UFC 147 live coverage from Belo Horizonte, Brazil - Wanderlei Silva vs. Franklin, TUF Brazil finals

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First round: Vieira is a well known Jiu Jitsu guy. He’s on top after a takedown as Arantes threw a punch. This crowd is super hot, one of the loudest ever, but also very quick to boo. Vieira passed to side control. Arantes regained guard. Vieira is landing punches from the top now. He’s landing quite a few. He passed to side control again. Arantes regained guard as Vieira worked for a D’arce choke. Vieira 10-9.

Second round: This crowd is going ridiculously crazy for Arianny. They react to her like she’s Hogan or Bruno. Arantes in with a knee. He followed with a push kick to the chest. Crowd is super loud while nothing much is happening. Arantes with a low kick. Hard low kick by Arantes. Body kick by Arantes. Vieira tried a takedown but didn’t come close. Arantes landed a left. Now a low kick. Arantes landed a left. Vieira hurt him with a spin kick to the body. Crowd went wild for that. Arantes then took Vieria down. Arantes got his back. Arantes’ round 19-19. Crowd going nuts.

Third round: Arantes landing more standing. Vieira went for a takedown but Arantes blocking and hurting him with punches from the top. Arantes got an uppercut with both kneeling on the ground. Vieira has a full guard. Vieira’s got about 90 seconds to pull this fight out. The crowd was booing the ground game and the ref stood them up. Spinning back kick byArantes. Vieira tried a spin kick and moved forward but couldn’t get a takedown. Push kick by Vieira. Arantes was willing to stall out the final seconds. The crowd booed loudly when it was over, and there were also loud cheers. Has to be 29-28 Arantes.

Scores: 29-28 Vieira 29-28 Arantes 28-28 A draw. That’s insane. A 28-28 would mean someone got a 10-8 round and there’s no way.


These are both off the TUF Brazil show.

First round: These two were teammates on the show. Both landed early. Crowd is deafaning. Not even any great action. Now they are in a clinch against the fence. Takedown by Campos. Campos moved to the mount and is pounding away. Now he’s got his back and working for a head and arm choke. Vinicius out and up but Campos took him back down. Campos is punching the body. Vinicius landed an elbow from the bottom and Campos with short shots from the top but nothing major. Campos10-9. Deafening cheers after the round and it was just an ordinary round.

Second round: Vinicius threw a flying knee that missed, Campos landed a punch that put Vinicius down with Campos on top. Campos moved to side control. Mostly on the ground and Campos winning the positioning game but not doing any real damage. Crowd booing and ref threatening a standup. Vincius threw hammer fists from the bottom. Herb Dean again threatening to stand them up as he crowd booed. Campos round again, should be up 20-18.

Third round: Vinicius landed a right and a flying knee and another knee. Vinicius with punches and knees and Campos is in a lot of trouble. Ref Herb Dean stopped the fight. Good come from behind win for Vinicius. The place exploded.


First round: Crowd chanting loudly for Mafra. Mafra a lot smaller, he’s really a welterweight in frame. Mafra with a body kick. Mafra landing looping punches. Perpetuo landed a right and Mafra landed a left. Mafra with a knee and a few more punches. Both swinging wildly. Now Perpetuo with a right and left. Perpetuo working for a takedown. He can’t get it. Perpetuo’s right eye already looking bad. Perpetuo landed an elbow. Mafra bleeding from the right eye. Mafra 10-9

Second round: Overhand right by Perpetuo. Mafra chants again. Perpetuo landed a left hook. Mafra in with some punches. Both landing. Perpetuo with a takedown an Marfra went for an armbar but Perpetuo escaped and spun to the top. Mafra again went for an armbar. He keeps going for armbars. Perpetuo landing hard elbows from the top. Hard elbow to the face and punch by Perpetuo. Perpetuo continues to land from the top. Another elbow from the top and another by Perpetuo. Another elbow. Perpetuo’s round solid 10-9 so we’re at 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Bot are tired going into the third, although Mafra looked like he’s done. Perpetuo decked him with a right and is pounding him on the ground. Ref Mario Yamasaki stopped it after probably 20 or so punches on the ground by Perpetuo. Perpetuo dropped to his knees and started crying. It was an overhand right that put Mafra down and roughly 20 punches before Yamasaki stopped it.


First round: Teixeira missed weight and looks bigger. Both came out swinging. Wolverine is really a 135 pounder who moved up for the TV show. Both continuing to throw. Both continue to trade. Teixiera bleeding from the right eye. Viana landing to the body. Texieria missed a punch and Viana got his back and threw some punches. Viana landed a hard right. Teixiera landed a right. They are in a clinch. 10-9 Viana.

Second round: Texieira grabbed a clinch and trying to force a takedown. Knee by Teixiera. Teixera got the takedown against the fence. Viana up quickly. Ref Marc Goddard ordered a separation in the corrner. Viana now starting to land. Hard right by Viana. Teixiera landed a good kick. Texiera landing more kicks. Viana looking tired. Teixeira landed a knee from the clinch. Teixiera’s round so we’re again at 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Crowd starting to boo and whistle with action slowing. Viana with a right. Now a left by Viana but he caught a low blow. Viana landed a combo. Viana landing again. Body kick by Viana. Teixiera working for a takedown. Viana landed a left and right. Teixiera working for a takedown again. He got the takedown with 27 seocnds left but Viana right back up. Close third round, I’ve got Viana.

Scores: 29-28 Viana 29-28 Teixiera 29-28 Viana


First round: Trinaldo with a front kick. Crowd booed at 55 seconds of non-action. Heleno moved in and got hit with a left. Heleno desperately trying a takedown and not getting it. Trinaldo throwing knees to the body. Trinaldo with a left, knees and another punch. Heleno working for takedown and finally got him down. Knees by Heleno in the clinch. Hard knee to the body by Trinaldo. Trinaldo with punches and Heleno working for the takedown. These guys are working super hard. Knee to the body by Trinaldo. Trinaldo on top now throwing punches. Trinaldo has him hurt and throwing punches on the ground and Heleno isn’t defending and it’s over. Trinaldo is a guy you should watch out for. Great takedown defense, apparently great conditioning at least short term, explosiveness and striking.


First round: Damm was eliminated from the tournament due to an injury and believes he’d have won it. Damm hurt him with a left, and then decked him with a right, got his back and Medeiros is in trouble. Damm is working for a choke. Damm got the choke and finished him.


First round: Dias pinned him against the fence and trying for a takedown. Dias got the takedown. Dias got the mount. Crowd was booing the ground work. Dias dropping elbows. High slam by Dias. Now Dias throwing punches and got his back. Dias throwing knees. Alcantara spun and got Dias’ back. Dias went for a Kimura but Alcantara got away. Fans booed the round. 10-9 Dias.

Second round: Alcantara with a body kick. Alcantara tried a takedown but Dias was stronger and wound up on top. Dias throwing some punches. Alcantara went for an armbar from the bottom. Dias got out of it. Alcantara finally got to his feet but Dias took him back down. Fans booing some more. Dias now dropping elbows to the side of the head and punches. Dias dropping more elbows. Marc Goddard called for a stand up. Dias was keeping busy, not sure of that but the crowd has little patience for ground work. Dias’ round so he should be up 20-18.

Third round: Alcantara not doing a thing and he’s won by two rounds. Body kick by Dias. Crowd booing some more. Dias got another takedown. Alcantara escaped and up. But he’s got very little time to get something going. Dias got another takedown. Marc Goddard ordered another takedown. Dias tried a takedown but his time Alcantara blocked and ended up on top but he’s only got 30 seconds left. Alcantara landed two hard punches late. Crowd booing heavily. Dias had more advantage time but Alcantara got the best shots in. Still, I’d go with Dias 30-27.

Scores 29-28 30-27 30-27 for Dias. Crowd seemed not to care who won this fight. Not much of a fight.


First round: Crowd hot for Werdum as you’d expect. Werdum landing punches but Russow pushed him into the fence. Russow keeps tying him up. Werdum has more height and reach. He dropped Russow with an uppercut and is landing a ton of shots, a lot of them to the back of the head, and ref Herb Dean stopped it. Low kick followed by the uppercut that put Russow down. Tons of punches and hammer fists from the top and it was over. 2:28


First round: Jason’s name is because of Jason from Friday the 13th and he wears a Jason mask. He’s coming to the cage crying. The crowd is cheering him like crazy. So we’ve got some guy who can’t decide if he’s Karl Moffat or Jens Pulver. Pepey looks like a cross between Dan Hardy and Kazuchika Okada. Pepey moved in throwing a left. Pepey is a BJJ champion who is trying to get it to the ground. Knee by Pepey. Pepey is swinging wildly. Pepey grabbed a bodylock and pulled guard to take this to the ground. He’s looking for a Kimura. Pepey had to let it go. Jason with a few punches to the body. Pepey was warned by Marc Goddard about hitting to the back of the head. He should have seen the finish of the last fight. Goddard ordered a stand-up. God low kick by Jason. Flying knee by Jason. Pepey is trying to pull guard again. Jason did him a favor by giving him a sidewalk slam. Pepey is throwing elbows from the bottom. I think the judges will go for Jason, but Pepey did more damage from his back. 10-9 Pepey

Second round: Pepey pulled guard and the fans booed him for it. Goddard was warning Pepey again, I think about hitting to the back of the head. Both are swinging wildly. Neither really connected. Good left by Jason. Body kick by Jason. Jason landed a right. Another left hook by Jason. Jason’s round, he’s probably up 20-18 but I’ve got 19-19.

Third round: Goddard told him one more elbow to the back of the head and he’s calling a penalty point. Big right by Jason but Pepy with a body kick. Big right by Jason knocked Pepey to his knees. Pepey working for a takedown. Left by Pepey off the clinch. Both throwing wild punches but not landing. Pepey kicked Jason in the groin and hurt him and we’ve got a time out. Both missing wild swings. Pepey fighting for a takedown. Pepey tried to pull guard but Jason backed off. Pepey on his back and Jason standing. Pepey is losing this round. Jason landed a right. Another low blow by Pepey. Pepey is scared about losing a point on that one. He’s on his knees begging about not losing a point. He didn’t get docked a point. Pepey and Jason were having words afer the fight. Jason’s round. He should win 29-28 or 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Jason. Wow, they all gave Pepey the first round. Good for them. Jason is back crying all over the place. There’s a group hug in the cage. Dana White gave him the trophy. He’s back crying.


First round: Moraes is a three time BJJ world champion, but he’s a beginner at striking. Ferreira is from Belo Horizonte. Spin kick by Ferriera . Knee to the body by Ferreria. Body kick by Moraes. Ferreira in with a a punch and Moraes landed a counter. Moraes landed a right. Moraes was kicked in the groin. That was nasty. High kick by Ferreria but Moraes landed a lot of shots in close. Body kick by Ferreira. High kick by Ferreira mostly blocked. Ferreira 10-9

Second round: A couple of lefts by Ferreira. Moraes tried to pull guard but Ferriera didn’t go down and Moraes went down by himself. Ferreira backed off and Moraes had to get up. They traded and Moraes went down and he’s bleeding from the right eye. Spin kick to the head and Ferreira has him in big trouble. He was on the ground and Moraes went for a heel hook so Ferreira backed off and let him stand. Big left by Ferreira. Loud chants for Sergio even though Ferreira is the home town guy. Moraes ran in with a punch. Body kick by Ferreria. Both trading and now Moraes has Ferreira hurt. Moraes swinging wildly and Ferreira is in trouble with 30 seconds left. An elbow by Moraes did the damage. Excellent round. I think Ferreira still took the round so should be up 20-18.

Third round: Crowd going crazy between rounds. Ferreira landed a few shots and Moraes went down. Body kick by Moraes. Front kicks by Ferreira. Hard right by Moraes. Mores landed a right going in. Morales playing to the crowd. Moraes landed another right. Ferreira knocked him down with a right which will likely win him the round. Ferreira 30-27.

Scores: 29-28 30-27 and 30-27 for Ferreira


First round: Silva landed a right that hurt him. Franklin landing lefts. Franklin landed a right. Silva tried a high kick but Franklin caught the leg. He diddn’t take him down with it. These guys aren’t fighting at a high pace, maybe because they have to go five rounds. Franklin landed a punch that put Silva to his knees. Franklin landed a right that hurt Silva. Punch and left body kick by Franklin. Body kick by Franklin. Franklin landing to the body. Good head kick by Silva. Franklin back with a left. Another head kick by Silva but this one was blocked. Franklin landed some and Silva back. Franklin 10-9

Second round: Silva threw a low kick, slipped and fell down. Franklin didn’t go to the ground. Silva threw a body kick and a front kick to the head. Franklin landed a hard right and a body kick. Franklin landed several punches and Silva bleeding. Body and head shots by Franklin. He looked crisp here. Silva landed punches and a high kick but Franklin landed back. Franklin continues to land. Silva landed two hard shots and a kick to the body. Franklin landed a few but Silva countered with a hard right. Silva moved in and landed a few shots. Silva hurt him with punches and knees and Franklin is in troule. Silva knocked him down and Franklin is getting creamed. Franklin going for a takedown. Franklin is just trying to survive. Only ten seconds left. Franklin got destroyed in the last 20 seconds. I think if Mario Yamasaki didn’t know time was running out and it wasn’t the main event he’d have stopped it. The big fully was a left hook, a right hand, Silva dropped with a looping right and he was throwing bomb after bomb on the ground. Silva’s round 10-8, so 19-18 for Silva.

Third round: Left to the body by Franklin. Franklin with a body kick. Left kick to the body by Franklin. High kick by Franklin. This isn’t much of a round but Franklin is clearly winning. Franklin landed a left. Another left landed by Franklin. Franklin took Silva down. Franklin dropping elbows. Hard elbows by Franklin and now Silva is in trouble late in the round. Franklin’s round so 28-28 after three. Silva did nothing in the round.

Fourth round: Silva landed a right and Franklin landed a right. Silva with a high kick. Franklin with a body shot. Franklin landed a right and left. Left straight punch and a right by Franklin. Frankin picking him apart. Silva looks gassed. Franklin keeps landing. Silva with a kick to the groin. That was an Arena Mexico low blow. Franklin was doing sumo warm ups trying to take the pain away. Franklin with two punches and a body kick and another punch. Silva landed a good right. Franklin with a left and right. Silva moved in late in the round. Franklin’s round so 38-37.

Fifth round: Both guys embraced before the round started. Left by Franklin. Franklin continues to land. Franklin continues to land. Left hurt Silva. Silva has done nothing since the second round. Franklin continues to land and Silva landed a right. Silva’s nose busted. Silva landed on the chin while Silva is trying a big comeback but Franklin continues to move away. Silva landed a right. Silva swinging like crazy at the end and Franklin knocked him down with a left. Silva needed to start throwing earlier. They hugged when it was over. Franklin’s round so I’ve got 48-46 for him.

Scores: All three have 49-46 for Franklin, so they didn’t give Wanderlei a 10-8 second even though Franklin was lucky it wasn’t stopped that round.

Franklin said he doesn’t remember anything from the second round through the fifth round. Franklin saw himself get knocked down in the second and had no recollection of any of it.

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