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I've been a Clay Guida fan since first seeing him beat Josh Thomson in Strikeforce in 2005.  He always came to fight, no matter what. Even in the aftermath of so many losses in close fights to top ranked opponents, you always knew he would have a great fight the next time you saw him.  Period.  Until tonight.  His strategy was built on a philosophy that was the polar opposite of everything Clay Guida has built his reputation on.  Maybe they thought Maynard would gas, but by the third round I was rooting for Maynard to knock Clay out.  Great to have the main event on FX booed out of the building for 4 1/2 rounds. This was supposed to be an exciting fight for a five round main event.  It ended up with Clay running away for 25 minutes. God awful.  At least Adalaide Byrd wasn't there to give Guida a 50-45 decision.

Dan Miller

Thumbs in the middle
Best fight Brian Ebersol vs TJ Waldburger
Worst fight Gray Maynard vs Clay Guida(completly due to Guida)
I was already a fan of Gray but now im a bigger fan after he had to deal with that horseshit performance from Guida, I havent saw anybody run that fast away from a fight since I ran away in the 1st grade. Should have been scored 50-0....otherwise a pretty good night of fights, good comeback performance from Dan Miller and I loved the Ebersol-Waldburger fight.
Wade Haugen

Hi Guys,
I thought that it was a thumbs up for a free FX card. The main event was a let down and Gray's post fight interview summed it up but the other 3 fights on the main card more than made up for it. The undercard fights were decent as well with the Rick Story fight being the only so-so one of the four.
Best Fight: Swanson vs Pearson followed closely by Stout vs Fisher
Worst Fight: Maynard vs Guida
Best KO: Cub Swanson
Best Sub: Steven Siler
Joey Gambino vs. Steven Siler - Siler looked very impressive in the win here. Great Thai plum and knees to open Gambino up. Nice submission attempts and final guillotine finish with a bloody slippery opponent.
Brock Jardine  vs. Rick Story - Story totally dominated but was really starting to gas in the 3rd round. Jardine had no offence at all and maybe had a bit UFC debut jitters but hats off for taking the fight on 3 weeks notice.
C.J. Keith vs. Ramsey Nijem - I disagree with Kenny Florian who though Lavigne stopped the fight early. Keith was laying on his side with his arms outstretched not defending himself at all, just absorbing blows. Thought this was a very entertaining fight that was back and forth evenly matched until the ending. 
Ricardo Lamas vs. Hatsu Hioki - This was a major upset. I am surprised that Hioki survived some of those guillotine attempts as they looked very tight. He also survived that DDT in the 3rd round. Ouch! Hioki looked like a very different fighter her than he did against Bartimus in Japan. Maybe the flight did him in. It was clear though win or lose, he would have no chance on his feet against Aldo as his standup looked very slow getting leg kicked at will and taking a lot of solid lefts to the head. Lamas did a solid job here and deserved the win.
Cub Swanson vs. Ross Pearson - Thought this was a hell of a fight. Both guys looked very good here and gave the crowd exactly what they wanted, a Great stand-up battle. Swanson looked so quick and crisp and his KO punch was beautiful.
T.J. Waldburger vs. Brian Ebersole - Ebersole showed great resolve in coming back in the 1st round. That D'arce sure looked tight, he was turning purple. Thought this was a real great chessmatch on the ground. Ebersole showed a lot of great submission defense and landed a lot of solid shots in the guard. Ebersole needs to do something about his chest hair styling, makes you want to see the guy get his clock cleaned.
Spencer Fisher vs. Sam Stout - This was the fight on the card I was really looking forward to as I really like both of these guys. They delivered a solid fast paced fight and Stout looked to have gotten back into his groove. Both guys stand up was equal but Stout's wrestling has tremendously improved.
Clay Guida vs. Gray Maynard  - Not sure how you really score those first 3 rounds 9-9? I really like Guida but didn't really like this fight. The first round was entertaining with Guida's footwork but it wore thin as the fight moved on with not a lot of action. I wonder what the Fight Metric punch count was? Could be a record for the lowest in a 5 round decision. So Guida had really great footwork and danced around trying to frustrate Gray and tire him out for the later rounds, but how did he expect to win the fight throwing the occasion punch? He needed to have some offence in the 4th and 5th to try to win the fight. My view was he was only trying to survive. The end of the 4th was crazy when Gray gave Guida a free shot to try to goad him into fighting. I scored the fight as a win for Maynard as he was the only one pressing forward and did the most damage in any round especially when he got the Thai plum and threw a bunch of knees.
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I am passing on the UFC tomorrow night, I don't think it is a PPV worthy show. Unless you could see Ultimate Fighter Brazil the undercard doesn't really mean a lot. Buy rate for Saturday is going to be scary.
Grant Zwarych
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