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This made me want to cancel cable.  Also sell my house.  And belongings.  And children.  And leave the planet. 
Kevin McKenzie


Hey guys,
Only just watching RAW now, refuse to stay up till 4am to watch this crap anymore.
Not listened to your show yet so dont know if you guys have mentioned it yet but why the hell would Laurinitis have booked a handicap match that includes John Cena if Cena was going to be fired when/if he'd lost at No Way Out.
I'm flicking through RAW after that - complete joke.
Sean Martins
Manchester, UK


Excellent job on your Bjorn Rebney interview. Not only are you guys brilliant writers, but your radio shows are great. (They've helped me through sleepless nights lately, my wife and I had our first child 2 weeks ago- a girl).
Rebney talked about the Lombard negotiations and how they realized the limits of their budget, and didn't match the offer from ufc. Rebney seems to have a grasp of what his business is right now, and knows where he should spend and shouldn't.
Dave often talks about how the public has chosen one wrestling promotion and one MMA promotion. However, for example in retail, there are smaller, specialty or niche stores that can still carve out a profit, accepting that they will never compete with the Amazons or Walmarts of the world. But I realize wrestling and MMA are different.
Can a promoter who knows his limitations (or presents a slightly different product) run a successful MMA or wrestling group in today's environment? Are there any who do that now?
Jeff Miller

DM:  On a national scale, it would be extremely difficult, and impossible without a well paying television deal.  On a local scale, where you pay the talent little and survive on family and friends and grassroots show, it's still hard but you can survive.  CHIKARA is the best example of a group running a niche promotion, completely different from everyone else.  They are surviving, but hardly knocking them dead.


Just saw the video on YouTube. The words that immediately come to mind are disgusting, reprehensible, aghast and despicable.
Shane Douglas should be ashamed of himself for allowing that video to be released. It will take a hell of a lot for something to beat that as the most disgusting promotional tactic of the year.
Dennis Gorman


Hi Dave,

I’ve been a subscriber for a couple of years now and even though I’ve been really disenchanted with both wrestling and MMA the past several months, I really enjoy following the industry through your podcasts and website updates.

I just listened to the Matt Hardy interview today and really loved it.  This guy has been losing it for a long time now, full of denial even though he was going down so quickly.  This interview was really professional and the questions excellent, giving him a chance to cover the issues we want to hear about without cornering him and making him feel defensive.  I see such a huge change in him compared to about 6 months ago.  I really feel that Matt is in a good place mentally right now and seems on the right track to recovery.   I think we’re all cheering for him and hope that he’ll be okay.  I don’t really care if he goes back to national TV, as long as he is healthy that’s the most important thing.

So thanks very much for the interview, it’s a great perk of subscribing.  If I could just make one request, it would be for you to give slightly more coverage for Japanese wrestling and the major US indies on your podcast.  I think you give enough coverage on the newsletter, and I’m definitely not asking for full recaps like you guys give Raw or Impact, but some small updates once a week or so would be cool.

Thanks so much for the great product.  It’s such a great value for many hours of entertainment each month.  I’m definitely a loyal subscriber.

Ian Jalbert


I have been reading some good reviews on TNA as of late since returning to live weekly TV and the last ppv. The Detroit Tigers played a day game so I decided to give Impact a chance.

What a laughable and annoying waste of two hours!

Everyone rips WWE for stupid finishes as of late. But I saw the exact same stuff tonight! AJ and Bully Ray lose matches by allowing themselves to get distracted by stuff going on outside the ring just like complete fools! I guess on the bright side no one got counted out on purpose.

The end segment was totally disgusting! I was texting back and forth with a friend during the show. During the country music video with Velvet Sky we joked that the show came off as marketing to rednecks with that video and the James Storm push. (Neither one of us are country music fans to say the least). Little did we know what was coming up in the end segment. Talk about "white trash theatre"!  With the history of addiction problems in pro wrestling I'd love to know the jackasses who came up with this storyline and who approved it. This was not funny or entertaining at all. It was like a cross between Jerry Springer and a Mexican soap opera! The subject matter is bad, but the acting was even worse.

Jake Koch

That was a terrible payoff to that angle. Is it just me or was that girl pregnant? And she was supposed to be a recovering addict? What?
Ehren Schaffter
Observer subscriber


What's ridiculous about the house-show stuff is this: If I were fired
or laid off from my job, would I be allowed to attend every obligation
(meetings, functions, etc.) I had in place at the time of my
dismissal? No.
The only precedents I can think of are loser-leaves-town matches like
Flair-Hennig (Flair did some house shows on the way out) and
Orndorff-Rude (Orndorff did some house shows on the way out).
Ed Hannan

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