Observer mailbag: Pacquiao, Mid South, DX, UFC card changes

What did you guys think of the Pacqiuao fight, do you agree with the decision or did you find it controversial, if you could answer that would be great, does it look like UFC and WWE are gong to be benenfiting from it? Just let me know that you guys, sorry for the question buy I think you guys are experts wth this stuff...

Joseph Rojo

DM:  I finally saw the fight.  I thought it was a bad decision, but I've seen a lot worse.  I don't see UFC and WWE getting anything positive out of it, just as if there was a bad decision in a high profile UFC show, I don't see that has any benefit to WWE or boxing.

> I was wondering was there a defining moment when DX became a full-fledged babyface faction? 
> I ask because I just finished watching the cage match between the New Age Outlaws (who were heels) and Cactus Jack/Chainsaw Charlie for the tag titles on the RAW after WM 14 and it's pretty obvious that the aggressive beat down of Jack and Charlie by HHH, NAO and the returning X-PAC is very obviously heel orientated. It just seems odd if the plans were for them to become babyfaces.
> Were they always designed to become a massive babyface attraction from the get go or did they morph away from being heels due to the eventual positive crowd reaction?

DM:  It was pretty clear to me the first time they aired the DX video in 1997 that they were going to be major faces, and it would be a breakthrough deal at a time WWF needed one.  You could see the signs already by late 1997, but they weren't faces until early 1998.

WWE and UFC are finally on the same page but for ALL the wrong reasons! They're paying for the sins of yesterday in not having enough focus on making new stars. Of course, it's a lot harder for UFC since it's real and the FUEL/Friday nights on FX switch has stunted growth and will only challenge their brand's down cycle all the more.
The Mid South library was a semi-shocker to me. I never thought that deal would be made.  Is there any way to take a Delorean time machine car back to the 80s and buyout the Mid South roster too?!!!
Paq fight was crazzzzy. Who would've thought that here were are in the summer of 2012 and Mayweather is serving a jail sentence and Pac has been dethroned. Talk about leaving money on the table.  They were both clouded by greed and in Mayweather's case I think it really fucked his mind up bad as you look at his life since the Pac fight went sideways and it's really not pretty.
Name withheld by request

I used to be a dedicated UFC fan until the UFC decided they didn't want me to keep up with their product anymore.  I'm quite unhappy with UFC 149.  I don't even know if I've seen Barao on TV. I don't know who he is.  Here is the card on

Faber vs Barao

Lombard vs Boetsch

Nogueira vs Kongo

McGee vs Ring

Jimmo vs Perosh

Caraway vs Gagnon

Roop vs Carvalho

Clarke vs Kuivanen

They know this is Calgary, not Cali, right? Faber isn't Bret Hart.  With all of their fighters, UFC's roster is still stretched too thin.  I think it's time the UFC considers cancelling shows.  I'd almost be interested in a statistical look-back of injuries to fighters affecting cards.  UFC is pushing this myth that guys want it so bad, they're training so hard, they're injuring themselves.

I'd like to propose that fighter's have always gotten injured, but the UFC did have such a ponzi scheme of match making before.  They didn't have to borrow from Peter to pay Paul.  But now they do.

Is it time they consider cancelling a show or two?

- Dan Cruickshank

DM:  UFC did cancel a March PPV show in Montreal because they couldn't get a main event.  In this case, the issue is they sold the building out the first day, and it wasn't to scalpers but to fans, and had the biggest gate in history for a market that size.  The feeling was the city badly wanted to see UFC and there was no way to move the date unless they waited for another year.  Their feeling is the majority of fans wanted a UFC show since the main event they advertised, Aldo vs. Koch, was not a ticket selling main event to begin with.  In fact, you got a better main event from a fan standpoint.  Aldo vs Koch figured to be one-sided.   Faber is a bigger star than Aldo.  Barao is at least as big a star as Koch, and it's a stronger match-up.  Now, the undercard has fallen apart due to injuries and the overall card has taken a turn for the worst.  It's a bad situation with so many shows and everyone booked.  I'd say it's better for business not to run so many shows so close together, but that's not going to change.  The thing is, you can get a refund if you request it.

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