Traditional Championship Wrestling TV report

TCW Wrestling Report
By Shawn Davis

Background:  Last week TCW debut in the Memphis, TN market on The CW 30.  I was fortunate enough to catch it by chance.  It was an hour long and it started at 7pm Saturday evening.  I happened to notice it on my channel guide as I was flipping through it.  This week, I went to set my DVR to record it, and to my surprise, I found that TCW is on from 6-8pm.  It turns out that from 6-8, The CW 30 will air the previous week’s episode and from 7-8 it will air the newest episode.   Good news for anyone who misses an episode!  On to the review of this week’s episode!

Show Analysis:
The show begins the same as the week before.  The same music and the same graphics are used, however, one of the three high impact moves is different.  It appears to be Shane Williams, who we got to see in action last week giving a person a pile driver.  The person on the receiving end looked to me like Disco Inferno of WCW, but I could be wrong.  I guess some of these shots used for the opening are of matches yet to come.  We have the TCW logo and go to crowd shots.

Chris Cruise and Brian Thompson welcome us back.  Brian Thompson is obsessed with the close shave he has on his face.  Cruise plugs twitter and face book pages.  Chris announces that we will see “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan on the show!  Wow!.  We will see the TCW Tag Team Champions in action.  Good to know TCW has a tag team division.  Thompson tells us we will see another title match with “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony defends his Jr. Heavyweight Championship.  A secondary belt for mid-carders to feud for.  That’s good.   They send it to Ken Resnick to interview Greg Anthony.

Resnick let’s us know about some back story to the Jr. Heavyweight championship.  Ken says that TCW Owner Brian Thompson got involved in two previous matches between Greg Anthony and a wrestler named X-Cal.  Greg Anthony is a good talker.  He talks about X-Cal being a rapper, thug, and thief.  Ken switches the focus on the interview from X-Cal to Anthony’s opponent for the night, Dustin Heritage.  Ken tells us that Heritage has been very close to winning multiple championships in the past.  Resnick sends us to the ring for our match. 

“Golden Boy” Greg Anthony  def. Dustin Heritage Jr. Heavyweight Championship in 8:03

Ring announcer Tom Simon introduces “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, and he makes his way to the ring.  Humorous “Golden Girl” chant from the crowd.  Simon introduces Dustin Heritage.  Heritage comes out to high-five some fans.  The ref shows the title to the crowd and the cameras.  Nice looking Jr. Heavyweight title.  The announcers talk about a storyline with Heritage where he is looking for a father figure.

They lock up with the fans behind Heritage clapping for him.  Chris Cruise says TCW is “the fastest growing wrestling company in the world today.”  Greg Anthony is in control with an arm lock.  Heritage reverses into an arm lock of his own.  Anthony calls for “complete silence in this building.” To which the crowd makes lots of noise.  They lock up again.  Anthony trips Heritage and is once again in control.  Heritage “kips up”.  Anthony with a side-head lock, but Heritage rolls him over for a quick one count.  Heritage fights out of the head lock, and sends Anthony into the ropes.  Anthony bounces back with a shoulder block.  Anthony hits a nice DDT.  The DDT is good for a 2 count.  Anthony sends Heritage into the corner and delivers some chops.  Anthony takes Heritage to each of the four corners and delivers a chop in each corner.  Heritage’s chest looks raw.  Heritage reverses a whip, sending Anthony into a corner, and executes a monkey flip.  An arm drag by Heritage, and he as taken control.  Anthony takes back control when he kicks Heritage’s feet out from under him.  Anthony delivers six punches to the head in the corner, and then bites Heritage on the forehead.  Anthony with another loud painful sounding chop.  Anthony with some great looking snap punches, and Heritage is stunned.  A hard right from Anthony send Heritage down.  Anthony uses the ropes to choke Heritage and counts along with the ref up to 4 before he lets Heritage go.  Anthony with a  head- butt as he has taken complete control for the last few minutes.  Anthony and Heritage run the ropes, and collide butting heads.  They both fall down.  The ref begins the 10 count.  They both start to stir at three.  They are both on their feet at seven.  Heritage dodges a punch from Anthony and hits a side-Russian leg sweep.  It is good for a near fall.  Heritage gets Anthony up on his shoulders and hits an atomic drop.  That was impressive.  Good for a two count.  Heritage charges Anthony in the corner and eats an elbow.  Heritage with a super kick out of nowhere on Anthony!  It’s only good for a two count.  That was awesome.  Heritage hits Anthony with a code-breaker, but Anthony falls out of the ring so Heritage cannot make the pin. The ref starts his ten count.  At six, Anthony slides into the ring, rolls Heritage up, grabs the tights for the quick three count. Nice match.  Anthony grabs his title and escapes looking shocked he won.  Heritage is frustrated at how close he once again came to TCW gold. 

We see a graphic teasing Genetic Perfection vs. Lars Manderson.  After the break, we see more crowd shots chanting TCW, and Cruise welcomes us back from the break.  We go to an interview with Genetic Perfection.  Tag Belts look great!  Resnick asks for GP’s thoughts on their opponents Lars Manderson and “Soul Train” Jones.  GP’s manager, Rich Rude talks about how Manderson and Jones are not really a tag team, just two guys that decided to team up and try for the belts.  Resnick asks Michael Barry if GP is over-confident.  Barry calls Resnick “Cookie Monster” referring Resnick’s purple suit.  Barry says the only way Manderson and Jones have a chance at winning is if a natural disaster of some sort makes it to where GP can’t show.  Resnick sends us to the ring for the next match.

Genetic Perfection def. Lars Manderson and Moe Stegall TCW Tag Team Championship in 11:07

Tom Simon introduces Lars Manderson and “Soul Train” Jones.  Manderson comes out from the back alone.  Thompson tells us that “Soul Train” Jones is not here.  Manderson is concerned about being alone.  Cruise tells Thompson that he’s the owner, and he should make it a singles match since Manderson does not have a partner.  Thompson says it’s going to start out being a handicap match and he’ll change it later if he thinks it’s needed.   Interesting.  Genetic Perfection comes to the ring.  These guys are great bad guys.  Lars Manderson is apparently a Harvard trained lawyer according to Chris Cruise.  Barry rips up a fan’s sign on the way to the ring.  Michael Barry starts it for Genetic Perfection and the handicap match for the titles is underway.  Lars gets the crowd behind him.  The lock up, and Barry gets Lars into a full nelson.  Lars counters in and puts Barry into a full nelson.  Barry attempts to break the full nelson by climbing the ropes with his feet.  Lars drops Barry.  Lars follows it up with a headlock.  Barry fights out of the head lock, and sends Lars into the ropes.  Lars bounces back and knocks Barry to the matt with a shoulder block.  Lars with an arm drag on Barry.  Alan Steel enters the ring and charges at Lars.  Lars delivers an arm drag on Steel.  Lars delivers about 3 hip tosses to each Alan Steel and Michael Barry.  Genetic Perfection roll out of the ring and regroup with their manager, Rich Rude.  Lars Manderson is putting on a great show.  Crowd goes nuts for this.  Michael Barry enters the ring right at the ten count.  Alan Steel distracts Lars in GP’s corner, and Barry attacks Lars from behind.  Alan chokes Lars in the corner while Barry distracts the ref.  Barry tags in Steel.  Steel and Barry double team Lars.  Steel has Lars in a full nelson, and Barry goes to punch Lars, but Lars drops out of the full nelson, and Barry punches Steel.  Lars jumps to the top rope and hits Barry with a flying clothesline.  Lars with a great looking “kip up!”  Once again we have Lars standing tall over both members on GP on the matt recovering.  Lars whips Barry to the outside of the ring.  Rude comes over to check on Barry.  Steel attacks Lars from behind.  Lars ducks a clothes line from Steel, and lifts Steel up over the ropes on top of Barry and Rude.  Lars tosses Barry back into the ring.  Lars continues to beat down both members of Genetic Perfection. Barry hits Lars with a DDT.  The DDT gets a two count.  Barry tags in Steel.  Steel with a brutal head butt.  Genetic Perfection are taking control.  Steel with a loud chop. Steel tags in Barry.  Barry with a knee lift, followed by a super kick by Steel.  Lars looks done.  Barry hits an elbow drop, but only gets a two count.  Barry throws Lars into Steel’s feet.  Barry tags in Steel.  Steel delivers some shoulder blocks in the corner on Lars.  Lars with a backslide on Steel for a two count.  Genetic Perfection sandwich Lars in their corner.  Barry and Steel do pushups on Lars’ throat.  Lars hits Barry with a spine buster to bring the crowd back to life.  Lars is too weak to get a good cover on Barry, so he only scores a two count.  Suddenly, Moe Stegall runs out from the back into Lars’ corner.  He reaches out to Lars for the tag.  Brian Thompson tells us that the Board of Directors have over-ruled him and is allowing Moe to be Lars’ partner for the duration of the match.  Lars gets the hot tag onto Moe and rolls out of the ring, exhausted.  Barry tags in Steel, and Moe hit’s a few elbows to Steels face. Moe tries to whip Steel into the corner, but Steel won’t budge.  Moe eats a big boot from Barry.  Moe recovers and goes to the top rope.  Barry catches Moe and hits a  power bomb.  Barry lifts him again for another power bomb.  Barry tags Steel, and Barry lifts Steel off the top rope for a frog splash onto Moe, and it’s good for the three count.  Genetic Perfection put a sticker on Moe’s chest and leave an autographed picture of them. 

A graphic tells us that coming up is “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Prince Al Farat.  Chris and Brian send us to Ken Resnick for an interview with Prince Al Farat.  Prince Al Farat seems to be from the Middle East.  Ken Resnick asks Farat about his current losing streak.  Farat gets angry and tells us that his losing streak will end tonight against Duggan.  Farat says he will humble Duggan in the Camel Clutch.  Farat swears to Allah that he will destroy Duggan tonight.  That was a good promo!  Resnick sends us to the ring and Tom Simon. 

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan def. Prince Al Farat in 6:15

Tom Simon introduces Prince Al Farat.  Farat makes a commotion about some ring girls not being covered up like in his country.  Simon tells us Farat is from Syria.  “USA” chant from the crowd. Simon introduces “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, and the crowd explodes!  Duggan comes out with his 2x4.  In his corner is someone the announcers call “Goofy” Dennis McCaslin.  We see a shot of former professional boxer, Bobby Crabtree at ringside.  Duggan shakes hands and high-fives his way around the ring.  Hacksaw enters the ring, and Farat leaves the ring, running from him.  Farat takes a mic, as Hacksaw gets a “USA” chant going.  Farat talks about the last time he and Duggan wrestled, McCaslin got involved.  Farat warns him not to get involved in this match.  We get several minutes of Hacksaw playing mind games with Farat by getting the crowd to chant “USA”.  Hacksaw takes down Farat over and over again with several Clotheslines.  Farat retreats to the outside, and the crowd gets another “USA” chant going.  Hacksaw offers his chin to Farat, telling him he can take a free shot.  Duggan blocks the right from Farat, he blocks the left from Farat.  Hacksaw answers with several rights of his own, and a haymaker sending Farat to the mat.  Farat rolls to the outside to regroup.  Farat leaves ringside and walks to the back.  The ref starts a 10 count.  The crowd boos as Farat walks to the back.  Hacksaw counts along with the ref.  Farat runs back up the entryway and enters the ring at 8.  Hacksaw rains some forearms on Farat.  Farat clubs Hacksaw to the mat.  Farat pulls a plastic knife from his boot at Hacksaw recovers and stands up.  The ref is distracted by McCasslin, and Farat jabs the plastic knife into Hacksaw’s throat, sending him to the mat.  Farat lifts Duggan up, and jabs him with the plastic knife again in the throat.  Farat puts the plastic knife back into his boot.  Farat covers for a two count.  Farat keeps control with a nerve pinch on Duggan’s neck.  Duggan fights to his feet, and Farat slams him back down.  Farat reapplies the nerve pinch, and Duggan seems out.  The ref lifts his hand once, twice, and on the third lift, Duggan fights his way out of the hold.  Farat tries to slam Duggan’s head into the turnbuckle in the corner, but Duggan blocks it.  Duggan elbows Farat, and slams his head into the turnbuckle.  Hacksaw starts clubbing Farat with lefts and rights.  Hacksaw whips Farat into the opposite corner, sets up for his 3-point stance, and connects with the clothesline for the 3 count.  The crowd explodes again as Hacksaw celebrates his win.  Chris Cruise closes the show, and we see some slow motion highlights from each match to end it.

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