know about this until weeks late, claiming WWE told them on 5/7 that was why Wittenstein was let go.

TNA claims they used that information and have been in talks with Ric Flair, who approached TNA about getting out of his contract (so the stories of TNA firing Flair are not true, it was Flair who asked out of the deal).  They noted Flair is wanting to go to WWE, and said it was Flair no-showing all of his recent dates.  That also contradicts stories that TNA pulled him from those dates.

TNA filed for an injunction as well demanding WWE and Wittenstein return all confidential material Wittenstein had from his period working for TNA.

The filing of the lawsuit explains why both TNA and Flair had been quiet when it came to his no longer appearing for TNA over the past two weeks.

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