Traditional Championship Wrestling's first one hour TV show

TCW Wrestling Report
By Shawn Davis
Background: For a about a year, TCW has been producing a half hour wrestling show that has mostly been distributed via youtube and  After announcing two television deals, one in the Memphis, TN market and the other in the Joplin, MO market, TCW launched a new 1 hour show.  This is a review of TCW’s first 1 hour show. 

Show Analysis:
First off, TCW’s shows are in HD, which is extremely impressive for an independent company.  Show number 12-24 begins with a stylistic graphic and hard hitting music transitioning into clips of devastating moves from various wrestlers.  The TCW logo is shown and it dissolves into an impressive crowd of fans cheering and chanting, T-C-W.  This is a hot crowd!  Wrestling announcing veteran, Chris Cruise of WCW fame, welcomes fans to the show.  His announcing partner is introduced at TCW owner and his name is Brian Thompson.   Chris welcomes the new Joplin and Memphis markets to the TCW viewer ship.   Cruise runs down the card for the show.  TCW Champion Tim Storm against King Shane Williams is the main event.  Thompson let’s us know that due to a decision by  the TCW Board of Directors the match is a non-title match.  Cruise then goes on to talk about a 7ft. monster named Titan.  He then throws it to the first match of the show.

Alucard def. Moe Stegall in 6 minutes and 37 seconds

The wrestler known as Alucard seems to materialize in the entrance way out of red mist as he crawls to the ring.  Alucard shows off some fangs, and he seems to be a vampire character.  Moe Stegall makes his entrance with a lot of energy, high-fives some fans, and gets in the ring.  Alucard hangs upside down from a turnbuckle like a bat while Stegall interacts with the fans.  That was different and entertaining.  The bell rings, and off we go.

Alucard intimidates Stegall with his fangs and vampric mannerisms.  Alucard no-sells some early offense by Moe.  Moe dazes Alucard with a hurricarana followed by a drop kick.  Alucard takes control with an impressive power slam in the middle of the ring.  Alucard is in control with kicks as the crowd comes up with a “He’s a vampire” chant.  Alucard with a very impressive leg drop.  His vertical jump was amazing.  A couple near falls from Alucard.  Stegall mounts a small comeback, but Alucard stifles it by biting him on the head.  Wow!  Spinning side slam by Alucard followed by a near fall.  Alucard goes to the top rope, and misses a leg drop.  Moe has a flurry of offence, but is derailed by Alucard with a desperation slam.  Alucard hits an impaler like slam and gets the 3 count.   Decent enough opening match.  Alucard is an interesting character, and this felt like a glorified squash match to introduce him to the fans. 

A graphic teases the first ever handicap match in TCW history.  Titan vs. Angel and Greg King.  More crowd shots of excited and cheering fans.  Cruise and Thompson talk about the debut of Alucard and throw it to another wrestling veteran, Ken Resnick.  Ken interviews the 7ft. Monster, Titan.  Titan and Ken talk about Titan’s friendship with Tim Storm and a past altercation with The Bradford Family and Boyd Bradford.  To catch up on TCW storylines you can watch all past episodes on their youtube channel.

Titan def. Greg King and Angel in 3 minutes and 44 seconds.

Greg King and Angel make their entrance first to a mixed reaction.  Titan makes his entrance to a loud pop.  Titan is indeed impressive looking.  Greg King and Angel sell shock at Titan’s size as Titan circles the ring.  Greg King and Angel play a game of paper/rock/scissors to see who will take on the giant first.  Angel loses.  Titan and Angel lock up, and Titan immediately throws Angel back into a corner.  Greg King then tries his luck, and Titan face slams him.  King and Angel then try to take the big man on at the same time.  The each try to take a leg, and Titan knee slams them each off of him.  Titan slaps Angel around a little.  Greg King attacks Titan from behind with little effect.  Titan turns around, and Greg attempts to jump and punch Titan in the face several times.  Greg King bounces off the ropes, comes back at Titan and Titan throws Greg King into the air, and King falls and slams down into the mat!  That was very high!  The crowd went nuts.  Titan goes back to slapping Angel around in the corner.  Titan went for a splash in the corner on Angel, but Angel rolled out of the way.  Titan went head first in the turnbuckle.  Titan was dazed, so King and Angel attempt to capitalize.  They Irish whip Titan off the ropes, and he gives them a double clothesline.  Titan picks Angel up, and throws him into Greg King.  Titan then delivers a double chokeslam on both men, followed by a double pin.  

A graphic teases the upcoming main event, a non-title match between “King” Shane Williams and the champion, Tim Storm.  Chris Cruise announces that Matt Riviera has joined him and Thompson at the announcing booth.  Brian Thompson sends it to Ken Resnick with Shane Williams for an interview.  They talk about Shane’s match with Tim Storm, and what a win would mean for Williams.  They focus on Shane Williams’ quest for TCW gold. 

“King” Shane Williams def. TCW Champion Tim Storm in a non-title match in 17 minutes and 56 seconds. 

Shane Williams comes out first.  A red carpet has been laid out for him and he is wearing a purple royal cape.  Nice touch.  TCW International Champion, Tim Storm is out next to a huge pop.  Storm looks like a big guy, he has the right look for a champion.  They lock up, Storm pushes Williams into the corner, and the ref forces a break. Storm gives Williams a pat on the chest, and Williams wipes it off with his royal towel.  They circle…Storm grabs Williams’ towel and uses it to wipes off sweat on his forehead and under arms.  Funny stuff.  They lock up again, and Storm powerfully pushes Williams across the ring.  Storm gets the crowd behind him.  Storm and Williams lock up, they trade rear locks.  They reset, and circle each other.   They lock up once again, Storm with a side headlock.  Shane with a whip, and Storm with a shoulder block.  Shane goes flying into the ropes and gets his leg caught in the ropes.  It untangles and they reset.  Shane with some shoulder thrusts in the corner to Storm’s mid-section.  Shane stuns Storm with a devastating right hand the face.  Storm flips Shane around and delivers some rights of his own.  Storm whips Shane into the opposite corner, and Shane hits hard and falls to the matt.   The reset again.  Storm clotheslines Shane over the ropes to the outside.  Storm give Shane a hard right and they reenter the ring.  Shane with a big boot to Storm’s face.  Storm is down.  Shane exposes the metal turnbuckle!  Shane rams Storm back first into the exposed turnbuckle.  Shane with some solid punches to Storm.  Storm with a clothesline to take back control.  Storm with a slam in the center of the ring.  Storm misses an elbow drop.  Shane Williams hits a sweet looking swinging neck breaker.  A near fall for Shane.  They trade kicks and punches until Storm hits his own neck breaker.  Storm with a near fall.  Shane takes back control with a jaw breaker on Storm.  Storm reverses a move, and hits Shane with a suplex.  Shane hits another neck breaker on Storm.  It is going back and forth.  Neither athlete keeps control for long.  Very near fall for Shane Williams.  Shane twisting the neck of Tim Storm.  Storm feeds off the crowd cheering for him, and he powers out of the hold that Shane has him in.  Shane Williams hit’s a running knee into Tim Storms gut.  Oklahoma roll from Shane Williams for a near fall.  Storm whips Shane into the corner with the exposed turnbuckle.  Shane falls to the matt, reeling in pain.  Storm with an impressive vertical suplex.  Storm with a 2 count.  An underhook suplex by Storm and another 2-count.  Storm with 10 punches in the corner on the turnbuckle.  Shane falls to the matt.  A big boot by Storm, followed by a 3-point shoulder block.  Storm seems to be in control now for the last several minutes.  Storm celebrates with the crowd instead of pinning Shane.  Tim elbowed the referee by accident!  Ref is down.  Shane takes over with a DDT on Storm.  Shane leaves the ring, and grabs a steel chair from under the ring, and takes it into the ring.  He is about to hit Storm with the chair when Matt Riviera leaves the announcing booth and takes the chair from Shane.  Matt chases Shane out of the ring with the chair, and then he drops the chair and checks on Tim Storm.  Storm is still dazed from the DDT, and mistakes Matt for Shane.  Tim shoulder blocks Matt into the corner, sandwiching the referee again.  Shane grabs the chair and levels Tim Storm with the chair.  A new ref comes in, Shane gets the 3 count and a win over the TCW Champion.  Some of the fans seem to be won over by Shane Williams because he gets a mixed reaction for his win.   Shane motions that he is ready for a title shot.  Shane basks in the glory of his win on the top turnbuckle.  The show ends with some slow motion recaps of big moments from the show. 

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