Feedback to Slammiversary

Hi Dave,

Best Match: Angle/AJ vs. Daniels/Kaz
Worst Match: Tess vs. Kim

Quick note:  I read the Sunday update, CM Punk total douche.  Easy guy to not like.

This was a really fun show.  Everyone who watched at the get together here were enjoying it.  This made me excited for Thursday, TNA really feels hot right now, although in reality it isn't.

The opening was great and this crowd was hot for it, Aries and Joe put on a great performance and it really set a tone for the rest of the night.

Kash and Hernandez exceeded my expectations and had what was actually a pretty good match.

The Robbies vs Garett and Devon was another match I thought was saved by the crowd.  The crowd was so into Devon and when he hit the ring things that crowd popped like it was over 10,000 people.  I am a big fan of three of the guys there and I don't mind Garett, with the exception of the dropkick he was fine in the match, not good but fine.

The three way match was fun to watch.  I would have had Hardy win but that crowd was really into Anderson.  I think all three worked hard and had a better match than I would have expected.  I think Roode can carry Anderson to a good match on Thursday.

Crimson vs James Storm was fine for what it was.  It put over Storm big time.  I do hope Crimson starts saying he wasn't ready and is still undefeated or starts saying he has the best winning pct in wrestling because he is starting to grow on me as a heel.

The HOF stuff was fine, I am a big Sting fan so I think he was the right guy.  I think they should do a person at every PPV and have a ceremony for 4 at Bound For Glory.

Kim vs Tess wasn't awful but well below their first match.  Better than what I have grown to accept from Major American Wrestling.

I LOVED Bully vs Joe Parks.  I thought this told a great story and it didn't matter that the in ring wrestling wasn't that good.  I had a blast watching this and think this has been the best feud this year.  The writing and storytelling has been something I haven't enjoyed in years.

The tag title match was awesome.  I thought all four gelled in the ring.  Kurt Angle had a great night, he was really over with the fans (Which should be no surprise).

The Main event was okay, not necessarily great but it was acceptable.  A little flat but it didn't detract from the show.  Again this crowd was amazing and were into almost every moment of the show.

And the funniest part was Christian had the smallest pop of everyone.  I was cracking up during this.

Great show, this show is the new #2 just below Extreme Rules.  TNA now has 2 of the best 3 non-indy shows in my opinion.  Loved this show.  Everyone here loved it.

15 people coming over for No Way Out, not excited about it but it is a good way to hang out with friends so why not.

Keep up the great stuff.

-Ryan McDeed

Thumbs up
Best Match Angle/Styles vs Daniels/Kazarian
Worst Match Gail Kim vs Miss Tessmacher
For the first time maybe ever I didnt feel let down after buying a TNA ppv. I decided to buy it at the last minute to see what they do with Joe Park and im glad I did.  The tag match with Angle and Styles was just awesome everything just worked. The Aries vs Joe match was phenomenal and great way to start the ppv. I was entertained greatly by bully and Park, saw the finish coming a mile away the minute Park rolled under the ring but the wardrobe change was so flawless I didnt care.  The main event was a bit flat but not bad by any stretch and it was also quite strange to see a WWE performer in a TNA ring. Even the Crimson challenge had a nice payoff with James Storm returning and speaking of James Storm I quite enjoyed Redneck Island with Stone Cold hosting and Storms entrance music as the theme song.
Wade Haugen

Thumbs Up Show

You will not find a better tag match than what we saw from Angle/Styles vs Daniels/Kazarian. Just perfect. Instant classic.

Crowd was great all night and really helped the show feel like a big deal. No doubt about it, the crowd really helped the atmosphere. 

TNA has several guys performing at the top of their game right now. Good show.
Larry Causion

thumbs up
best match: Austin Aries versus Samoa Joe
close second was the tagteam match
This was an excellent wrestling show. I can't remember the last time that this promotion booked anything this well. The match with Joseph Park should serve as a lesson that less is more. The excellent acting and storytelling made that match compelling. I really liked what they chose to do with abyss. I'm assuming that someone else played his part since Joseph Park could not have possibly changed outfits that quickly, and since the face of the masked man wasn't shown. The women's match was fine, although it looks like Brooke may have heard herself. Hurt herself*my speech to text program is not cooperating tonight
the main event was good for what it was. Sting is way past his prime and shouldn't be expected to perform like he did 10 or 20 years ago. That being said, Sting should have realized. Not to talk to Bobby. Right after the big spot at the end. Immediately after they went through the table, Sting asked him if he was okay. I guess wrestlers don't understand that the wrestling ring and stage are, might differently. Have a different microphone/sound configuration/setup. That was pretty stupid of Sting to do. Mike was his usual self, overselling everything. Taz mispronounced every word in the English dictionary. At least Hogan wasn't too annoying on the microphone.
What's the story with Christian Cage? I'm assuming that he was allowed to be on this show as part of some kind of legal settlement between the two companies. All and all, the best show they have put on in years.
Daniel Pepper

This is a thumbs up show Dave
I'm currently watching the main event and good or bad, it cannot ruin this PPV one way or the other. Top to bottom good wrestling. The matches we expected not to be great, were passable and unoffensive.
Joe vs Aries ***1/2
Kash vs. Hernandez ***
Dvon/Garret vs. The Robbies **
Hardy/Anderson/RVD ***
Kim vs. Tessmacher **
Ray vs. Joe Park ***1/4 - just because Abyss is so good in this role
Tag Title Match ****1/2 - my second favorite match of the year next to the Sheamus/Bryan 2/3 falls match
Storm vs. Crimson **
Stong vs. Roode ** not horrible, not great
Just a good solid wrestling show, with a couple really good to great matches. I like TNA's direction, can't say they are competition to WWE but they aren't remotely close to as stupid as they used to be, and that is a promising thing
- Steve Deckrey

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