Feedback to last night's UFC show

I not a big UFC fan, but I've been trying to follow it more lately. I gave the show on FX a shot tonight because, why not? And I was pretty entertained, but I've pretty much forgotten about most of it. But I did dig the main event, I loved the fight and thought both guys were great. I would pay to see that fight again.
- Joe Collins

Thumbs up show...
I thought both the prelims and main card were good. 
Ive read the reviews and I dont see all the negative reactionto Guida and Gray... I actually had Guida winning 4-1, with Gray getting the 5th round.  He outstruck him and definitely did more damage.  True he did back pedal alot, but he also made Gray look pretty bad on many occasions just having him throw big shots and miss and lose his balance.  As far as  him "running", I think that was total B.S call on the ref's part.. he seemed personally agitated by Guida with his strategy,   I mean is the guy supposed to stay in the pocket and get hit in the face, or try and get out of harms way... I dont think its the refs place to admonish someone because they are getting out of a bad spot, Guidas strategy was working and he was connecting alot more throughout the fight than Gray was.  Some questionable judging in my opinion.   I think it was a bad decision... just because you are pressing the action doesnt mean you are winning.. Gray pressed forward constantly but was getting tagged constantly in doing so and missing was missing wildly.  But still a great main event... would love to see a rematch between the two.    
Mike Kulyk

Dave --
It really amazes me how many fighters the UFC has under contract in order to fill all these cards. I'm a pretty big fan and go to most of the fights in Las Vegas. But I simply don't have time to keep up with all these guys, or watch every live fight. Who does have six hours every weekend? Or 12 hours this weekend? It's just gotten to be too much. The action hasn't really suffered. I just have to fast forward through everything except the fights in the morning before the Mrs wakes.
Best fight: Swanson-Pearson
Worst fight: Story-Jardine 
Prelim: I was happy to see Matt Brown win. I've been a fan since his year on TUF. Steven Siler looked very good. Nijam stoppage was a little early for my taste. 
Main Card: Wow that's a lot of blood on the mat. Cub Swanson and Ross Pearson were warriors. Very, very nice fight. The Emersole fight did nothing for me, although his goofy chest hair may be the most memorable thing about the night. What a weird look. Stout-Fisher was fun. 
Guida looks like a different person without the hair flying everywhere. But you can tell it's him because he moves like an ape. Maynard eating the shots was stupid, but awesome...
And despite having five hours of television, UFC went more than 15 minutes over so the last four minutes is not on my DVR.
Ha. Perfect. I'll go check
Mike Trask
Las Vegas

I still love Guida though, like Dundee he can play the undersized challenger, dodge a lock-up and steal be a Face.
George Maranville

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