OVW TV report 6-20 Louisville

  Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television report of episode#670, that was taped on June 20th, with an air date of June 23rd in Louisville. This episode is already available online at www.ovwrestling.com. 

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers for this episode. Ron Hed was the ring announcer. 

I read online that OVW's Taeler Hendrix will be on the "Gut Check" segment tonight live on TNA Impact. As inane as I think Gut Check's have been so far on so many levels, sincere good luck to Taeler Hendrix! 

Here's the link to the archive of the June 17th OVW Overview podcast, which featured a fun interview with Chris Silvio & Mo Green. 

I haven't heard it yet, but Mike Mondo appeared on last nights "Ringside Rap" podcast at this link. 

Kenny and Christopher Bolin appear on the "PWKGW" podcast at this link, which has Kenny Bolin giving some interesting info on John Cena's sex habits when he was in OVW in the wake of the recent Kenn Doane comments. 

This episode opened with OVW Board of Directors member Ken Wayne coming to the ring. Wayne first explained the reason he hasn't just fired "Talent Arbitrator" Josette Bynum is it's more fun to torture her for awhile first. Ok, that makes no sense, and even if it's twisted into logic, what does that make Ken Wayne?? Heh... 

Bynum then came to the ring with her "Family". Wayne then asked OVW owner Danny Davis to come to the ring, which Davis did. 

Ken Wayne told Danny Davis he was fining him $100 for calling Josette Bynum a b!tch last week. Davis then said b!tch about Bynum several times, without directly calling her it. 

Wayne then announced that for tonight will be a series of four tag team matches, and only he knows who will be in them. Then at the end of this show, Bynum and Davis will each get to pick a team from the winners, who will then go on to face each other at the July 7th Saturday Night Special. Wayne then added that Bynum's team of Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz are being stripped of the OVW Southern tag team titles due to the way they won them, which made no sense at all. This whole opening segment, and the concept of this show isn't ringing strongly with me thus far. What's the point of this? Torture I guess huh? 

Also on July 7th there will be a best of 7 series of matches between picks of wrestlers by Danny Davis and Josette Bynum for control of OVW. Davis chose "Smooth" Johnny Spade as his first pick last week. 

1. Joe Coleman & Rocco Bellagio w/Prince Bolin & Jack Black vs James "Moose" Thomas & Michael Hayes w/Mickie McMichael was ruled a double DQ 

Michael Hayes came out without his prosthetic leg on, which on commentary they said was due to it not working properly. This one never got started, it was just a big brawl on the floor, so the ref called for the bell and threw the match out, which eliminated both teams from the tournament tonight. 
Prince Bolin kicked Mickie McMichael low during the melee, and then left. Eventually BS 2.0 and Moose and Hayes brawled out of the side door, and into the parking lot. Prince Bolin was waiting out there in his vehicle, so the rest of BS 2.0 climbed in, and he drove off. 

Ted McNaler and his girlfriend Brittany Brittany DeVore were arguing backstage. McNaler still wants to get his hands on Adam Revolver, since Revolver is still hanging around and causing trouble. DeVore just wants McNaler to drop it. McNaler then went to several OVW babyfaces asking them if they had seen Revolver, none had. 

Chris Silvio and Cliff Compton then met up backstage. Both are babyfaces here, but they went to a 10 minute draw in an OVW TV title tournament match against each other on TV last week, and both were annoyed about it. "Smooth" Johnny Spare tried to play peacemaker between Silvio and Compton, and said Silvio and Compton would be teaming up together tonight. Silvio and Compton left things with an uneasy truce between them at best. 

2. Raul Lamotta & Shiloh Jonze beat "The Street Kings" LaMarcus Clinton & Chase King 

Clinton and King are now doing a "Cryme Tyme" like gimmick here. All Jonze and Lamotta early, but King and Clinton took over, with a slight assist from heel referee Chris Sharpe. Jonze and Lamotta came back and won with a double team move, with Lamotta pinning King, and referee Sharpe making the count for the babyfaces. So Jonze and Lamotta advance in the tag team title tournament. 

Paredyse and Brandon Espinosa were backstage talking about their "partnership", and how happy they are about it. Paredyse said they didn't get to consummate it last week though, and he and Espinosa were about to kiss when Ted McNaler and Brittany walked into the room, with McNaler still looking for Adam Revolver. Paredyse then told Espinosa that they have go to "oil up" for their match tonight. 

3. Dylan Bostic w/Taeler Hendrix beat Randy Royal in an OVW TV title tournament match 

It was pretty much all Randy Royal here, and in impressive fashion, but Taeler Hendrix ran a distraction, and it was enough for her wimpy man, Dylan Bostic, to pin Royal while holding the tights. So the somewhat unlikely Bostic advances in the TV title tournament, and I wouldn't be shocked if he wins it. 

4. "The best team ever" Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz w/Josette Bynum beat Cliff Compton & Chris Silvio w/Mo Green 

So Ken Wayne strips Switchblade and Godderz of the tag titles, then inserts them into the tag title tournament on the same show? Who is booking this show? Monkeys on crack? A back and forth match for awhile here, but Compton and Silvio could not stay on the same page, and ended up pushing and shoving each other in the ring. Switchblade and Godderz took advantage of it, and pinned Compton after a double team move, so the newly stripped team of Godderz and Switchblade advances in the tag team tournament. Heh.... 

Brittany DeVore was backstage interviewing Mohamad Ali Vaez & Jason Wayne, who we found out will be facing Paredyse & Brandon Espinosa tonight. While Vaez and Wayne were talking though, Adam Revolver was standing in a doorway. Ted McNaler ran up and swung a chair at Revolver, with Brittany DeVore trying to stop McNaler. McNaler and Revolver then argued, and those two will meet in a match on TV next week. 

5. Paredyse & Brandon Espinosa w/Chris beat Mohamad Ali Vaez & Jason Wayne w/Josette Bynum 

TV main event time. All Vaez and Wayne early, with Paredyse taking the heat. Espinosa was tagged in, but Vaez and Wayne dominated him as well. Paredyse and Espinosa came back, with Espinosa scoring two extremely near falls on Vaez. So extreme both looked like Vaez was pinned. Paredyse then pinned Vaez with his spinning neckbreaker finisher. The entire finishing sequence was odd. 

The rest of "The Family" ran in and attacked Paredyse & Espinosa after the match, but Raul Lamotta & Shiloh Jonze came in to even the sides. 

Ken Wayne came out and said since Danny Davis got to pick first last week, Josette Bynum gets to pick first this week, so Bynum picked Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade. Duh. 

Danny Davis then came out and picked Paredyse & Brandon Espinosa, which caused Shiloh Jonze & Raul Lamotta to show open disappointment. Ken Wayne then added the stip that on July 7th Paredyse & Espinosa vs Godderz & Switchblade will be a ladder match. Dean Hill sold it on commentary like this will be one of the best of seven series of matches for control of OVW between Davis and Bynum, which confused me even more. I thought the tag team tourney here was a separate deal. Don't ask me to explain this booking. 

Well let's see, right now in OVW there is a tournament for the OVW TV title, another for the OVW Southern Tag team titles, and a best of seven series between opponent picks by Danny Davis and Josette Bynum for control of OVW all going on at the same time. Absolutely ridiculous, and that wasn't even the main problem with this show. 
There was some decent wrestling on this episode, but I found the shithouse booking to be maddening, and it was really a pointless episode. OVW BOD member Ken Wayne seems to to exist just to mess with Danny Davis and Josette Bynum for his own jollies, but it's not interesting, or logical stuff. Hell, if Wayne is just playing around with Bynum instead of firing her, why doesn't she just quit? And why is he still giving her a 50-50 shot at controlling the company past July 7th? Totally illogical. Hell, if Bynum doesn't just want to quit, why doesn't she turn Ken Wayne into the OVW Board of Directors for abuse of power? Blah. Send any feedback to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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