ROH Best in the World iPPV coverage from New York

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Jay pinned one of them with a cradle.  They set up the Doomsday device but the ropes are way loose and Jay just cradled one of the masked guys.  The masked guys were the 90s team The Head Bangers.  Post-match saw Jay put Truth Martini on his shoulders for the Doomsday device but the Guardians of Truth attacked Jay and left him laying with a flapjack.


Good match.  Homicide won clean with the Cop killa.  The storyline was that Edwards came in with a left arm injury and Homicide worked on it much of the match.  They did a ton of near falls and near submissions in the last several minutes.  


Cole won the match via submission with the figure four leglock.  The story is that pro wrestling beat BJJ in a submission match as O'Reilly was using armbars and such but Cole used a pro wrestling submission to win.  The crowd went crazy for this match, particularly after they were slapping the hell out of each other and O'Reilly knocked two of Cole's front teeth out, and busted up his mouth with Cole's mouth bleeding heavily.  From that point the crowd was going crazy.  They did a spot where the doctor was about to stop the match and Cole screamed to let him go on.  The match was designed to make Cole a star and this worked about as well as it possibly could have.  Excellent match.  When it was over, Cole said it was over between them but O'Reilly slapped him in the face.


Elgin got mad at Roderick Strong and Truth Martini after Strong was all cocky saying he's already beaten Finlay so it doesn't mean much but he'd help Elgin if he got into trouble.  Elgin told Strong and Martini not to come to ringside with him.

Long match with Finlay mostly working on the left knee.  Slow-paced, some people  got bored with it but there was storytelling where Finlay systematically took him apart but couldn't finish him, even with a tombstone piledriver and emerald frosien.  Crowd got into it about 18:20 in and a minute late Elgin won with a power bomb into the turnbuckles followed by a spiral bomb for the pin.  After the match, Martini came out celebrating like "we won" together.  Elgin shoved Martini away so he could shake hands with Finlay.

They announced Final Battle will be 12/16 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.  The WWE's TLC PPV will be the same day from the new Brooklyn Arena.  Final Battle will be at 2 p.m. so it'll be over long before TLC starts.


This is the beginning of the Mondo push.  Bennett, Maria Kanellis and Brutal Bob came out.  Bennett did an interview, putting over that he's from Boston and now a low rent city like New York.  Bennett and Maria were doing a makeout session until Mondo came out, noting that he's from New York, grew up in Long Island, he pisses on Boston and such.  He then said that the first wrestling match he ever saw was at the Manhattan Center and he is going to have a match tonight.  Bennett had earlier said he from this point forward would only be wrestling title matches.  Mondo said he was going to beat up Bennett in a fight and then fuck her, meaning Maria.

They did a brawl that the crowd was into.  Mondo missed a splash off the top, but right after, pinned Bennett with an inside cradle.  No such luck for him with Maria, though.


Some good stuff, including a cool spot where Lethal had the figure four on Strong and crossface on Ciampa at the same time.  Too goofy of a finish to me.  Prince Nana was running around ringside.  Ciampa had Strong up for Project Ciampa but Nana running without looking took out Ciampa's legs and Strong fell on top for the pin.  this was an elimination match so you had to pin both guys.  So 20 seconds later Martini hit Lethal with the Book of Truth and Strong pinned Lethal to retain the title.  So they're teasing issues with Martini and Elgin and Nana and Ciampa at the same time.


Rhett Titus pinned Haas with a schoolboy to take the titles in a long match.  Titus juiced heavily after Benjamin nailed him with a belt shot behind the refs back.  Haas destroyed Titus with punches and they kept teasing Paul Turner stopping it on blood.  Titus told him not to.  Haas continued to pound on him and told Turner to stop it or they're going to kill him.  Kenny King took out Benjamin but Haas took out King with a high kick and then Titus got the schoolboy out of nowhere.  Good finish.  Haas & Benjamin laid them out after the match. 


Steve Corino is at ringside announcing and Jim Cornette announced that he would sit at ringside and if Corino interfered, Cornette would do something about it.

Kyle O'Reilly came out and said he was sick of Richards scolding him and yelling at how he reacted about losing to Cole earlier.  He said that to be the best, he has to beat Richards and was coming after him. 

Match was completely wild with Steen retaining after using a spike to the groin and a package piledirver.  There were tons of  spots involving ladders and tables.  Two refs were knocked out.  Ring announcer Bobby Cruise was knocked out as well.  Jimmy Jacobs came in and tried to use the spike on Richards, but Cornette got in the ring
and attacked Jacobs.  Corino jumped into the ring and gave Cornette a low blow and left him laying.  As far as a long brawl where both guys took tons of punishment, the crowd loved it.  It was probably too much but the crowd wasn't even buying much of anything as near falls for most of the match.  At one point Richards put a chain around his boot and gave Steen several Kawada kicks for a near fall.  Steen then took out ref Todd Sinclair.  When Richards kicked out of a pin, Steen gave ref Paul Turner a package piledriver.

After the match, Steen said he thought Richards is one of the hardest working men in wrestling, said you are the best in the world, not the other people who claim it.  He said Jim Cornette was a hypocrite and then called the fans the most hypocritical pieces of shit in wrestling.  This led to "Yes" chants.  He said when El Generico sent me packing in 2010 you cheered, sang and celebrated.  Then the fans started singing.  Then I returned and I was a God.  People sort of didn't like.  You claim to respect Cary Silkin but when I threatened to break his neck you all cheered.  You buy your tickets and chant for Danielson and Punk leading to "yes" chants.   You think those two even remember this company.  Irony in chanting for those guys considering how much you love turning on champions, you did it to Nigel McGuinness, you did it to Tyler Black and you did it to Davey Richards.  You can't turn on me, because I don't care about any of you.  He said he used the fans to get the world title but he was a hypocrite as well.  He said "I'm going to be the last ROH champion because we're going to kill this company and you only have your self to blame.  Fuck ROH, Fuck New York."  He still got cheered out of this.

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