Weekend mailbag: UFC; Can a new boom period come back; Lesnar, Vickie Guerrero

Thumbs up. Hot top card more than makes up for sketchy undercard. The usual local yokel reffing and judging. Most of the fucking gyms are in South Florida, maybe they should make the refs and judges go train, maybe learn something.

Best fight: Wineland-Jorgensen, Pyle-Neer, Silva-Brennemen were all outstanding
Worst fight: Pierce-Rocha zzzzzzz
KO: I'll give a tie between Wineland and Pyle. Pyle's was legit one punch but Wineland's combination punching was art form.
Sub: Silva 
Missed the first fb fight. In the second, Bernardo Magalhaes dominataed the 2nd and 3rd rounds and got robbed via UD vs. Henry Martinez, with one 30-27. More was to come.
On the midcard show on fuel, Numbnuts Glazer was replaced in the studio by Karen Bryant and if they have a gram of brains they will make it permanent. She's so much better it isn't even pathetic. Mir and Benavidez very good in the other two chairs. Possibly the first watchable commentary team SportKorpAmerika has come up with for UFC. Not Freebird But Looks Like He Got Into The Freebird Hair Creme Buddy Roberts does a 3 round paint job on musclebound Caio Magalhaes (no relation) to open the show. Probably the same judge somehow gives Magalhaes a round.
Tim Means rocks Justin Salas right off the bell and doesn't let him off the hook, bouncing him off the mat repeatedly till local yokel ref Also Got Into The Freebird Hair Creme Chris Adams finally realizes it might be good to stop the fight.
Dustin Pague very quickly takes Jared Papazian down straight to mount and works around to the body tri and RNC for the tap. Local yokel ref actually KNOCKS the fighters' feet off the cage which btw there's no rule against.
Matt Grice further exposes Leonard Garcia with a three round grinding. Grice is a watchable grinder, a rarity. Even the judges all get the 30-27 right although you could have called at least one 10-8. Maybe Garcia should, I dunno, learn to box? He telegraphs everything like a third grader at the bikeracks. Stevie Wonder could slip his punches.
Seth Baczynski takes a tight SD over Lance Benoist in a matchup of highly competent, mirror image stylists who mostly nullify each other. I would have called it a draw. Split 29-28, one judge (hmm, huh?) has it 30-27.
Boring WW Grinder #97 Mike Pierce lays and humps his way to a decision over Carlos Rocha (not the old rassler). One card (golly gee) is 30-27 Rocha which must have been just an error as he accomplished zero in the fight. Maybe the one judge was looking in the wrong corner every fight. Pierce is another racist asshole from Oregon like Sonnen who thought it was clever to insult all Brazilians. Kenny Flo thought that was cute, you'd think as a Peruvian himself he might be a little less of a master race douchebag.  At this point I was thinking  looking to this crew of judges to fix the mess the Aussies made with McCall and Johnson was not such a good plan. So far the card is nothing to write home about but the top card is about to change all that.
Wineland and Jorgensen amp things up about 100X. Wineland is on and outboxing Jorgensen from the jump and even outwrestling him, scoring a KD and a TD to take an insanely paced 1st. The 2nd is if anything even more active and Jorgensen opens a horrible cut over Wineland's eye with a knee, but Wineland reestablishes range and bings a right cross capping a 1-3-2 off Jorgensen's chin to stop him for the first time in his career.
Mike Pyle and Josh Neer keep it up, Pyle dominating early, Neer coming back and looking to have Pyle orbiting Mars and then Pyle knocking Neer cold with a single counter overhand right.
Erick Silva continues to vault up the rankings, walking through extreme pressure from Boring WW Grinder #98 Charlie Brenneman to reverse a TD, take back, flatten him out and tap him with the RNC.  Up till now we had only seen Silva wreck his opponents (although he lost one on a bogus DQ) with strikes. Hey Pierce, I got a Brazilian for your loudmouth ass to fight and talk bigoted shit on. I think in another year or so what we're gonna be talking about at WW is Silva vs. Rory MacDonald.
In the main Mighty Mouse clearly dominated the 1st and 3rd rounds over Ian McCall and avoided losing the other 10-8 like he did the last time to end the controversy and move into the flyweight vacant title fight vs. Joey Benavidez. Good scrap but a step down from the first fight, and from the rest of the main card tonight.
Crimson Mask

Thumbs up
Best: Wineland v Jorgensen. Showed excellent athleticism
Worst: Silva v Brenneman. Brenneman shot his wad, tried to shake his arms out, flopped for a super weak TD attempt, and then just quit right there before the hooks were even in.
Mike Devlin


I met Brock at the Daytona 500 and spoke to him for several minutes.  Told him I hope to see him in the octagon again soon and he said sorry but you'll never see me in the cage again. Then asked if I was a wrestling fan. I said yes and he just smiled.  Of course redebuted in WWE not long after.  Take it for what it's worth.

Thought I'd pass it along.  Keep up the great work.  Love your stuff!

Woody Carlson


I truly think that ufc being a good company to work for has cost them millions and will cost them tens of millions over the next 3-4 years.
The covering of medical costs and security during training has proven in my opinion to be an insane business decision and unnecessary in a realistically a monopoly in the industry.  The fighter and agents are so far ahead of the curve on this one it is scary.

Name withheld


Just wondering if you could confirm or kill a rumor about the twin wrestlers.    They are from my hometown, thus local heroes for winning the gold medals in the Olympics in the 80s.    Rumor always floated around they were approached by Vince and other promotions after they won.   Any truth to the longtime rumors?
Scott Worden

DM:  The Banachs both won gold medals in 1984.  I am sure they were approached since they got a lot of fame out of those Olympics and Ed had a great look, similar as I recall to UFC fighter Ryan Bader.  I don't ever recall serious talks, but Verne Gagne would have possibly approached them and I remember people in that era talking about them, Ed in particular.  I don't ever recall their names as people being heavily pursued so it never got to serious. 


(Sorry for the semi-long question)
Hey Bryan and Dave,
I just want to know if there is any validity to a theory I've had for a while. When Eddie Guerrero died, Vince assured the media at a press conference that he would take care of Vickie and her family for the rest of their lives. Instead of just piping her money, could he have possibly meant he'd give her a job for life? That could explain why this widow was brought in as a regular character with no previous experience whatsoever. If he's been trying to get her to quit to get out of that deal, it could also explain why she's been humiliated in hog pen matches and buried for her appearance on commentary.
Not really a conspiracy or anything, just want to know if there is any validity to that. 
Shortened: When Vince promised he'd take care of Vickie financially after Eddie died, was he actually promising a job rather than free money, and has he tried to run her off with humiliating and degrading material since she came in?
Matt Galloway

DM:  I don't think they've ever tried to run her off.  They just had an idea for her character.  The worst stuff was when she had already given notice a few years back, as opposed to them trying to get her to leave.  I've never heard anyone say much of anything negative about her and as a character she did far better than anyone could have expected given being thrown on national TV with little training or experience.


A quick thought. With all the hand-wringing about falling ratings & buyrates, lame storylines, stale characters, stop and start pushes, etc, I for one am rather happy.
Raw going to 3 hours and TNA well, still being TNA, merely amps that feeling. Why? Because it will just feed the malaise that is wrestling right now, and if you look at the cyclical nature of the sport, THAT is when something like Austin 3:16 or ECW or Nitro comes along. Everyone is forced to react and things get interesting again.

It might be one person who we already know or barely know doing something like Austin did. Maybe TNA will do an out of the blue move. Maybe there's a new Heyman or Bischoff out there under the radar who hasnt had a chance to shine yet. Desperation breeds opportunity, and I believe my waning interest in wrestling might just get a kick-start in the next year or two. Thoughts?
Joe Borzotta

DM:  After the late 90s followed the mid 90s, there is always a chance the right guy or right change can make a difference.  I think it's harder to turn around because it has less interest among younger people, but it was pretty dead in 1995, and three years later the business was stronger than ever.  The one thing is WWE & TNA have an easier time surviving just because of the multiple revenue streams than companies in a tough period in the past where they had to sell tickets in some form or they were losing money.  But in 1993, the nature of the business and stakes to break in, and mentality of fans was very different.  The business financially was in far worse shape, but there were a lot of wrestling fans as opposed to a lot of fans of a product without having any interest in another product.

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