Stacy Carter responds to Lisa "Ivory" Moretti's recent comments on her and her marriage to Lawler

Stacy Carter joined the VOC Wrestling Nation on 1360 WNJC Philadelphia and WORLDWIDE at to respond to comments made by Lisa "Ivory" Moretti in an interview on

On getting her start in wrestling: "I started dating Jerry Lawler when I was 19 years old. I never wanted anything to do with wrestling. Jerry had to literally drag me out of the house to be part of Memphis wrestling as a ring announcer and ringside interviewer."

On her first wrestling experience: "I eventually managed Jerry in Memphis."

On getting her start in WWE: "One of the Divas screwed up a finish because she didn't know what a ring apron was. Vince fired her and called Jerry, asking if I would come and work for (WWF), assuming that I knew my way around the ring because of my relationship with Jerry."

Why Ivory has a problem with her: "I was in the locker room eating a Kit Kat. Ivory came up to me and said look at you; I have to work out everyday to look like this, and you can eat Kit Kats, not work out, and look like you do. She was very happy that she had to lose the belt to me."

On the meaning of a championship belt: "Belts are meant to get wrestlers over who can't get over on their own."

On Ivory's negative comments: "It's part of her character as a person. I wouldn't expect anything else from her."

On why her and Jerry Lawler split: "I was 19 years old when we met. I needed to find out who I was as a person without Jerry in my life. We were together for 13 years and we just grew apart.

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