New UFC Hall of Famer

Tito Ortiz will be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame on 7/6 in Las Vegas, the day before what is scheduled as his retirement fight with Forrest Griffin.

Ortiz, 37, is the longest reigning heavyweight champion in history, holding the title from 2000, when he beat Wanderlei Silva, to 2003, when he lost to Randy Couture.  That record for most title defenses (5) and longest reign (41 months) held up until the Anderson Silva era.  His feud with Ken Shamrock was among the greatest in UFC history when it comes to business, even if the three fights were all one-sided wins for him.  In 2006, Ortiz, in a loss to Chuck Liddell, became the first non-boxing PPV show ever to break 1 million buys in North America.

Ortiz will have his 27th career UFC fight on 7/7, also a record.

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