The boxing robbery report

By Crimson Mask

Thumbs, yet again, down. Even the boxing audience will only put up with being held in this degree of contempt for so much longer.

Best and worst fight: everything on the card qualified in some way for both
KO:  Bailey.  I think when I was first picking it my mind, I got stuck in his not landing a punch for the first 10 rounds and a bunch of my remaining brain cells died.

Guillermo Rigondeaux opens the card by overwhelming Teon Kennedy to defend the We Be Axin' 122 title, in a horrible mismatch but only because he's that good. There's nothing wrong with Kennedy and he boxed well, it's just that Rigondeaux is so accurate that he can land perfect shots at will even on a skilled boxer. The fight is stopped in the 5th after 5 knockdowns . He is not a devastating puncher and Kennedy wasn't that badly hurt at any point but there was just no point in letting it go. The card would all go downhill from here.
Manufactured prospect Mike Jones does a chickenshit safety first paint job on veteran trial horse Randall Bailey foe the vacant I Be Felonious WW title for 10 rounds in one of the worst fights of all time to that point. It's so bad that ex Jr. Middle champ John David Jackson in Bailey's corner gives up and lets the cut man give the instructions. But then Bailey drops Jones late in the 10th with a right cross, and then knocks him cold late in the 11th with a right uppercut. Like I said---best and worst.
Jorge Arce and Jesus Rojas both miss weight so their fight for whatever 122 pound title becomes a nontitle 10 @ feather. Gotta love the discipline. They immediately commit a first round that has more action than the entire previous fight, with Arce dropping Rojas in the first 30 seconds but then Rojas coming on to dominate the rest of the round to the extent that I scored it 10-10 (I don't think a KD is auto 10-8, I think it's worth one point). But then Rojas hits Arce with a 4 foul combo in the opening moment of the 2nd---a groin shot and simultaneous headbutt followed up by a kidney punch and a punch behind the ear. Arce cannot continue and the fouls are called 'unintentional' (kinda hard to unintentionally commit four fouls in 10 seconds) and the fight a 'no decision contest' according to M. Buffer, who again seems to be drunk. Best, worst.
You all know about the main by now. Pacquiao clearly wins at least 8 rounds over the marginally talented Bradley and the judges give Bradley a 115-113 (7 to 5) split decision and the We Be Offendin' WW title. This is even worse than the decision Manny got over Marquez last time. It is opined that Manny is leaving Arum but there is a rematch clause so that by Bradley winning Arum gets to cash in on the rematch, whereas if Manny wins Arum is out in the cold from now on, which at least explains things to some degree. In addition the fight is delayed until the basketball game on another network is over, whether because Manny wanted to watch it or to satisfy some backroom deal between HBO and the other network is never made clear. but in either case the contempt for the paying audience (AUDIENCES, live and PPV) is just... staggering. The fight itself is not bad but not really close. Manny outlands Bradley by over 100 punches and his shots are much harder. The decision is a joke. We complain about MMA judging and reffing and rightly so but by comparison it's the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. That said Manny has clearly lost a half step in the past couple fights (Bradley is just not that good) and even if all this shakes out that he wins the rematch as he should and then goes with Golden Boy which would at least enable the Floyd fight (for a fraction of what it would have drawn at the right time), he is not going to touch Floyd in the ring even if he tries throwing a handful of rice at his ass. Boxing continues its self destruction. Arum dying as he must sometime fairly soon will help some but I see nothing to indicate de la Hoya is any better or for that matter different. What a fucking load of shit.

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