Smackdown's Great American Bash live coverage from Corpus Christi

We have a backstage party and Kane magically lit the BBQ grill.

They are plugging a Battle Royal and an interview with A.J. as the big things on this show.

Alberto Del Rio came out for a promo for his match with Sheamus at Money in the Bank.  You like Sheamus because he's just like you, a common peasant, a hooligan, someone who tries to take advantage of hard working people like Alberto Del Rio.  Don't hate me because I'm successful and you're not.  I came to this country legally.  After the PPV, he's going back to where he belongs.  And I want to send all of you back to the place you belong.  Asked someoene to show him his papers.  They found a guy who was carrying them.  He called a little kid an illegal alien.

He called people Perros, you called an obvious plant Perro.  It wasn't that Perro.  The plant had no papers.  He wanted security to throw out the plant, but the plant said this isn't Arizona, it's Texas.  Del Rio went to throw him out when Sheamus arrived.

They started brawling.  Sheamus was beating him down, threw him off the ramp, threw Ricardo Rodriguez down.  Finally as he was beating on Rodriguez, Del Rio gave him a high kick.  Rodriguez had the idea to slam the hood of his car on Sheamus' head.  Del Rio did it like ten times and left Sheamus laying.

Sheamus bleeding and they showed the blood with a close shot.


Layla pinned Aksana with a neckbreaker. 

Cody Rhodes gets another qualifying match tonight.  Teddy told him he has to beat Christian to get in.

CODY RHODES VS. CHRISTIAN - If Rhodes in, he's in Money in the Bank

Good match with lots of near falls at the end.  Clean win by Rhodes after he escaped the killswitch and delivered crossroads.

More backstage party stuff.  Heath Slater wanted to provide the entertainment and started singing.  Everyone threw food at him.  Then Zack Ryder was going to play the music, played Brodus Clay's theme song and Clay, Naomi and Cameron showed up and a bunch of people danced, pretty much all people at the Yoshi Tatsu, Alicia Fox, Natalya and Percy Watson level.


Quick Zig Zag finish.  Riley was given more offense than you'd expect.

A.J. interview is next. 

Long segment.  Michael Cole interviewed her and wouldn't let her talk at all.  It was pretty clear they had Cole cover for her and try and babyface her.  Cole first acted like she had problems but then asked why she was interested in Punk or Bryan when she could have a real man, a former war correspondent and voice of WWE.  It was kind of funny and then Bryan came out and kissed up to her.  Punk came out and didn't kiss up to her, saying she needed help and he should have told her sooner.  Bryan said how Punk was a phony acting like he liked her only because she's the referee in their match.  He said Punk only cared about her because he needs her to beat him.  A.J. kissed Bryan and Punk left the ring moping.  Then A.J. jumped out of the ring and kissed Punk.  Bryan was outraged and Punk acted stunned like he'd never been kissed by a pretty girl and she skipped away.

Jim Duggan & Sgt. Slaughter & Santino Marella b Hunico & Camacho & Drew McIntyre when Marella pinned Hunico with the cobra.

During the party, Damien Sandow came in to preach that this isn't what our founding fathers were thinking of when they fought for our freedom.  Sandow confronted Ryder saying he was one of the mouth breathing miscreants.  Ryder told him to leave.  Sandow attacked Ryder , Ryder made a comeback and threw the punch bowl at Sandow, but missed and the punch went all over Eve Torres.  She started acting like she was going to cry.  Teddy Long seemed amused by Eve covered in punch.


Samoan drop in about a minute.  Cole was acting like this was a gigantic deal because he finally beat someone on the WWE roster.

Sheamus was injured in the Del Rio attack so he's out of the Battle Royal.


Zack Ryder won the Battle Royal so he'll be G.M. next week.  Kane was destroying him but charged at him and Ryder ducked so Kane went over the top.  Show was destroying everyone but he had Ziggler up and then Kane kicked Show and Show and Ziggler went over, leaving Ryder with Kane.  Like a usual Battle Royal, maybe a little better than usual.

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


What do you believe is the second most popular promotion right now in the U.S?