Feedback to UFC 147

   Thumbs up
The main event delivered. Rich Franklin showed how much of a pro he really is by taking a fight on short notice and dominating Wanderlai Silva on the feet minus round 2 when Wand clipped him.
I bought the card because I honestly had nothing better to do/watch this evening. Bottom line was it delivered because all of the fighters on the card beneath the main event and Russow / Werdum  fought like their lives depended on it. The fight tonight for these guys was simply the most important one of their careers and they fought like it.
A. Wong
Toronto, ON

Thumbs way up
I watched with friends because they all were huge pride fans and
always watch silva fight. Even though none of us knew 85% of the
fighters the fights were excellent.
Best - Moraes v Ferreira - wow these guys went at it great fight
2nd best - Franklin v Silva - Great fight for 2 guys in the twilight.
Silva did show some chin in this fight which has been suspect and he
was a second from winning
Its 2 bad UFC has spread itself so thin with all the shows because
with some names this would have been a huge show
Neil Bavitz

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