OVW Saturday Night special report 6-2 Louisville

By Trent Vandrisse

Here's the report for the June 2nd Saturday Night Special presented by Ohio Valley Wrestling. This show featured title changes in three of the four title matches tonight, and a whipping in the main event. It was a good night to be a babyface here for the most part. "Nightmare" Ken Wayne was revealed as one of the long secret OVW Board of Directors members at the most recent Wednesday night TV taping, where Wayne made most of the matches on this show, while the heelish "Talent Arbitrator" of OVW, Josette Bynum, could only stand by and watch.

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the announcers for the upcoming DVD release of this show. Brittany DeVore and Terry Boddie were the ring announcers. The attendance was around 175, and they were pretty lively for most of the night.

There were notices on all of the chairs in the Davis arena tonight that OVW has lost their sponsorship with Papa John's pizza, and they were very sad about it. The notices urged fans to e-mail folks high up at Papa John's to get the sponsorship back, and they passed around petitions during intermission for people to sign to show to Papa John's that the fans want them back here.

On Sunday June 3rd, starting at 1:30 PM sharp, crowd scenes will be filmed for a non-wrestling themed movie at the Davis arena that anyone can be a part of. Dean Hill has a part in the movie.

The show started with a video package of several recent events in OVW, while dramatic music played, and sound effects were added to some of the big moves hit at key times in matches. It then went to a run down of the card tonight in picture format.

1. Tony Gunn beat Raphael Constantine w/Cinnamon Twist by submission

Constantine stole Gunn's beloved stuffed bear named "Ralphie" recently, so this match was for possession of Ralphie. Constantine claims the bear is actually named "Raffie" after him. Cinnamon Twist was dressed like a Greek Goddess tonight. Constantine and Cinnamon had a bag with them, that allegedly contained Ralphie, and it hung from the ringpost during this match. Gunn with an airplane spin on Constantine early on. Gunn controlled most of this match, and won the match by submission with his bear hug finisher. Of course huh?

Tony Gunn grabbed the bag after the match and opened it, but it didn't contain Ralphie the stuffed bear, instead it contained garbage. Meanwhile on the floor, Constantine and Cinnamon Twist produced Ralphie, snuck into the ring, and clocked Gunn with Ralphie from behind, which knocked him silly. Constantine pulled the head off Ralphie, revealing the bear had been stuffed with a brick, and that has happened before here. "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer came out to assist a loopy Tony Gunn.

2. Ted McNaler, Elvis Pridemore, Sean Conway & Arik Kristopher beat Ricky Chevy, Chase King, LaMarcus Clinton & ??? in an 8 man tag

This is the standard slapped together multi-man tag OVW does on every Saturday Night Special it seems. Sean Conway is the nephew of "Ironman" Rob Conway, but unlike his Uncle, he has no body at all. Conway ended up taking the heat. The good guys won when Ted McNaler pinned the guy who's name I didn't catch here with a spear.

After the match the masked American Assassin again came out wearing a suit, and took all of the heels out with clotheslines, except for Ricky Chevy, who bailed out before Assassin could get him.

3. Jason Wayne beat Chris Silvio w/Mo Green by count out

This was one of many matches made for tonight by Ken Wayne this past Wednesday's TV. This one got off to a fast start by both guys. Silvio with a big round house kick to the head of Jason Wayne. Wayne roughed up Mo Green on the floor. Silvio used the ref to unwittingly help flip him over the top rope to Wayne on the floor, and then gave Wayne a 'Rana on the floor. Wayne though threw Silvio into the ringpost on the floor, and then scurried into the ring to beat Silvio by count out. This match was very short, but action packed while it lasted.

4. Epiphany w/Randy Royal beat Taeler Hendrix w/Dylan Bostic to win the OVW Womens title

Hendrix was bombarded with chants of "Prostatot" soon as she appeared. It was Randy Royal who first called her that here several weeks ago. Epiphany wore a red outfit here, with black fish net stockings. Hendrix wore a skirt too short to even qualify as a mini-skirt. Hendrix and Bostic were donning matching "Barbie & Ken" t-shirts tonight. In an added stipulation that was never mentioned on any TV's leading up to this, Randy Royal was handcuffed to Dylan Bostic at ringside during this one. All Epiphany early on, but Bostic used the chain of the handcuffs to pull Royal into the ringpost, and then took the key away from Royal to free himself. He shouldn't have bothered though because Epiphany slugged Bostic when he entered the ring. Royal then threw Bostic into the ringpost on the floor. Meanwhile in the ring, Epiphany gave Hendrix a sloppy twisting suplex to win the match, and the OVW Womens title. This ended a long title reign by Taeler Hendrix, who won the Womens title last year on November 12th.

5. Jamin Olivencia beat Mohamad Ali Vaez w/Josette Bynum to win the OVW TV title

Jamin Olivencia wasn't supposed to get another shot at Vaez for the TV title here, but he became a masked man here for a few weeks, calling himself "Chito Martinez" to fool Vaez into giving him another shot. Everyone knew Martinez was Olivencia except Vaez, and maybe Kenny Bolin. Chris Sharpe, who recently turned heel ref to associate himself with Josette Bynum and the "Family", was the referee here. Sharpe now comically dresses differently than the other refs here, and has a thin beard. Scary huh? Match opened fast with both guys nailing each other with big forearms to the head. Vaez broke out several moves he usually doesn't use such as a DDT, and a second rope superplex. Olivencia with a top rope dropkick. Vaez with a swinging neckbreaker while Olivencia was laying between the middle and top rope. Olivencia with a big Northern lights suplex. These guys know each other very well, so Olivencia went for Vaez' running neckbreaker finisher on him, but Vaez grabbed the top rope to block it. Vaez then mocked Olivencia by using his mannerisms. Olivencia hit his "O drop" clamping DDT finisher to beat Vaez, and win the OVW TV title. Chris Sharpe didn't want to make the three count, or hand Olivencia the belt, but he did both because he knew OVW BOD member Ken Wayne would hear about it if he didn't. The crowd was loud for this one, and there was no masking the fact that this was a good match.

6. Shiloh Jonze & Raul Lamotta beat Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade w/Josette Bynum to win the OVW Southern tag team titles

Raul Lamotta had two toned hair color. All Jonze and Lamotta early on, until Godderz and Switchblade gave Lamotta a double team low blow. Josette Bynum had all kinds of fun this match jawing back and forth with a little kid on the front row. It was neat to watch. Jonze came in running wild, and went for his top rope flying forearm finisher on Godderz, but Switchblade pushed Godderz out of harms way, and took the blow himself. Godderz then gave Jonze an enziguri. Godderz and Switchblade went for a double team finisher on Jonze, but Lamotta yanked Switchblade out of the ring, and Jonze pinned Godderz with a sunset flip to win the tag titles for he and Lamotta. Both Jonze and Lamotta have been tag team champions in OVW before, but this was their first time as champions as partners. The crowd was loud for this match, and popped big for the title change. Three matches in a row here with title changes, all wins by babyfaces, and all got big pops, which it surprised me the crowd would stay so hot for three title changes in a row, but they did. In fact, this may have been the hottest the crowd was all night.

Dean Hill came to the floor and put over the little kid that was charmingly arguing with Josette Bynum all match, who we found out was a 5 year old named Brandon. Hill credited Brandon with being such a distraction to Bynum that he helped Jonze and Lamotta win the tag titles. I would argue that the peek-a-boo corset Bynum wore on this night was a distraction to all of the males in attendance.


7. Paredyse beat Brandon Espinosa w/Chris in an I quit match

In one of the strangest stipulations in the history of wrestling, on Wednesday night Ken Wayne ordered this be an "I quit" match, and if Paredyse loses he must leave wrestling, but if Espinosa loses, he must admit he's Gay, or say he's John Travolta is how Ken Wayne worded it. Paredyse has been trying to get Espinosa to admit he's Gay for months here, and has provided much evidence to support that allegation. Paredyse pounding on Espinosa to start this match. Paredyse sent Espinosa into the guard rail a few times on the floor. Espinosa later returned the favor, after Chris ran a distraction. Paredyse with a Boston crab in mid ring. Paredyse and Espinosa both went for submission attempts. Paredyse dumped Espinosa on his head with a suplex to break free. The ref had a mic with him to ask the combatants if they wanted to quit, and Paredyse was cutting almost Shakespearean like promos while in submission holds on how he'll never quit. Came off sort of weird I thought. Both guys trading punches in mid ring. Paredyse had Espinosa tapping out to a submission hold, but Chris got up on the apron to distract the ref from seeing it. Paredyse went to kiss Chris on the apron, and then moved as Espinosa crashed into Chris. Espinosa came back with a big kick to the head of Paredyse. Espinosa tied Paredyse in the tree of woe, but then clumsily charged the corner, and Paredyse somehow caught Espinosa in a Boston Crab while he was hanging over the top rope. Espinosa couldn't break out of it, and shouted "I'm Gay" into the mic to give the win to Paredyse.

The postmatch saw Paredyse shake hands with, and then hugged Espinosa, and told him to never be ashamed of who he is. Wow, I guess this could be called the "Blow off" of this feud huh??

8. Rob Terry w/Josette Bynum beat "Smooth" Johnny Spade by DQ to retain the OVW heavyweight title

Terry beat Spade at the May Saturday Night Special to win the OVW title. Chris Sharpe was the ref here. Spade hit a running knee on Terry in the corner early. Spade sent Terry over the top rope, and beat on him on the floor, with Terry favoring his left knee. Terry hit his left arm on the ringpost when Spade ducked him, but Terry then ran Spade back first into the ringpost on the floor. Terry took control of the match in the ring, but Spade came back and hit a Swanton, and then many punches and kicks on Terry, but this was all just making Rob Terry angry. Terry powered Spade up from the mat and powerslammed him. Terry went for a vertical suplex on Spade, but Spade fought out of with knees to the head, and then went for a superkick, but heel referee Chris Sharpe ran himself into the tree trunk like arm of Rob Terry to make himself take a ref bump. Wow, that was different. Spade hung Sharpe in the corner, and was going to superkick him, but "The Family" ran in and attacked Spade. Cliff Compton then ran in to make the save for Spade. Chris Sharpe finally called for the bell, disqualifying Spade for Compton's run in. This was a terrible night for Josette Bynum and "The Family", but they held on to the OVW heavyweight title, at least for now. Chris Sharpe should get called on the carpet by Ken Wayne for his cheap, but creative, stunts in this bout.

9. James "Moose" Thomas, Michael Hayes, and Mickie McMichael beat Joe Coleman, Jack Black, and Christopher "The Prince" Bolin

It could easily be argued this shouldn't have been the main event, but with Michael Hayes and Mickie McMichael around, it was. Mickie is legit autistic, and is the former abused personal assistant of Prince Bolin. Now he's with his buddies Moose and Michael Hayes. This match looked like the land of misfit toys to me. Joe Coleman got worked over by Moose and Hayes early on here, but Coleman came back and yanked Mickie off the ring apron when he wasn't looking. Michael Hayes then took the heat for awhile. Moose finally came in running wild, and bodyslammed the much thinner, but still large, Jack Black. Moose beat the crap out of Coleman with power moves. It finally came down to Mickie and Prince Bolin in the ring, while time stood still, and confusion abounded. Mickie finally gave Bolin a stunner for the win, which got a very large pop.

The pre-match stips here were BS 2.0 member Rocco Bellagio was banned from the building, and if BS 2.0 loses, Prince Bolin has to take ten lashes. Bolin tried to get away after the match, but the OVW babyfaces, led by Cliff Compton, came out and made sure that didn't happen. The flabby Prince Bolin had his shirt ripped off, and Mickie then ripped Bolin's belt off his pants, and Mickie gave Bolin ten lashes. Most hit the same spot, and Bolin's back was red, and welting up immediately. There was then much rejoicing for Mickie's triumphant moment, with many chants for Mickie, and OVW chants, while Mickie was held up on the shoulders of the babyfaces in celebration. Only in wrestling huh? Personally, I could have done just fine without this match, but I liked the show overall, with again a hot crowd helping it out a lot. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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