Slammiversary and Pacquiao feedback

I saw the fight and I agree that Pacquiao should have won. But I think judging is much more of a problem in MMA than in boxing, because MMA fights are only three or five rounds and because there can be strategic advantage from the bottom, which judging criteria can’t account for.

Kevin Iole had a good perspective. Note that Pacquiao himself seems gracious and fatalistic about it all – maybe because he’s just a good sport or maybe because he knows that the controversy is the best thing for business (without a Mayweather fight that will probably never happen).

Couple of other points. Manny’s unprofessionalism – holding up the start of the fight for people who’s paid scores of millions of dollars to see it, so he could finish watching the Heat-Celtics game before loosening up his calves – must have infuriated the Nevada officials.

Also, let’s not exaggerate Pacquiao’s dominance. He landed more and more effectively than Bradley, but there were no knockdowns or, really, any danger of a knockdown throughout the 12 rounds. If his opponent was indeed so much more powerful, then Bradley deserves a lot of credit for hanging in there and banging with him. And Pacquiao is probably in serious decline if he couldn’t put away an overmatched fighter on one sprained ankle and one broken foot (assuming that’s not hype).

Finishing it yourself – KO in boxing, or KO or submission in MMA – is the only bottom-line solution to bad judging. Stuff happens. Politically and karma-wise, Manny was due for a bad break, and it happened.
 Irv Muchnick

I will start with the positives as there are so few in TNA right now, due to a really shitty television product.
1. The opening match. Just fucking incredible. Not only was the crowd quite large but they were FIRED UP. I love hot crowds, and this is as hot as it gets in 2012. Aries and Joe put on a clinic and had some time to do it. I would have loved to have seen an Ironman Match, as there was so much filler tonight that could have been cut out (More on that later). But no WWE midcarder can compare to Aries who is just epic and TNA is doing the right thing with him (I would marry Aries, Angle and Styles as well as my Cougar crush on Dixie, I hope she is better in bed than she is as an actress because she is just awful). I have a soft spot for Joe and would like a long feud with both switching the title back and forth.
2. The tag title match. Another match that could have and should have had a bit more time. Btu what we saw was awesome and the crowd was hot. AJ springing to the floor was a sight to behold.
3. The crowd. Much better than the lackluster Lockdown fans. They were in it from the beginning.

Now for some of the bad:

1. A lot of filler. Long and useless recaps.

2. The Bully Ray/Parks nonsense: This thing got about ten times the amount of time it deserved. I love Bully as a heel but he jobs way too much. And the entire angle has gone on for far too long and is just terrible.

3. Robbie E and T and Garrett Bischoff. What a waste of air time when there are so many other talented guys itching for a shot.

4. The main event: Barely ten minutes of wrestling? The champ looks weak again. Jesus, just put him over! Sting could lose for the next year and still be over. I am a huge Sting mark, I freely admit that, the one guy that Vince did not get his hands on and ruin, so I will have a man-crush on him for life. But come on....Roode was pinned twice by him and then got his ass kicked after "winning." A win that was a loss.

5. And I will say that while seeing Hogan makes me shake my head in dismay, he is trying, he is hyping up TNA and the wrestlers, and fans loved him. So I will stay positive....But how the fuck could fans vote his arrival as the second greatest moment in TNA history? Who voted? Did anyone vote? Was it rigged? I mean that would be like saying the greatest WWE moment was Cena winning the title for the first time....I mean look how great WWE is now, eight years on and he is still on top and the ratings and earnings are sagging but it is all Punk's fault! Back to my rant about Hogan: I would argue that it could be the single worst thing to happen to TNA and while I am no Hogan fan I don't despise him either, but objectively he has added nothing to TNA except the Nasty Boys and X Pac....Jesus.

Middle of the Road:

1.The Three Way for the title shot on Impact. Not a bad match. But it is the same three guys battling for random title shots. Also, Anderson's shtick has jumped the shark.

2. The HoF: Most have bashed TNA for this, but what is the big deal? It gives guys recognition that otherwise would not get any. After all WWE is is a fucking joke. But to just nominate one guy? I have no problem with Sting, but why not AJ or Jarrett? I was left confused as usual as it is TNA.

3. Christian returning was cool but seemed a bit forced at times. And they seemingly cut him off at random.

4. The rest of the card was underwhelming. Not terrible but not great. I am struggling to remember what else was on the card other than the matches I already brought up. I will say that the Kash and Hernandez had a decent match. Gail Kim is fucking hot and can wrestle unlike WWE Divas. Also, I have no problem with Storm ending the streak as Crimson was not going anywhere and if done right it sets up the title match but too bad TNA has made Roode so weak that the outcome in inevitable. I will say that the Lockdown decision at the time seemed odd but it is paying off down the road as Storm will ultimately get revenge.

Overall like everything else when it comes to TNA there was some really good shit and some really terrible shit. But the good just outweighed the bad. I enjoyed the two matches I discussed above and the atmosphere was great. But at the same time, TNA still has its head up its ass. So much damn potential. On an individual level there are so many guys I love watching as opposed to WWE but as a packaged whole TNA just fails to deliver. Everytime I think TNA takes a step in the right direction they screw it up. However, it cannot get any worse than Thursday's Impact, one of the worst shows I have seen in years. At least I hope not. For our sake as fans, TNA needs to survive for another ten years, as the WWE and Vince McMahon have shown what they can do with a monopoly and that is absolutely nothing but a stale and shitty product. I always hope that TNA will right the ship and provide competition, making WWE interesting again but I have resigned myself to the fact that it never will. One can only dream.

Anyway, an average show highlighted by two great matches a couple of okay ones and some really terrible ones along with a great crowd. Now to make Impact interesting: Minus the Anderson and Roode title match, which does not excite me at all. Hell after last week's Impact and RAW being abortions I pray for anything good.....Time to whip out the old DVD's to get my fix!

Danielle Kindelberg

Hi Dave, I wanted to know where you think Slammiversary ranks among the best wrestling pay per views? Last night half way through the show I had the same great feeling I had after Money in the Bank last year. This is certainly the best wrestling show since Money in the Bank last year (at least to me). I usually never buy TNA PPV's but I decided to and am glad I did. Also I think last night's show means that TNA needs to make sure Bound For Glory is on the road this year. I also think TNA needs to have every PPV outside of Orlando at least. I also liked what they did with Christian, not what he did or said but that TNA kinda took the focus off of a WWE guy at there show (which I still can't believe McMahon allowed to happen, the world must be ending). Maybe asking you where this ranks in history is me being a prisoner of the moment, but the show was better top to bottom than I've seen in a while.
Xavier Nowlin

Thumbs up
Best Match: Angle/AJ vs Daniels/Kaz
Worst Match: Kim vs Tessmacher
TNA feels like it has some momentum going in the right direction. I've much preferred Impact to Raw the last month and it's not even close. And I plan on buying TNA's next pay per view. This wasn't the perfect pay per view but it featured some good matches and a really fun crowd. Kurt Angle looked like a machine at points - good to see him motivated for a big show. 

Bill Zdon

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs. Kurt Angle and AJ Styles
Worst Match: Gail Kim vs. Miss Tessmacher (Crimson vs. James Storm wasn't designed to be much of anything so I don't count that)
Hi Dave,
I haven't been watching TNA throughout 2012 but I checked out the replay of this show after hearing a bunch of people buzzing about the show on Twitter. This was definitely TNA's best PPV in a LONG time, I'd say since Destination X last year but you could argue since late 2009. The crowd was hot all night, there wasn't any funky overbooking, the wrestling was strong, there were some memorable moments, and the flow of the show was great. My only gripes are that the matches weren't really that long and the main event was weak. Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries was excellent for an opener, could have been a 4 star match with another few minutes. Joe looked motivated for the first time in a while and these guys had a really good back and forth match. Hernandez vs. Kid Kash was a very pleasant surprise. They had a pretty good sprint for the short time they had aside from a short botched sequence in the middle. The Robbies vs. Devon/Garrett was pretty much crap because Garrett was in there for almost the whole match, but once Devon got the hot time he made things watchable. Anderson vs. RVD vs. Jeff Hardy really blew me away. Anderson isn't that good of a worker and the other 2 can be sloppy but this was a very good 3-way. They kept things moving at a nice pace and had a lot of cool spots. Nice to see some genuine 3-way spots as opposed to WWE's revolving door singles match multi-man matches. Crimson vs. James Storm I thought was fine. Crimson's "undefeated streak" was so pointless so they might as well have ended it to give Storm momentum for his return. Thank god it didn't go long. The Hall of Fame segment with Sting was fine I thought except for Sting accepting his induction so nonchalantly. Gail Kim vs. Tessmacher was awful. Total botchfest. I heard they had been having acceptable matches lately but this was not that. Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park I thought was super entertaining. Not one of those matches that you can assign a star rating to (at least in my opinion) but as a segment it accomplished what it needed to do, both guys played their characters to PERFECTION, and the storytelling was great. Well done! Angle/Styles vs. Kaz/Daniels was awesome. Really great tag match, nice to see Daniels/Kaz so high up in a PPV card. The pacing was excellent and they did a ton of awesome near falls. Just a ton of fun to watch, which really sums up the bulk of the PPV. Then Bobby Roode vs. Sting. This was.....average. Typical Sting match in 2012. This guy really has no business working main events anymore. He was outperformed by almost everyone else on the card tonight. Not to mention the booking of the match really did Roode no favors. If the plan is to build toward Roode/Storm at Bound for Glory, why book this the way they did to protect Sting so much? Doesn't a show as big as this sound like a perfect opportunity to blow off this feud with a decisive winner/finish? I don't understand how Roode can never get legitimate victories just because he's a heel. In a real fight Roode would wipe the floor with old man Sting. Overall this was a very good show that would have been a great show had the main event delivered.
Jared Silberkleit
Orange, CT


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