Johnson misses weight again

Anthony Johnson, fired by UFC after missing weight in his fight with Vitor Belfort, just missed weight today by ten pounds for his fight with David Branch for the Titan Fighting Championships tomorrow night in Kansas City.

The Johnson vs. Branch fight headlines a show that airs on HDNet.

Johnson reached a deal with Branch to give him $4,000 of his purse for Branch to agreed to the fight.

On 1/13, Johnson's body shut down cutting weight for a match the next day with Vitor Belfort in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  He ended up weighing 197 pounds for a fight in the 185 pound weight class, and lost in the first round.  He was then fired by UFC.  It was the third time he had missed weight in UFC, the previous two times fighting as a welterweight.

Johnson's weight frequently topped 220 pounds when he was fighting at 170.

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