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WWE No Way Out
Thumbs In the Middle
Best Match: Punk v Bryan v Kane
Worst Match: Ryback squash
Decent show but too much shit. Can they just sign Goldberg to a short-term deal so he can come out and get rid of Ryback? That pop alone would be worth it.
I don't get how they decimate Ziggler, Beth, and Rhodes, then feel they can be rehabilitated back into title programs, or even bigger.
Nice that Punk is getting an extended title reign tho.
Jeff Cohen
Flushing, NY
Thumbs in the middle
Best Match: 4-way tag match
Worst Match: Santino vs Ricardo
This show was alright. Better than Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber, but after those shows I was in a funk thinking WrestleMania would be retched.
The three men's title matches were a-ok, even though I forgot about Cody and Christian even being on the show.
For the best match, I gotta give it to the NXT showcase, watching 6 guys I have been enjoying watching for over a year actually get a decent amount of time on ppv was good enough and then you add the extra two guys (Primo and Epico) and have a really good match was just the icing on the cake.
So what is Big Show to do next? Kofi? Brodus? A 5-on-1 Handicap Match? John Cena in a normal match?
Anyhoo, take care,
Emerson "NXT is still better than Impact" Witner

Thumbs in the middle

Best Match: Punk vs Bryan vs Kane

Worst Match: Tuxedo Match

This show was slightly better than I expected, which was very little, but there was some good on it.

Sheamus vs Ziggler was pretty good minus a couple sloppy spots. I was hoping they would give Ziggler the title, the guy deserves it. King annoyed me in this match to no end by not putting Ziggler over at all and ignoring the crowd chants for him. At least Booker tried to talk Ziggler up throughout the match and make him seem like a potential star. Once again, WWE ignores what the fans want and fails to make a new star.

The Tuxedo match was abysmal. I think I tolerate Santino and Ricardo a lot more than most but there was no defending this. I laughed when Santino shouted "this was my only tuxedo." Other than that, a total dud.

Cody vs Christian I enjoyed especially the finishing sequence. A good match for its spot on the show, but hope they start doing something with Cody soon, and Christian too for that matter. At least make it look like the feud means something.

The four way tag was also pretty good with some nice action. I wish they would give the Usos a push of sorts, they seem to have some charisma and the ability to work exciting tag matches. Tyson Kidd needs to be on TV more as well even if it's jobbing, he can get good matches out of people. Liked AW aligning himself with the Prime Time Players too. I would hope this means WWE focusing on the tag division more, but one of its champs is injured so I guess not.

Layla vs Beth wasn't anything special. I thought Beth should have gotten the belt back but it doesn't matter anyway.

Sin Cara vs Hunico was just filler and annoyed me. If you were so desperate for a filler match you really couldn't have thrown Ryder out there to get a reaction and have him beat someone like Hawkins or Reks or even Swagger and possibly get the crowd into the show more? No one appeared to care about this match and yet again WWE gives a middle finger to its fans that paid to show up to the show instead of doing something nice for them.

Punk vs Bryan vs Kane was the best match on the show and Kane's performance surprised me. Thought AJ would have a bigger role in the finish, but not complaining at all with what they did. This better not mean the end of the Punk-Bryan feud however.

The Ryback squash was expected and fine. Wonder how they'll handle Ryback going forward

Cena vs Show was a better main event than Cena vs Big Johnny. Not a horrible close to a PPV, but certainly nothing to remember.  Match dragged on at times. Decent finish I guess, not much else to say.

Kevin Mastro

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