UFC 146 live coverage from Las Vegas - Mir vs. Dos Santos, Cain vs. Bigfoot and Hardy returns


Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 146 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For those wondering, Brittney is going to have to go solo tonight in the ring girl duties.  Can you imagine the chants if this was the ECW Arena.  "Your partner is a jailbird" and stuff. 


First round: Pineda threw a kick, lost balance, but was right back up.  Pineda threw several punches but none landed. .  Brown cracked him with a punch.  Brown moving forward and landed.  Pineda dancing.  Pineda with a wild swing.   Uppercut and knee landed by Pineda and Brown charged and took him down.  Pineda reversed to the top.  Brown up and they are in a clinch. Brown landed a good right.  Hard low kick by Pineda.  Pineda with two punches and a front kick. Pineda went for a takedown but Brown reversed into a hiptoss and landed on top.  Brown threw some lefts, but not damaging, as time ran out.  Very close, Brown 10-9.

Second round: Pineda out fast with punches and a high kick.  Pineda then took Brown down.  Brown up and slammed Pineda down.  Pineda up and went for a leg lock but Brown on top.  Pineda with an awesome slow motion sweep.  Brown landed a left as he got up and knee.  Knees by Brown and a punch.  Brown hammering him with punches and knees.  Pineda missed a spin kick.  Pineda’s right eye is bleeding.  Spinning backfist by Pineda landed. Overhand right by Pineda.  Pienda went for a takedown, Brown blocked and on top.  Brown grinding his forearm against Pineda’s head.  Brwon dropped an elbow.  Brown is bleeding all over Pineda at this point.  Brown deep cut over the left eye.  Brown pounding on him as the round ended.  Brown’s round solid, 20-18.

Third round: Pineda with a low kick.  Brown with an uppercut and knee and Pineda went down.  Brown throwing a lot of punches trying to finish.  Brown throwing punches.  Brown kept busy on top but wasn’t really damaging him.  Pineda spun and got Brown’s back with 96 seconds left. Pineda working for a choke.  Brown defending.  Pineda with a figure four body triangle.  Pineda came on strong at the end.  The first and third rounds are close, Brown won two easily.  I have Brown 30-27 because he hurt Pineda worse early than Pineda late, but judges often favor the end
of the round. 

Scores: 29-28 across the board for Brown.


UFC has wanted Texeira for years but there have been complications and visa issues.

First round: These two didn’t even get ring intros as we’ve running tight on time.  Kingsbury’s physique doesn’t look nearly a freaky as a year ago.  Texeira landing good shots.  Kingsbury with a knee and a push kick.  Texeira rocking him with hard punches.  More hard punches by Texeira.  Kingsbury trIed a takedown, ended up on the bottom and Texeira giving him a beating from the mount.  Texeira trying to cut him with elbows.  Texeiera landed more shots and then locked on a head and arm choke and Kingsbury tapped.  Texiera looked super impressive here. 


I think there are a lot of people here who want Sass to see if he can lock on a tongue lock submission on this guy. 

Volkmann, is trying to keep his streak up of both winning and then getting visited by Secret Service agents two days later.  He came out with a shirt on that read, “Volkmann for President.”  This guy doesn’t know when to quit when he’s behind.  Volkmann, in between being suspended from his job due his his interviews on UFC shows, is the wrestling coach at White Bear Lake High School in Minnesota (requisite Jim Brunzell reference for you 1980s AWA fans). 

First round:  Volkmann got the takedown.  Sass tried a triangle and uma plata from the bottom.  Sass locked on another triangle and Volkmann tapped.  On the bright side, Volkmann isn’t getting an interview to cost him his job again.  Sass is really great.  Seriously. 

For those of you wondering if Arianny was going to be sent to the glue factory or art school, Dana White said that UFC stands 100% behind her.  Jacob Volkmann, on the other hand....I can't vouch for anything for him other than he did say before the fight that he wasn't going to say anything about President Obama had he won.


Dan Hardy has his ad background poster saying “Dan Hardy for President.”  That’s two matches in a row.  Somebody find out who the agents are for this promotion.  Besides, he’s born in the U.K. so he’s not eligIble.  Hardy got a huge reaction, biggest by far of the night.

First round: Bang missed a high kick.  Bang hurt him with a right and threw a bunch of knees. Hardy pushed him into the cage.  Hardy threw a shit off the break and the crowd actually went crazy.  They so badly want him to win.  Hardy landed a few more punches.  High kick by Ludwig.  Trading punches.  Hardy landed a left to the jaw.  In a clinch and Ludwig with two hard knees.  Again both trading punches.  Hardy dropped him with a left hook, and paused to celebrate, before pounding him out.  This place went crazy.  This was like the kind of reaction when Tito Ortiz beat Ryan Bader.

Hardy said Ludwig used to be a hero of his, really put him over, said it was bittersweet because of that. 


Miller running around firing up the crowd.  He’s got a big sleeve on his left knee so he’s got an obvious injury.  Big crowd favorite.  Miller goofing around early.  Miller hurt him a right. Dollaway with a takedown and Miller grabbing a guilloine.  Dollaway out and riding Miller who got back to his feet.  Dollaway powered Miller down.  Dollaway behind him at first working for a choke.  Miller gave him a noogie to break the hold.  Miller out throwing punches.  Body kick by Miller.  Good left landed by Dollaway.  Hard right by Miller but Dollaway decked him with a counter and pounding him out on the ground.  Miller trying to stand but Dollaway now riding him.  Too bad Miller isn’t a better figher because people really like him.  Dollaway riding and pounding the body.  Dollaway pounding on him.  Crowd booing as they want a stand up.  That would be insane since Dollaway had back position.  Dollaway is working for a chicken wing. 
Miller out of it but Dollaway now has a mount.  Miller up with seconds left.  Good action round, crowd liked it.  10-9 Dollaway.

Second round: Dollaway landed a left jab.  Miller with a right.  Dollaway took him down and let him up.  Miller landed a left and hurt Dollaway bad with a right .  Dollaway stumbling all over the place before he went down.  Miller moved in and Dollaway took him down.  People went crazy as they actually thought Mayhem could win at that moment.  Mayhem chant.  Mayhem with a knee to the body.  Dollaway took him down again.  Dollaway landing elbows from the top.  More punches from the top.  Dollaway’s round 20-18. 
Third round: Miller hurt him with a left but Dollaway got the takedown again.  Crowd booing like crazy.  They’re just mad because Mayhem can’t stop Dollaway’s takedowns and is losing this fight.  Miller looks tired as well.  Miller back up, but Dollaway picked him up and slammed him down.  Dollaway with a few punches but mostly riding him.  Now he’s paint brushing Miller while riding him.  Dollaway landing a lot of punches now.  Miller’s not in trouble but he’s doing nothing to defend himself either.  Now Miller is in trouble.  Dollaway just rode him the entire round.  Really should be a 10-8 but I doubt it will be scored that way.  I’ve got 30-26 Dollaway.
Crowd booed Dollaway like crazy.

Dollaway was coming off hip reconstruction surgery.

Scores:   29-28, 30-26 and 29-28 for Dollaway.  Crowd booed like crazy. 


First round:  Varner heavily booed.  Surprised people still remember the Cerrone stuff.  Barboza very popular.  I think people know he’s the real deal.  Low kicks by Barboza.  Sick low kicks by Barboza. Takedown by Varner when he timed the kick and now he’s pounding from the top.  Barboza got up.  Varner landed a left.  Barboza exploded with a low kick to the left leg, and another to the left hip.  Loud Barboza chant.  Varner rocked him with a right.  Varner timing the kicks perfect to land the follow-up punch.  Varner with a left to body and a right to the head.  Varner nailed him with punches and slammed him down hard.  Barboza kicked him off but
Varner is destroying him with punches on the ground.  Steve Mazzagatti gave Barboza maybe too much time to recover before he stopped it.  Huge upset.

Barboza said that it's surreal seeing this happen because he'd built up Barboza as a monster in his mind.


First round: Brandao with a low kick. Brandao missed a punch. Elkins went for a takedown. Brandao on top , then Elkins took him down and Brandao back up. . Elkins took him down again and Brando reversed to the top. Elkins landed a left that staggered Brandao. Brando running knee put Elkins down and on top in side control. Elbows by Brandao. Brandao let him up. Brandao hurt him with a right and up throwing bombs. Brandao jumped into his guard and passed to side control. Brando jumped down with a punch as Elkins was on his back. Elkins using his legs well for defense. 10-9 Brandao.

Second round: Elkins left ear looks horrible. Knee by Brandao. Elkins landed a left hook. Brandao slipped and Elkins on top. Elkins pounding from the top. He’s hurting Brnado with punches. Brandao is in a lot of trouble. Brandao tried to escape but Elkins on top. Diego chants. Elkins 10-9, but this would easily be a 10-8.5 style round, so we’re at 19-19 but Elkins should be ahead.

Third round: Brando landed an uppercut. Elkins took Brandao down. Brandao defending well but Elkins got some punches in. He landed three short elbows, now a fourth. Elkins holding him down. Elkins landing more punches from the top. Brandao hasnt’ been able to get off the bottom the last two rounds and it’s going to cost him the match. Elkins pounding the ribs. Elkins moved to side control. Brandao back up. Now Brandao is on top as he blocked a takedown. Elkins tying him up well from the bottom. Brandao landed a big shot on the ground late but not enough to win the round. Has to be 29-28 Elkins.

Scores: 29-28 across the board for Elkins


First round: Lavar moved in throwing wildly. Doesn’t Lavar resemble Dwayne a little? Struve pulled guard to get it to the ground. He’s working for an armbar and got it right away. Well, I guess pulling guard in this case was great strategy.  1:05


First round: Del Rosario kicked him in the groin right away. Del Rosairo with two body kicks. Miocic landed three punches. Miocic landing more pucnhes. Hard body kick by Del Rosario Another hard body kick by Del Rosario and low kick. Miocic in with punches. Hard body kick by Del Rosario. Body kick by Del Rosario and punches and he moved in but Miocic danced out of the way. Another hard body kick by Del Rosario. Hard kick by Del Rosario. Miocic with punches and Del Rosario landed another high kick. Big right by Del Rosario hurt Miocic. Miocic scrambled out of toruble. Miocic back with punches but he needs to do some wrestling. Knee to the body. Del Rosasrio hurt him with a right flush on the jaw. Good right by Del Rosario and headkick, and Miocic got the takedown with 17 seconds left. Finally . Miocic threw a few punches and let him up. Miocic thanks he’s a boxer and if he doesn’t realize he needs to wrestle it’s going to cost him. Del Rosario 10-9 Fans liked this round.

Second round: Del Rosario throwing kicks to the left leg. Body kick by Del Rosario. Miocic landed two shots to the face. Miocic easily took him down and has side control. Well, it took him long enough to figure out how to win. . Miocic dropping fists down and controlling Del Rosario on the ground. Miocic dropping forearms. Crowd bored. Now Miocic throwing more punches. Miocic dropping elbows. Del Rosario’s right eye is busted and his nose may be as well. Miocic pounding him with elbows and ref Yves Lavigne stopped it. Del Rosario got up and nearly fell down, so that was a good ref call.


First round: Fans booing Herman. Nelson got a big reaction, second so far on this show to Hardy, or maybe tied with Miller. Knee by Herman and landed a left and a push kick and and another push kick. Nelson dropped him with an overhand right Mazzagatti dove in to stop it. Nelson landed one punch on the ground. The place went wild. Equal reaction to Hardy winning. :51

Nelson, when asked about his timing in landing the big right said it's due to a lot of eating.

Flash:  Arianny has arrived in her ring girl outfit.  It's not like anyone really cared.  Wrestling fans really are more fun when it comes to arrests and stuff.


Fans booing Silva a ton. Velasquez is super over. Far more than anyone so far. I mean major superstar over.

First round:  Valesquez took him down and punching. He went into Silva’ guard. Valasquez with some elbows. Cain chants. Cain has him a bloody mess already. Silva tried a leglock. Cain walked away. Both guys are covered in blood. They are checking Silva’s cuts. Velasquez throwing more punches from the top. Velasquez with more punches. Silva bleeding from both eys badly. Sick amount of blood. Velasquez throwing punch after punch. Now big punches. Silva’s done and ref Yves Lavigne stopped it. This was the kind of win Valasquez needed and he’s got to get the winner of the main event after this performance. A complete bloody massacre. 3:36


Mir booed in his home town and cheered. 65% cheers. Dos Santos 80% cheers.

First round: Mir immediately going for the takedown and Dos Santos defended well and moved out of the way and shook his finger at him and then nailed him with a left. Cigano chants. Super loud now. Junior punched Mir’s stomach. Mir landed a right and missed a kick. USA chant. Mir with a low kick. Dos Santos landed a left. Left and right by Dos Santos. Body punch by Dos Santos. Right to the face by Dos Santos. Brazilians are singing while Dos Santos punches Mir in the face. Left and right by Dos Santos. Mir landed a left jab. Dos Santos landed a right to the head and belly. Another shot to the body. Good right to the head by Dos Santos. Big right by Dos Santos and Mir is hurt. Dos Santos going to town on him and Mir is stumbling. Mir went down but got back up. 10-9 Dos Santos. Crowd wnt wild at the end of the round.

Second round: Dos Santos decked him with a left and let him up. He thought Mir was baiting him to the ground. Mir landed a left. Side kick by Mir. Dos Santos with a right. Dos Santos continues to land. Dos Santos dropped him with a right and pounding him. Mir was rolling around, Dos Santos tagged him one last time and Herb Dean stopped it. Second round knockout just like Dos Santos predicted. Mir tried to get up and fell down after the fight. 3:04

Dos Santos came across so likeable in his post-match interview. Dos Santos said his hand his hurt and that Mir can really take a punch. He spoke in Porutuguese and the place went crazy. This guy has it in a way that Anderson Silva doesn’t have.


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