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Just a note - the live crowd never fully recovered from the loose ropes in the first match of the night. The only thing between that and the semi-main that got them even a little interested whas the finishing sequence of the Hybrid match. and the rest of that match, we had people in Balcony 1 chanting "what is this!" and "fuck you hybrid!"
It is a testament to the quality of o reilly and cole that the crowd got back with them. no such luck for finlay and elgin. It's too bad - the crowd was just salivating to see steen and wanted nothing to do with everyone else. I've heard nigel and kelly did a good job covering for the live crowd.

Michael Bernstein

Ok so first of all I was one of the very few who did have an issue with the feed for the show today, I know I wasn't the only one because I have a buddy who also had issues. That said compared to last time the issues were minor. I have great Audio the entire time but the first half of the show I had video that kept skipping and stopping where I would have just a black screen. The problem was gone after intermission and I saw the second half of the show with no issue whatsoever. Infact I'd say the second half of the show was the best feed I have ever had for an ROH show.
So I only saw the first 2 mins of the Briscos match. I didn't know who the Gurdians of Truth were till I got it online, They looked bigger then they were in WWE but it might also be the Briscos are smaller then I realize.
I saw the entrance of Eddie Edwards and Homicide and then lost video again
I saw none of Cole vs Oreily which sucks because I was intrested in seeing it and I do want to see it when it is uploaded to the ROH site.
Saw the Entrances to Finlay and Elgin and the first 20 seconds and then out again. Saw the last min of the match.
Then I heard Bennetts Music hit still no feed then suddenly I see the makeout fest and then Mondo come out. I thought it was cool for what it was and would like to see something started between the two of them.
Now my video is perfect so I see the TV title match. I like the idea of elimination Triple Threat and 4way matches and wish TNA and WWE would do them. I liked the match and liked the finish also.
I don't know why but I just don't like Haas and Benjermin, I don't like them as faces or heals. They are talented guys don't get me wrong and I see that and I'm not board by them but I never feel like I want to see them. When they are on I think fine should be a decent match but if I never saw them again I wouldn't be sad. I know I'm in the minority on that. It kinda pisses me off that the Tag title in ROH keep jumping around and the Tag division isn't pushed more as thats the strongest part of ROH IMO and tends to give the best matches. I like ANX and have no problem with them having the belts I just don't like it jumps around so much like ROH doesn't care about there Tag belts and they are there most legit belts IMO.
I really liked Steen vs Richards and I think it's the second best match I've seen Richards in. I'm not a huge Richards fan, I just don't think he projects any personality in the ring or in his interviews, nothing wrong with him technicelly but just something about him doesn't connect for me. Steen I'm not sold on at this level but I do feel something when he wrestles which is more then I can say for Richards. The run ins by everyone including cornette I could have done without but the right man won.
One thing that did piss me off was the Crowd cheering as Steen is calling then Dumbfucks. Damnit thats why I hate the NY crowd they don't care about what they are watching they think they are the show, the heal is calling you a dumbf**k and you cheer him. Up to that point I was fine with it, when he said I don't care about the crowd cheering me that was fine but when he's litterally calling then idiots and the idiots cheer it makes me quite frankly sad to be a wrestling fan.
Anyway hopefully the show will be up tonight so I can watch the first part for real.
Jeff Burns
Oceanside California

Hi Dave,
Overall: Thumbs Up, Way Up
Adam Cole vs. Kyle O'Reilly
closely followed by Kevin Steen vs. Davey Richards
Briscoes vs. Guardians of Truth
Overall, another great ROH pay per view. The problems with the feed were largely solved. I was able to watch most of the show at 720p, but by the ANX vs. WGTT match had to swith to 360. Colevs. O'Reilly was fantastic, though it got out of hand. I don't want to see anyone get hurt.The main event was also fantastic. It was well wrestled and the shenanigans kept me guessing up until the end. It will be interesting to see where they go from here because Steen has no immediate challengers. Cole and Elgin came out strong, but are they credible challengers yet? Every match except the opener was very good to excellent. I had hoped the Guardians of Truth could add depth to the tag roster and feud with the Briscoes for a while. Alas. Overall, given the price, this PPV was awesome. People on the fence should give ROH another shot. It remains the best value in wrestling. Please should stop being over-critical of ROH and support it. The TV show builds to the PPV. The PPVs consistently offer great wrestling. And they try to make stars.
Fabian Borges

Dear Dave,
Thumbs in the middle for the show. Best match: Haas and Benjamin v. All
Night Express. Benjamin is hands down the best heel in the company and
he was on his game in this match. The intensity level of all four men
really impressed me. The only flaw in the match was the finish which
came off as a little unbelievable.
Worst match: Mondo v. Bennett. I hated wrestling while watching this.
The angle was so wrong on so many levels, and if ROH wants to go in this
direction I won't be around to see it. The attitude presented here will
not appeal to a wide audience, it's the road to oblivion, I'm sad to see
ROH do this.
Cole v. O' Reilly was what the main event should have been and was a
close second for best match. This was two guys having a really good
fight. Lots of fire, super physical and very intense.
Edwards v. Homicide was good, liked this match a lot. Three way was fun
and featured some really good spots. I really liked the Finlay v. Elgin
match, Finlay told a story in there, pushed the big powerhouse around
and generally made Elgin's life a living hell for a while. Good finish,
I hope that they bring Finlay back again.
The main event and it's aftermath brought the whole show down a notch.
Maybe it's just me but I find this type of match entirely unbelievable,
it's just a bunch of crap. To see Richards, who is one of the best
wrestlers in the world working like this just makes me sad, what a
waste. The promo after the match didn't get the desired reaction from
the crowd  because Steen is not believable. He's an indie wrestling
smart mark who thinks that if he drops enough f-bombs he'll get over to
the crowd, it didn't work today and it won't work going forward, Steen
is a walking, talking, bad wrestling cliche.
Shawn Cathcart

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