UFC live coverage from Atlantic City - Maynard vs. Guida

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First round: Pague just fought two weeks ago.  Pague landed a big right.  Body kick by Pague ended up beIng low, Stone got nailed right in the yambag.  Pague landing a flurry after Stone landed a jab.  Traded low kicks.  Traded shots.  Both traded as the round ended.  Close round 10-9 Pague.

Second round: Pague moved in.  Stone moved in for a takedown.  Stone powered him down but Pague immediately back up.  Crowd booing as Stone has him against the fence and can’t take him down.  The ref separated them to a big cheer.  Stone landed a kick to the groin and we’ve got a time out.  Stone with low kicks.  Trading punches.  Spinning backfist by Pague.  Both trading some more.  Pague landing more shots.  More trading of shots.  Another close round, I’ll go 10-9 Stone so even at 19-19.  But both rounds could go either way.

Third round: Pague with an inside and outside low kick.  Both traded and Stone got the better of it.  Stone pushed him against the fence and wants a takedown.  Stone tried a hip toss but doesn’t have it.  Pague got the takedown but Stone reversed and got his back.  Stone now on top in the guard.  Stone not doing a lot on the top.  Pague held a closed guard which isn’t a way to do much offense on your back or win a round in a close fight.  Pague got to his feet with 26 seconds left. Stone keeping pressure on pushing him aginst the fence.  Stone won the round.  I’ve got 29-28
for Stone but we’ll see how the judges go.

Scores: 29-28 Pague 29-28 Stone 29-28 Stone


First round: Miller a big favorite since he’s a New Jersey fighter.  Loud Miller chant.  They are in a clinch.  Miller working hard for a hip toss takedown but couldn’t get it.  Both in a clinch trading knees.  Miller got the throw but Funch right back up.  Now Miller moved forward and landing punches.  Miller working for a takedown.  The ref separated them.  Both trading punches. Body kick and punches by Funch and Miller back.  Close round but I’d go 10-9 Funch.

Second round: Miller moved in and landed punches and grabbed a guillotine, and throwing knees while holding the guillotine.  Miller gave it up to wrk for a takedown.  Funch landing hard elbows .  Funch with a jumping kick.  Funch landing.  Funch moved in for a takedown.  Miller again working for a guillotine.  Miller gave it up to work for a takedown.  Funch wants a takedown and got Miller down.  Miller working for a heel hook but doesn’t have it.  Funch throwing elbows to the ankle of Miller.  Miller with up kick attempts.  Funch landed a big punch on the ground.  Miller with an up kick and got back up.  Good round.  Miller again trying for a guillotine.  Funch’s round so he’s up 20-18.

Third round: Funch with a low kick.  Miller with some punches.  Miller in landing several shots. Funch with another low kick.  Funch with a left.  Miller dropped him with a right and is pounding on him.  Miller landing a ton of hard elbows before Funch’s got guard.  Funch back to his feet.  Miller moving forward with a lot more punches.  Miller dropped him with another right but Funch back up.   Funch going for a takedown.  Funch got the takedown.  Miller got back up. Funch working hard for a takedown.  Miller tried a guillotine, moved to the mount and Funch tapped out.  He may have needed a finish to take it.  Good fight.


First round: Brown big height advantage.  Ramos powered him with a bodylock to the ground. Ramos now has his back but Brown is getting up.  Brown now landing.  Brown with a knee from the the clinch.  Ramos got underhooks.  Brown bleeding from the side of the right eye.  Fight slowed down in the clinch late.  Ref called for a break wth two seconds left.  Why bother?  Close round 10-9 for Brown.

Second round: Brown’s corner told him they think he won the round but can’t be sure, which is the same thing I’d have said because it was close.  Trading low kicks.  Ramos now landed punches and moving in for a takedown.  Brown defending well.  Santos landed left.  Brown threw a hard knee from the clinch.  Ramos bleeding from the top of the nose.  Ramos landed a good punch.  Brown landed right jabs and big lefts.  Ramos going for the takedown and Brown blocking.  Brown with an elbow and two knees. One of the knees hurt Ramos.  Both throwing big punches.  Two knees by Brown and he threw Ramos down.  Ramos up as has Brown’s back and is going for a takedown.  Ramos working for the takedown.  Brown thought power bomb but
gave it up.  Brown landing knees and punches, as well as and elbows from close range.  Hard rights by Brown and more knees and uppercuts before the ref Gasper Oliver stopped it.  Ramos’ face was busted up.  Good brawl.

Brown's interview was beyond bad.  Talk about having nothing to say.


First round: Catone the favorite as he’s another New Jersey guy.  Catone landed a right.  Catone went for a takedown, didn’t get it, then landed a few punches.  Catone tried a takedown, didn’t get it, but landed a knee.  Camozzi landed a left.  Big right by Catone.  Camozzi back with a knee.  Catone landed a right an a body kick.  Catone moved in for a single and took Camozzi down.  Catone landed some short elbows.  More elbows by Catone.  Catone’s round solid 10-9.

Second round: Catone landed some uppercuts.  Catone with more uppercuts.  Catone landed two punches against the fence.  Camozzi with a knee.  Catone has him against the fence.  Catone tried a takedown, Camozzi landing knees.  Several knees by Camozzi.  Camozzi started to take over.  Catone bleeding from the nose.  Catone worked for the takedown and got it.  Catone landing a few shots from the top but not much.  This round close than the first but Catone won it in the last minute.  20-18 Catone.

Third round: Camozzi landed a left and a right and a hard knee to the jaw.  Catone cut over the left eye.  Lots of knees by Camozzi.  Catone bleeding badly.  Camozzi with a knee. Catone tried a takedown but couldn’t get it.  Catone landed a right to the jaw.  Camozzi did this no sell spot.  Catone went for a takedown but Camozzi sprawled. Camozzi with another knee to the body.  It looks like they are going to check Catone’s cut.  It’s a nasty cut.  I think it’s over.  Dan Miragliotta stopped it.  Crowd really upset since Catone had won the first two rounds.  The cut was pretty sick, though and it was the right call.


First round: Siler tried a takedown but couldn’t get it.  Gambino tried a takedown but Siler kneed him in the head.  Gambino’s head is split open.  Siler tried a takedown but Gambino blocked it.   Siler working for a guillotine.  Gambino escaped and both started swinging and Gambnio decked Siler.  Siler up and now Gambino tried a guillotine and Siler took him down.  Siler has his back and throwing punches and now working for a choke.  Gambino escaped the choke.  Siler punching from the mount and went for another guillotine and this time he got it.  This was an exciting fight.


First round: Takedown by Story.  Story has his back.  Story with a knee to the body but mostly riding Jardine.  Jardine back up.  Body kick by Story.  Not much happened in the first round.  10-9 Story.

Second round: Takedown by Story as he ducked a punch.  Story has his back.  Crowd dead for this.  Jardine escaped and back to his feet.  Body kick by Story.  Another kick.  Story moved as Jardine threw a punch and Story got behind him and took Jardine down.  Story has his back again on the ground.  Crowd booing as Story is just keeping back position and doing nothing else.  Body kick by Story.  Story got another takedown with 23 seconds left.  Story’s round again so up 20-18.

Thrid round: Another takedown by Story to start the round.  Big left by Story on the ground. Story took him down again.  Traded shots as Jardine got up.  Story looks like he just blew up.  He’s throwing super slow punches that Jardine is easily evading.  Knee by Story and Jardine is down.  Story working for a guillotine.  Knees by Story.  Jardine with a spin kick a little low.   Body kick by Story.  Jardine tried to shoot in but Story sprawled and controlled him.  Story just beating him at wrestling the whole fight.  Story landed a right that caused Jardine to stumble.   Story’s round, has to win 30-27.

Scores:  All three have 30-27 for Story.


First round: Keith missed weight by one pound, didn’t even bother to strip down and try again or cut the last pound and forfeited 20% of his purse.  Keith threw a knee to the groin right away.  Ref Yves Lavigne told him not to do it again or he’ll be docked a point.  Nijem working for a takedown.  He couldn’t really get it and Keith ended up on top.  Keith moved to mount and tried for an armbar.  Nijem got to his feet and went for a single leg.  Keith has some good balance.  Nijem got the takedown.  Nijem moved to mount.  Nijem is landing a lot of punches from the mount.  Ref Yves Lavigne stopped it.  That was an early stoppage.  Keith wasn’t happy with the
call.  He was taking punches but he was still moving around.


First round: Hioki is risking a title shot in this fight.  They are tied up ina clinch.  Hioki took him down but Lamas reversed to the top.  Hioki got an uma plata right away.  Lamas did almost a Hokuto bomb on him.  Hioki held onto the una plata after being slammed but Lamas got out of it and landed a low kick.  Body kick by Lamas and he went for a takedown.  Hioki back to his feet.  Hioki powered him down into side control.  Hioki not doing much from that position and Lamas regained guard.  Hioki with a few body punches and going for a Kimura but time ran out.  10-9 Hioki.

Second round: Body kick by Lamas. Lamas tried a high kick which was blocked.  Lamas landed some punches.  Lamas moved in landing punches.  Hioki ducked a punch and worked for a takedown.  Lamas defended, hit a big knee and landed several punches on Hioki.  Hard left by Lamas.  USA chants.  Hard body punch by Lamas.  Hioki got the takedown but Lamas working for a guillotine.  Hioki out of it and oon top.  Lamas went for the guillotine again.  Hioki popped out again.  Lamas again working for the guillotine.  Lamas’ round so 19-19.

Third round: Lamas landing more.  Low kick by Lamas.  Left by Lamas.  Another left by Lamas.  Hioki going for a takedown.  Hioki slammed him down while Lamas grabbed the guillotine and it was like Lamas DDT’d him.  Hioki is in a lot of trouble in the guillotine.  Hioki popped out with 45 seconds left.  Lamas throwing weak body shots from the bottom.  Lamas should win the round and take it 29-28.  If Hioki wins, it’s all rep.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Lamas


First round: Nice body kick by Swanson.  Pearson ducked a kick and took Swanson down.  Swanson back up grabbed a front headlock and threw some knees.  Both missing punches.  Pearson landed a high kick.  Swanson decked him with a right.  Pearson back up.  Pearson a lot thicker.  He looked a weight class above.  Swanson landed a left.  Swanson landed a kick to the neck but Pearson got the takedown and is on top.  Swanson back up.  Pearson tried a takedown but Swanson blocked him.  Pearson landed a left.  Swanson snapped Perason’s head back with a punch.  Swanson 10-9.

Second round: Pearson landed a left.  Swanson back with a right.  Both landing punches.  Swanson with a flying kick.  Pearson got the takedown.  Swanson tried a reverse but Pearson took him down again.  Swanson back to his feet.  Pearson bleeding from the right eye.  Both landing punches.  Good round.  Pearson landed a left.  Flying knee by Swanson but Pearson took him down.  Swanson landed an up kick right before Pearson got him down.  Elbow by Pearson.  Pearson with punches from the top.  Elbows by Pearson.  Pearson landing a lot of punches and elbows.  Swanson back to his feet.  Pearson bleeding.  Swanson with punches, and a left hook put Pearson down hard and knocked him silly and it was stopped.  The finish was a front kick that grazed, followed by two right jabs and the left hook that put him down.   4:14


First round: Waldburger dropped him with a left.  Waldburger moved into mount.  He went for a D’arce choke.  Ebersole escaped.  Body shot by Ebersole.  Ebersole is tired from fighting that choke.  Ebersole with a clinch and hard elbow and a right.  Hard knee to the head by Ebersole but Waldburger landed a hard right.  Good right by Waldburger but Ebersole back with left.  Trading body kicks.  Waldburger’s round 10-9, nearly a 10-8.

Second round: High kick by Waldburger blocked.  Waldburger got a takedown.  Ebersole got up and took Waldburger down.  Waldburger with an uma plata and Ebersole escaped.  Elbow by Ebersole and another elbow.  Waldburger working for an amrbar.  Ebersole out.  Ebersole landed a hard punch.  Waldburger keeps going for submission from the back.  Shoulder strikes by Ebersole from the top.  Ebersole landing punches.  More punches by Ebersole from the top.  Ebersole with shoulder strikes.  Now Ebersole landing hard punches but Waldburger went for a triangle with 55 seconds left.  Ebersole out of trouble and landing big punches from the top.
Knee to the body by Ebersole and Ebersole got his back.  Ebersole hurt him late with punches. Ebersole’s round so 19-19.

Third round: Crowd quiet.  Waldburger landed some punches as Ebersole moved in.  Knee and punch by Ebersole from a Thai clinch.  Spining koppo kick by Eberosle.  Eberosle pushed him into fence.  Ebersole got the takedown.  Ebersole got his back but Waldburger turned.  Ebersole remaining on top as time is running out.  Ebersole landed some punches. Ebersole landed two big punches late.  Ebersole’s round, he has to win 29-28.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Ebersole


First round: Both coming out swinging.  Fisher landed a good left.  Good right by Stout.  Fisher kicked him in the groin acidentally.  Fisher landing punches.  Fisher landed a hard left.  Now Stout landing.  Good right by Fisher.  Takedown by Stout.  Stout connecting from the top.  Stout landing some elbows from the top.  Stout now landing a hard punch.  Stout let Fisher up.  Another takedown by Stout.  Knee by Stout. Kick to the body by Stout.  Fisher hit a spinning backfist late.  Stout 10-9

Second round: Fisher landing shots.  Stout went for another takedown but couldn’t get it this time.  Fisher with a spinning backfist missed.  Right by Stout.  Fisher started to connect with punches.  Stout has swelling under the right eye.  Both landing punches but Fisher seems to be doing better.  Takedown by Stout.  Stout landed a lot from the top late.  Very close round.  I’d  go 10-10 for this one.  I think the judges may go with Stout but I didn’t think he did enough damage late from the top to overtake Fisher’s standing edge.

Third round: Fisher’s corner told him he needed a knockout to win.  Fisher has him against the fence.  Stout failed a takedown attempt.  Stout’s right eye looks bad.  Body kick by Stout.  Fisher landed a right.  Fisher moving forward and landed a good left to the jaw.  Stout got another takedown.  Fisher was winning the round before the takedown.  Fisher back to his feet.  Left by Stout.  Stout moved in and got another takedown.  To me, that likely won him the fight.  The ref ordered a standup with 30 seconds left.  Stout bleeding pretty good from the right side of the face.  Both men swinging big.  Fisher’s nose busted now.  Good fight, Stout’s round so 29-27 tho I think judges will have 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Stout.


First round: Guida entering to RVD’s old ECW music and he’s bouncing and dancing to it. You’d think before a five round fight he wouldn’t do that.  Now he’s running around the cage doing single legs.  This crowd loves him and booed Maynard.  Both of these guys physically look in better than usual.  Stamina may be an issue, particularly once it hits rounds three and four, but Maynard should have the early edge, just physically stronger and he’s better at wrestling, which is what Guida relies on.  Loud Guida chants.  Guida dancing all over the place.  He’s expanding three times the energy Maynard is while both are landing nothing.  Both missing punches.  Maynard bleeding from the nose from a punch. Guida landed a right.  Maynard cracked him with
a left.  I can’t believe how much Guida is moving in the first round of a five rounder.  Very little happened in this round.  Guida was doing a funky dance and both were missing punches.  Crowd going crazy even though nothing is happening, cheering for Guida.  Guida moved, then landed two punches.  Maynard with a left to the chin.  Guida with a low kick and punch.  Seriously, nothing happened this round.  If it was  anyone but Guida, this would be a terrible round, but the crowd was hot the entire round.  Guida 10-9.

Second round: Maynard got poked in the eye.  Crowd booed him anyway.  He took no real time out.  Guida landed some jabs.  Guida landed a few.  Looks like Maynard’s right eye is starting to swell.  Guida chants.   Crowd still hasn’t turned on it although nothing is happening.  Now people are staring to boo.  Maynard moving in but missing his punches and kicks.  Guida landed and right and a kick.  Both landed punches.  Maynard landed a right. Guida back with a right.  Crowd booed late in the round.  Maynard landed a left.  Head kick and punches by Guida.  Guida’s high kick should have won him the round.  Crowd booed heavily when it was over.  20-18 Guida.

Third round: Guida landed a knee right away.  Maynard landed a right.  Maynard landed a left.  Another left by Guida.  Maynard seemed frustrated.  Maynard tried a takedown and Guida blocked it.  Left by Guida.  Guida tried a takedown and he couldn’t get it either.  Maynard getting mad because Guida was running backwards.  Crowd booing and it’s Guida’s movement that has led to no action.  Guida landed another left.  Gray lost patience and he’s chasing and missing punches.  Maynard continues to miss punches.  Maynard claimed an eye poke.  Loud chants for
Guida even though this fight has so little physical action.  Mayand moved in and couldn’t hit him again.  Crowd booing agian.  Left landed by Mayanrd.  Maynard with two knees.  Maynard is getting furious at his inability to land anything.  Guida’s round 30-27.

Fourth round: Maynard has completely lost his cool.  Guida landed a right.  Guida landed two more punches.  Guida landed again.  Maynard moved in.  Guida landed a jab.  Guida keeps landing the jab.  Maynard landed a right.  Crowd booing heavy as little is happening.  Maynard landed a right.  Guida landed a left.  Guida keeps running away for the most part.  Crowd booing heavy.  Maynard landed a rihgt.  Maynard landed another right.  Maynard shot in.  Guida blocked but Maynard landed several knees.  Maynard was yelling at him.  Guida with three punches as Maynard just stood there and put his gloves down and let Guida hit him all out.  Guida went for a
takedown.  Maynard got a guillotine, but Guida slammed himout of it.  Crowd going nuts from that.  Guida throwing shoulder strikes from the top.  The last minute was crazy.  Maynard 39-37.

Fifth round: Crowd going crazy for this fight.  Maynard landed a right.  Maynard landed a right.  Big kick and a right by Guida.  Maynard landed a hard right.  Guida back with two lefts.  Uppercut by Guida.  Left by Maynard.  Maynard ducked for a takedown but Guida danced out of trouble.  Maynard moving forward.  Maynard moved for takedown but Guida again danced away.  Guida running away and crowd booing.  Dan Miragliotta warned Guida for running away.  Maynard landed a right.  Maynard shooting in for takedown.  Guida blocking.  Maynard with some knees as he worked for the takedown.  Knees by Maynard from the clinch.  Maynard’s round.  I’ve got 48-47 for Guida.  Maynard is furious about this fight.  Judges could go either way with this.

Scores: Loud Guida chants after all this.  48-47 Maynard 48-47 Guida 48-47 Maynard.  Crowd booed the judge who gave it to Guida.

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